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  1. Hauptbahnhof

    New CVs

    Yeah, and let's not forget that the whole thought of the Japanese using AP bombs on their dive-bombers is pretty ludicrous, considering they NEVER developed an Armor Piercing bomb for use by their divebombers during the entire war... Their D3A Divebombers could carry a 250kg General Purpose (HE) bomb, while the D4Y could use either two of these or a single 500kg HE bomb. Their main role was to attack aircraft Carriers or smaller ships without heavy deck armor while the Battleships would be left to their Attack Planes ( which is what the Japanese called their Torpedo Bombers ). The only type of AP bomb to be used by the Japanese against ships was a modified 16" Battleship shell dropped in level bombing style by their B5N Torpedo Bombers during Pearl harbor ( which would be a pretty cool thing ingame too tbh ), famously detonating in the USS Arizonas Magazine. Here is a good readup on Japanese and American bombs used during WW2 in the Pacific: http://pwencycl.kgbudge.com/B/o/Bombs.htm
  2. Hauptbahnhof

    New CVs

    It's quite silly that the end game Japanese T10 torpedo and divebomber is the J5N Tenrai, a twin engine prototype interceptor that was never designed for nor capable of landing on aircraft Carriers. I seriously hope this model is just a placeholder or mistake. The best fitting historical models I can find would be: 1.) the Aichi B7A3 Ryusei, a proposed upgrade with a 2200hp engine ( Dive and Torpedo Bomber ) 2.) D4Y5 Model 54 , a planned upgrade with a 1,825hp engine ( Dive Bomber ) I also think it's quite silly how the Kaga is no longer anything close to the ship I bought. Royal Navy stock Carriers or other premium Carriers now seem to have way more lethal torpedo attacks and except for an almost endless reserve of paper-planes that look nice when they explode from AA there is not much the Kaga can do now that it was up-tiered to T8 apparently without any upgrades.
  3. Hauptbahnhof

    Aircraft Carrier Beta Round 3 - Feedback Thread

    Same here. I didn't get any email... But the webbpage says I am participating... Since I am participating according to the webbpage and have downloaded and installed 50 GB gameclient... when will I get the mail and account so I can play?
  4. Hauptbahnhof

    Patch 0.6.6 brings a significant nerf to all airplanes

    Actually Kaga is worse in some ways then other CVs, because it has a very unbalanced reserve plane loadout. It runs out of divebombers and fighters really fast but it's almost impossible to run out of torpedo bombers. With the captain skill you will have 10 fighters and just 18 reserves + 7 dive bombers and just 7 reserves. The Torpedo bombers you get 12 with a monstrous reserve of 31! Alot of the T8/9 cruisers you will face have less then 7.2 km airdetection, and cruisers tend to spend 90% of their game in smokescreens at these tiers anyways. Any advice on how to not fly into ships AA bubbles when you can't even see the ships??? :S
  5. Hauptbahnhof

    Fun stops at T7?

    Yeah I totally agree. For me games with max tier 5 to 7 are by far the most fun and dynamic ones. People are not afraid to play aggressively since you pretty much always will make a profit anyways, and the games are much more action packed and fun. Tier 9-10 games of "high skill gameplay" just result in both teams sitting bow on in smokescreens for the entire battle and no one daring to push anywhere. Honestly just look at one of the competitive videos and you won't see a single ship visible for more then a second or two, otherwise being permanently hidden by either islands, smokescreens or short detection range. If you try to play aggressively and lead a push yourself in a BB in a high tier game none in your team will follow or try to back you up, leaving you alone and dead in less then a minute with a massive negative repair-bill. WoWs has went from being fun at high tier to simply become WoT with invisibility + angle camping behind terrain, and the only weapon system that is able to counter ships sitting still (Carriers) have been nerfed into oblivion AA and weaker torpedoes, so they can't do anything about these smokescreen campers either The main problem however IMO is the powercreep that resulted in loads of cruisers getting smokescreen, and the relative immunity of bow armor in general.
  6. Hauptbahnhof

    We are looking into ways to reduce the BB population

    Easy to solve in 3 small steps: Make BBs have half of current ruddershift so that anyone paying attention can't instadodge torpedoes ( I do enjoy soloing 3+ DDs in my Bismarck without taking a single torp hit but seriously... ) Make BBs have half of current AA firepower so they can be countered by Carriers like they were intended to be ( and like they could be back when USN CVs got 2x6 torp squads or IJN had bomber only setups available, and air torpedoes had half the delay from lock in to activated they do now ). Remove torpedo bulge ability to make BBs immune from flooding Until the CV turns out to be a tier 8 Shokaku vs all that AA... Poor Poor Shokaku....
  7. Hauptbahnhof

    Royal BB line

    From the Izumo ( where the B and C turrets are even closer ) they only block like 5-10% of the forward angles, and with all 3 guns pointing forward it's very easy to switch from one side to the other ( unlike Izumo which needs turret C to turn 270 degrees to do so ). The obscured angle is no where near how much you need to angle to get a rear gun firing. And to the people saying the shell was too light and can't compete, well you have been gravely misinformed! The Nelsons guns fired a 929kg shell @ 788m/s This can be compared with the 15 inchers on Bismarck (Tier 8) and Stock Friedrich der Große (Tier 9) which both fires a 800kg shell @ 820m/s... It's also way way heavier then the 721kg shells the British 15 inch guns fired @757m/s on the King George V:th class ( suggested Tier 8) Even the Vanguard ( which was according to the suggestion classifies as a Tier 9 ship ) fired a lighter 879kg shell @ 749m/s ( so both lighter and slower ).
  8. Hauptbahnhof

    Royal BB line

    Uhm... The Dunkerque has 8x13 inch guns... That gives her less firepower then Kongo at tier 5 with 8x14 inch guns, and significantly less then the other tier 6:s with 15inch / 12x14inch guns!!! ( so the turret arrangement explains why she ends up at tier 6 regardless ) My entire point was that turret arrangement in combination with 16 inch guns on the Nelsons gives it way way to much firepower to be considered equal to tier 6 or 7. Just take a look at the following comparison on tier 7 and judge if Nelson fit there: Nelson: 9 forward 16 inch Nagato: 4 forward 16 inch Gneisenau: 4 forward 15 inch Colorado: 4 forward 16 inch At Tier 8 you at least got the 6 forward 16 inch of USA or Japans Amagi with so great angles you can most of the time use all 10 guns when angled forward still. And I don't see why speed must be an argument seeing as Yamato is only going at 27 knots at tier 10, Nelson is 23.5 knots actually so only 3.5 knots slower of a tier 10 Battleship.
  9. Hauptbahnhof

    An advocate for the removal of defensive AA fire

    I think it needs to be reworked from the ground. AA messing up drops should be gradually built up the more AA fire the airplanes take, regardless of from what source ( but Cruisers add a bit extra ). My suggestion: Give planes 5 different stages of panic ( shown by a graphical symbol on the squad ) Half the damage done by all AA (since planes are panicked quite fast instead they don't need to die fast). Overall a squad will reach full level 5 Panic when it has lost between 33-50% of it's planes today ( 1-2 planes with above change), and this applies the same effect as the current defensive AA fire does ( makes the drop useless ). Focused squads get 50% extra panic and 100% if focused by a cruiser, and it stacks so multiple ships focusing a single squad will Panic it very fast. The Panic effect also has Area of Effect, so if you fly all planes within 1km they all get panic, but if you split them up and approach from different sides only 1 squad suffer. Panic gradually is lost as soon as the squad takes no AA fire at all again, at a rate of around 10 seconds per level, so 50 seconds before a maxed lvl 5 panic is "lost". This will reward sailing together, targeting specific squads and maneuvering to put Carrier squads off balance. It also means torpedo planes can't circle endlessly over destroyers until they get a good drop situation, even if the DD don't shoot down any planes the planes will be panic if they stay too long waiting for an opportunity. Another thing this change would do is give Carriers a second chance if they get in over their head in terms of AA, to pull out and try somewhere else without losing 100% of the planes, which I think would help newer players alot.
  10. Hauptbahnhof

    Royal BB line

    Yeah. Nelson will likely be at least Tier 8 or Tier 9 due to it's absolutely insane layout of 9 x 16 inchers. For heavens sake it's the same as Izumo but with all 9 forward pointing instead! I think that Wargaming cares much more about firepower then historical year, 1920 Amagi for example ended up being a Tier 8 next to 1937 North Carolina...
  11. Hauptbahnhof

    Amagi-class tips please!

    Aye that's my favorite way of using the Amagi. Dodge/Weave away from superior enemy forces ( or towards inferior ones ) with great turret angles allowing you to use all 10 guns without exposing much of the side at all.
  12. Hauptbahnhof

    Cant win with Ranger & Saipan

    Yeah Ranger and Lex is a pain... I had 71% winrate with the Independence ( 59% average for all CVs ), and then I got to the Ranger... bam < 50% winrate.
  13. Hauptbahnhof

    Hardcore mode

    The main thing that they didn't have historically but we have in game though is perfect information knowledge. In the real war they often didn't even know if the ship in their sights was a friendly or enemy ship.... And if one ship spotted an enemy ship at best the rest of their side would get to know roughly where the enemy are, but no way that they could fire on them! This is what going hardcore would mean if you want the game to play more realistic: - No spotting, you need to manually report all targets sighted to your team to have them even show up on your allies minimap, and firing is only possible on targets that your own ship spots. - No friend or foe markers, and 100% team damage ( including collisions ). - No healthbars anywhere, and even slower sinking the only way to see if you killed an enemy is if they stop firing their weapons. - Much slower turning, balanced by no or max 1 torpedo reload ( torpedoes are also more deadly ). - Destroyers main job is no longer to torpedo ambush Battleships, it's to protect them from the real ambushers, the submarines. - Ships can't outrun torpedoes... Seriously. - Ocean map 95% of the games, and the other 5% has realistic coastlines, not fantasy land with scattered islands and pencil sharp peaks everywhere - Floods and fires can't instantly be put out, and engine / rubber problems take longer times to fix. - Longer more drawn out games and bigger maps. - Weather, cloudcover and night that actually impact visibility gradually, and planes can fly past each-other if one squad flys above clouds and the other below them. - No Carrier airplane operations in night or storm ( If Carriers are included in these games they are NPC targets you should defend/sink to win ). - AA arcs of fire ( stronger on broadsides, weaker vs front/back ). - Historical sides = Axis vs Allies. No Yamato + Iowa sailing together in the same team. - No Russian ships ( seriously, they didn't take part in WW2 naval combat in any serious way ).
  14. Hauptbahnhof

    More realistic ramming

    Why isn't there an option in the poll to have ramming working the way it currently does? I think the way it works now is fine.
  15. Hauptbahnhof

    Hiryu unplayable

    Not against an equal skilled Saipan it can't... Just forget it. With the 5 captain skill extra fighter per squad it becomes even more silly. The Saipan will just dominate in the air. Just because you face more pay to win noobs in their first CV game in a Saipan then in the other CVs doesn't mean it's a ship that's as weak as the Hiryu currently. You know the guys that put all 3 fighter squads in a big lump and lets you strafe them? Yes those... And the Ranger is certainly stronger then or equal to the Hiryu, in all 3 specs if you know how to use them properly.