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  1. Panocek

    is this a new trend when playing petro ?

    You won't get chat banned if you don't write anything there
  2. Panocek

    Remove detonations!!!

    Then you have issue of desync always being a thing, so "torpedo on the tip of the bow" could be closer to front ammo magazines than game shows.
  3. Panocek

    Fantasy vs reality Submarine Edition.

    Not only premium, but also weeb version as well, in shape of Iona I-402, of which captain is in game since very first Arpeggio collab and her placeholder model was in game for just as long
  4. Panocek

    General CV related discussions.

    Sunken cost fallacy is also a thing, "I'm not going to just dump the game after investing 50-100€ on pixel boat". At the same time, randomness of Randoms kinda ensures ups and downs when playing - you can be dunked by CV unicum, but also your cluelessly launched torps suddenly scored multiple hits. Alternatively RNGesus guided multiple shells toward enemy citadel despite players best efforts to miss the target
  5. Panocek

    General CV related discussions.

    which, depending on the context, might be a good or bad thing
  6. Panocek

    General CV related discussions.

    Which might mean actually wacky and fun ideas instead tryharding all the time, where's the harm?
  7. Panocek

    General CV related discussions.

    You mean for once you might bump into actually competent players?
  8. Panocek

    General CV related discussions.

    And this is Wargaming you're talking about, you can't have REEEwork without shafting something or someone
  9. Panocek

    General CV related discussions.

    Just let bring entire torpedo reserve and dump it at once 24TB torpedo run from Hakuryu at the same time, spread between planes probably would be so big this "buff" would be not only net nerf in terms of torpedoes on target, but also would slow down plane cycling considerably, also it would give opportunity to more... peculiar elements of the playerbase to lose entire TB wing at once due to random DFAA boosted flak wall.
  10. Panocek

    General CV related discussions.

    You mean WG will bring out the buff stick to keep CV popularity in desired range?
  11. Well, that concludes Inazuma for me I guess, at least for time being
  12. Panocek

    General CV related discussions.

    But... but... big pp damage numbers delivered every other century
  13. Inazuma enemies are spongier and hit harder in general, especially those bigger samurai dudes. Even Zhongli shield doesn't last long against those when they infuse themselves with elements, while squishier characters like Yanfei have tendency to get oneshot by them if they are caught with pants shield down in other news, horny Prinz acquired
  14. So, I suppose first 24h of Inazuma can be summed up as Though biggest disappointment is character I was looking forward the most - Yoimiya
  15. Panocek

    New Missouri for FXP as before?

    I think ship alone was 35k?