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  1. azakow

    New cruiser ability.

    have a look here:
  2. azakow

    High tier DD game play.

    I understand, 2x DD + 1x BB8. What DD where you using? What is the max. MM for a DD6? What is the max. MM for a BB8? I am asking, because the "bad" perception of high tier DD gameplay might be caused by a "bad" division setup.
  3. azakow

    Gremyashchy commander skills

    true! on the orher hand, i need any improvement on aim speed. i countered the negative influence on reload caused by MBM2 with basic fire training skill. this is a zero sum on reload, but the aim speed will remain. it is quite "expensive" to obtain a useable aim speed.
  4. 12 commander skill points on Gremyashchy.

  5. azakow

    Gremyashchy commander skills

    A rahter large trolling attempt on us simple sailors. Have a look at Grigoriy Zhukov.
  6. azakow

    Gremyashchy commander skills

    Following the advice to train gunnery skills and mount gun improvements, I've reset my commander skills. The Grem still is a small fish. In addition to it's already juge jaws it has gained deadly stings. I do not retreat from opponent DD any more. Close range is a bit tricky and grounds waters must be well chosen. Mid range is pleasent shooting. Long range, I still need some practice for leading. Undetected shooting is still very situational, on the other hand I mostly play at the frontline. (I miss a proper minimap display.) Overall alot more fun to play. On my way.
  7. azakow

    Cleaveland really slow on maneuvering?

    I suggest to get used to it. All following ships will have less maneuverability than the predecessor. The Des Moines will be the only exception.
  8. azakow

    Gremyashchy commander skills

    In other words, you recommend to concentrate on main battery abilities/improvements, than to opt for consealment and torping abilites. I can very well imagine, that such training path enables high values in base defend actions at max range, at best undetected. Please explain (maybe scetch samples), that such setup can be used to gain a high damage output per match. Thank you.
  9. azakow

    two-way communication fighter/scout

    What is your idea about sending the actual order, i.e. pressing T-key and then LMB click the minimap? How would you know about the range of your plane? What would the plane do in case you are about to leave it's "return to base" range, i.e. automatic return? But let's not get stuck in nitpicking about the time and effort it would take to give orders to that plane. What advantages do you see by controling that single plane? Sure you mention a DD that set a smoke screen. I mean other than that, i.e. setting the planes activity region/sector in relation to your own posistion, rather than orbiting your own position. Can a single plane vs. a opponent squad of any type have any influence on their actions at all? IMO during regular CA/BB aktivities you will have few time to control your plane. i.e. on aproaching TB squads you will be bussy turning into them (avoiding your teammates and still targeting opponents), rather than commanding your plane to attack that TB squad, don't you think.
  10. azakow

    two-way communication fighter/scout

    You want to control planes? I suggest to check out CV. Why bother with micro management? I sometimes also feel like, send that fighter elsewhere, i.e. that patch of smoke. On the other hand, I am bussy with maneuvering, leading and the minimap.
  11. azakow

    Cleaveland really slow on maneuvering?

    Install Steering Gears Mod 2, and you have a "nimble" ship.
  12. azakow

    Gremyashchy commander skills

    How does your contribution relate to the topic title?
  13. azakow

    Gremyashchy commander skills

    ... and be a pest for others setting them on fire. IMO, the shell travel time and movement of opponentns will make it a waste of effort.