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  1. _Bajkal

    You know your matchmaking sucks big time

    Apart from turning this tactically based and skill including game into a wot copy with one sided not fun to take part in battles? Yeah it's pretty alrighty. I guess people like you enjoy that kind of steamrolls.
  2. _Bajkal

    Statistically impossibly bad matchmaking?

    In today's episode - OP is wrong and everything he does is wrong, his life is wrong and he should not play the game at all. Also did I mention OP is wrong? Well that be everything for today and see you guys next time in about 60 posts where we will discuss why OP is wrong again. Cya.
  3. _Bajkal

    Matchmaking at his best

    Refrain from posting anything "bad" about the game. It's not welcomed on the forums even if it is a problem. kthx He performed way above average in the ships you listed. Same for his Hind and judging by xp of his teammates they could as well be afk. Perhaps they were.
  4. I had my share of div padding in only 2 man div and it was already way above of what can I do solo. Anyway Like I said I don't mind losing as long as it's an interesting battle. Having steamrolls like 12-1 are not really interesting for me to play whether I'm winning or losing since like I said it's what happens in CO-OP and it's boring.
  5. This I would hardly call a solution to the problem. When I jump into random I don't want to participate in some kind of paralympics because that's the level of play a lot of the time in wows. Farming win rate in 3man div may be fun for a bit but overall If I can't play normally and just bouncing form one one sided battle into another it kills all the fun of playing randoms whatsoever because in that case I can just play co-op which I don't for the same reason of boring one sided battles.
  6. _Bajkal


    Pretty much what someone said in one of the first posts - for wg it's a business and they care for the income. Stalingrad has become popular and got a name of one of the most if not the most OP ship in the game. Now just start making events for steel and sell it bit by bit in the premium shop and everyone will throw their money on the screen just to get them one step closer to the ship they want. Not long ago they sold same premium ships that were in the premium shop all the time just painted black because of black Friday. Balance of this game is wg last worry. As long as people still play it their main focus is on money now and not on perfecting this game. Just like in wot.
  7. _Bajkal

    Azuma 3D Model

    Is gud
  8. _Bajkal

    premium ships

    The question in this topic should be: How good can Alabama handle T10 MM? And the answer is - It doesn't really matter - you will suffer, just get a tier 10 with some special camo for credits and flags.
  9. _Bajkal

    Can not complete gold mission with Tirpitz B

    It's easy to mistake Tirpitz AND Tirpitz B as one ship since the only difference is the camouflage.
  10. _Bajkal

    Stalingrad - "Pleb" vs Unicum

    Śmiem wątpić.
  11. _Bajkal

    Giving IJN DDs another go, how to proceed

    Good choice my friend.
  12. Pamiętajcie, że po zakupie zestawów z czarnymi okrętami, wspomniane misje można wykonać tylko na standardowych okrętach Tirpitz, Asashio, Atago oraz Massachusetts. 67 okrętów premium, 67 miejsc w porcie oraz olbrzymie zniżki. Dodatkowo Ci, którzy zakupią ten zestaw, otrzymają w prezencie pamiątkową flagę! Standardowo wiem że to jest kierowane do nowych graczy głównie ale i tak śmiechłem. Btw. Czekam na ankietę, w której będę mógł wyrazic swoje niezadowolenie tymi kamuflażami bo gdyby nie te bonusy sprzedałbym niemal wszystkie i używał standardowych.
  13. _Bajkal

    Jedi mind-trick: others players knowing your stats

    I don't use MM because looking at haku in my team stacking all planes and trying to fly around the map then trying to drop Desmoin/Montana with intact AA and loosing all squads in the process dealing dmg worth of 1 bomb I ask myself a question - why do I even want to look at someone's 40k avg dmg in a tier 10 cv. I feel better not using any of that.
  14. _Bajkal

    Arms Race - Rankedy

    Jako że MM nie losował mi spoko teamów na giulio czy rev to wziąłem najpierw arp na 2 bitwy po czym odkupiłem bouge. Super.