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  1. I hope there is gonna be more actions to fix this mess, that you will understand what you are doing wrong in our eyes and that you can adress all of the issues brought up. But we get slapped in the face with both lies and things that so obviously go against the community's wishes, over and over again for years now. And it feels like it gets worse every time. To get an apology it requires a massive amount of backlash first, otherwise we are just gonna be ignored. And even then it's just "we are sorry you feel this way" again. The need for change has been there for years now. It's not just about the treatment of LWM and chobi or CCs leaving, but also ALL of the problems they brought up on their way out. You have to take drastic action. But you have shown time and time again that you are incapable or unwilling of providing the responses we want from a game developer. I would strongly prefer that you actually start improving the situation between us, instead of what you have been doing in the past - half-hearted apologies and praying that we forget. I do not believe we will see change, but I still hope for it. And I wish the best of luck to the employees assigned to deal with this publicly. We know it's not your fault that the community is this unhappy.
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