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  1. Panocek

    flashing lights

    Sounds like failing graphic card or faulty graphic driver. If visual glitches doesn't happen in other 3d intensive games, I'd start with checking game integrity from WG launcher (WoWs->game settings->repair). Otherwise... update graphic drivers, for that you'd need to visit your vendor website (amd or nvidia) If that doesn't help, download hardware monitoring software like hwinfo64 and see if graphic card is overheating. Temps above 90c are usually a no go, so can of compressed air and brush to get most of the dust out might be in order.
  2. Panocek

    what is this?

    UK and US have similar arming distance. IJN have longer, but then their fishes swim faster
  3. Richelieu class I wouldn't hope on scoring citadel, unless you can consistently land bombs here as raised deck on central part is quite effective at causing premature detonation of le bomb. US BBs as well Alsace/Republique can be cit'd on early drops, with as vertical as possible bomb trajectory. But even then, you're dealing with remarkably narrow citadel on baguette BBs.
  4. Only numbers WG players need to know are their credit card credentials
  5. Panocek

    General CV related discussions.

    Yeeting out T4 carriers whatsoever could be an option and instead let submarines start from T4, as those definitely participated in ww1 and depth charges were a thing as well. Unfortunate side effect would be removing rather historically important first carriers of their respective nations - Langley, Hosho and Hermes. Assuming anyone still cares about historical accuracy that is. Or, let CVs start from tier 5 and plug holes at tiers 7 and 9, so we can start ditching that Minimum Viable Product abomination known as CV REEEwork I'm pretty sure WG can find enough subs to make proper tech tree as well. Haphazardly assembled would-be-line of CVs with cut out assets
  6. Panocek

    ST - German aircraft carriers, Z-35

    With that logic, Fletcher could see a buff, as uses the same amount of guns as tier 7, tier 6 even if you ignore 0.7s reload difference. Wooster buff for using tier 1 152/47 guns when Kiev buff for using tier 1 130mm guns when
  7. Panocek

    What nations have good - very powerful AA.

    Yep. Kirov citadel is lower and spans from turret to turret, so you have actually quite big area to ricochet shells off when angled. Not so much in Omaha case
  8. Panocek

    What nations have good - very powerful AA.

    Kirov isn't that much different. At least have range to not get too close and too personal Relying on armor in a cruiser is a mistake to begin with IMO
  9. Panocek

    What nations have good - very powerful AA.

    And there is no gold pot at the end of grind rainbow. Also Moskva in probably two patches will turn into "special" ship (T10 premium), so if you feel like grinding hard, you will be able to get yourself T10 "premium" ship. Alexander Nevsky will replace her as pinnacle of, then, Russian CL line. If anything, go for current tier 5, Kirov as she will turn into premium ship with the same patch and you will keep her in premium status
  10. Panocek

    What nations have good - very powerful AA.

    If you want "relatively quick reload" and "good ballistics" then RU cruisers might be up your alley... if you add mediocre AA, average to mediocre concealment, absolute lack of turning radius and glass for armor into the mix.
  11. Panocek

    What nations have good - very powerful AA.

    SAP fails miserably against battleships armored all around, which are very common at low and midtiers, leaving you with superstructure as only viable target. And then, SAP still can ricochet when angle is wrong. Add to that slow reload and you will find yourself dealing chip damage every 15s to a battleship angled just enough to ignore your AP shells. Against cruisers and DDs SAP can be devastating tho. And then you've mentioned two (I think) absolutely worst T5 ships you can play with, while carriers are fact of life and you have to deal with it, one way or another.
  12. Panocek

    ST - German aircraft carriers, Z-35

    So we have Somers and Benham, two ships, one of which requires currency you can't just get off the shelf, other available only once in game history besides loot boxes, compared to... UK, FR and now EU silver lines with attached premiums (Cossack, Le Trollible, Błyska/Friesland/Smaland). Though last line feels like handicapped across the board until T7, where they finally get functional artillery.
  13. Panocek

    ST, changes to test ships

    Russian 180mm and 220mm guns already compete with bigger guns in terms of penetration (203 and 305 respectively), so Tallin/Riga/Petro could use "normal" penetration values for their guns
  14. Panocek

    ST - German aircraft carriers, Z-35

    All recent DD additions are gunboats of varying sorts, adding actual "torpedoboat" for a change wouldn't hurt I think. Heck, we have ship that would be perfect "US Akizuki" pressed as torpedoboat, so sky is the limit when it comes to WG. "Proximity" guidance could be very much a submarine gimmick without that whole derpy ping mechanic. That or being German sub specific - average speed, low-ish damage, acoustic guided torps. US having balanced stats, RU having slow and stealthy, IJN fast and hard hitting but slow reload.