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  1. Panocek

    cossack captain skills

    EM is borderline useless on Cossack since she got turret traverse buff
  2. Panocek

    What is ?

    Guessing he had to get as high/drunk as WG did
  3. Panocek

    Seattle Cruiser T9. ! God to play ?

    FTFY. CL - light cruiser with guns up to 155mm CA - heavy cruiser with guns above 155mm
  4. Panocek

    Seattle Cruiser T9. ! God to play ?

    Whats the point of surprisingly well armored cruiser with torps on top, if you can't
  5. Panocek

    Seattle Cruiser T9. ! God to play ?

    Roon goes from decent artillery barge to crap shooter the moment you decide to angle yourself towards incoming fire due to abysmal turret firing arcs. I'd consider French St Loli is solid contender for T9 keeper cruiser, if you really look for one. Or Ibuki, I had surprising amount of success with her somehow.
  6. Panocek

    Seattle Cruiser T9. ! God to play ?

    Dunno, mine Cleveland just works. Abuse islands to hell and back, something you kinda have to do in other cruisers as well when uptiered anyway. And Seattle is a downgrade over Cleveland. Worse turret firing arcs, worse turret traverse (combined with MBM3 it can make difficult to stay on target), thinner citadel plating, exposed on entire length from turret to turret and less maneuvreable. And Charles Martel plays like 3xl Kebab, tack double rudder and engine boost and zip through open waters dakka dakka at everything and everyone
  7. Panocek

    Buff british cruisers allready!

    Shell output from Minotaur is hampered only by guy on receiving end bright enough to angle. On broadsides Tea Piercing rounds deals about as much damage as nippon infused HE. With waaay higher rate of fire. And with no need for IFHE, so Brit CL are happy to build their captains as they see fit after meeting with AR, SI and CE. And Wooster nerf touched only her radar.
  8. Panocek

    Buff british cruisers allready!

    I can agree with lowtiers being on meh end, but from Fiji onwards they are monstrously capable boats. Any buff would require nerfs following. Heck, Minotaur as first tier 10 CL sets bar so damn high for other light cruisers its not even funny at times.
  9. Panocek

    Stal za pieniądze

    Czyli 5 kilo stali za tą kampanię... pytanie ile za śnieżynki i co tam jeszcze było
  10. Panocek

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    Some people cannot into compute not everyone live in oh so famous "western europe"
  11. Panocek

    PSA: Free santa containers

    2x 10k free exp from these
  12. Panocek

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    5x big pack: 2x10 Streamer paint 1x15 Wyvern 1x15 Ouroboros 1x Crappy Kreme... Again, value exceeds, though Crappy kreme isn't something high on my wish list
  13. Panocek

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    5 mega pack: 2x20 Streamer paint 1x30 Scylla 1x Monaghan 1x 2000 doubloons Not bad, but not impressive either. B hull on Mongol is... what
  14. Also lack of wheels can be solved by putting vodka bottles underneath to roll. There is never shortage of these
  15. Panocek

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    As you can see, plenty of people are willing