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  1. _Bajkal

    WR accurate?

    We don't have PR in this game. There are multiple sites each calculating PR differently for ships. If you want to use PR tell me from which site first maybe?
  2. _Bajkal

    WR accurate?

    What I said - It would be good if made in normal way instead of falsely boosting it with premium account and adding/taking xp depending on win/lose.
  3. _Bajkal

    WR accurate?

    I did not mean PR.
  4. _Bajkal

    WR accurate?

    WR will not account for sealclubbing, divisions, types of ships played(cvs for example) or even division with cvs or how big division is(2 or 3) or how good players in division are. In this game even I can drastically change my WR depending on whether I played with friends or solo and type of ships I used(Saipan at tier 7 for example). Out of all things XP would be good indicator but since it is distributed differently based on whether you win or lose a game, again it's not good. It's still better than WR.
  5. _Bajkal

    Can achievements / medals get some love?

    Great idea - too bad the game is run by clowns.
  6. _Bajkal

    Had it with rampant toxicity in the game

    Unhide your profile - I want to see your K/D >_<
  7. _Bajkal

    What they done to secondary's, is criminal

    Due to skill rework now BBs not only stay away to benefit from deadeye but also due to useless secondaries. I always thought I joined naval arcade game not a circus. Perhaps I was wrong. I should have known better seeing that game is being developed by clowns.
  8. _Bajkal

    Statystyki bitew treningowych

    Takie stwierdzenie nie stawia tej gry w dobrym świetle albo raczej jej pracowników.
  9. _Bajkal

    Statystyki bitew treningowych

    Jeśli masz ochotę rozwinąć ten temat to z chęcią poczytam. Statystki z pokoi treningowych na pewno istnieja tak samo jak niemal wszystkiego w tej grze do wglądu dla wg i pracy nad grą. Jedynie my mamy ograniczenie tego co możemy przeglądać.
  10. _Bajkal

    Will you buy the Marco Polo?

  11. _Bajkal

    IRL IJN carriers

    I believe it had something to do with the last two entering the service late and didn't have them to avoid unnecessary detection by the enemy.
  12. _Bajkal

    Marceau, yoshino or salem?

  13. _Bajkal

    Scientists studied the brain of a Thunderer player

    Fire damage big.
  14. _Bajkal

    Games ending too quick

    This game had quick one sided games for while now a lot more often than when it first came out and back then people were also newbs so new players are never the issue. Also to achieve this you would have to basically put all newbs to one team and semi experienced players to the other or otherwise you won't get one sided games. So as long as players are distributed randomly then I guess one team is more lucky and has luckier rng. I don't even know and not care anymore. I don't like this game anyway and play less and less every month.
  15. It's like adding 0+0 - you still end up with 0 or in that case broken game.