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  1. Kartoffelmos

    Finally had enough

    Zero may or may not be a natural number depending on which definition you use but it is definitely a number in its own right. It is also a rational number and a real number in case you are wondering.
  2. I never questioned that though... Allow me to explain: after not having played for a while and reading through the articles, I got the impression that multiple tables could be active simultaneously (similarly to regular combat missions), hence my initial comments. However, I was clearly mistaken, so sorry for the confusion.
  3. That's not stated in the article though, so thanks for clarifying. It doesn't help that "-" is often used to declare a lack of information or not relevant/not applicative, if you will. While the above is cleared up, this is not true. I started clearing "normal Personal Challenge thresholds" before I opted in for the Regatta. The longer this difference in time before signing up is, the less relevant the in-game table becomes.
  4. Good to know, I just tagged the opening post as one normally does for these things. Is it though? Last time I checked, one of the tables did not start at 1500 base XP... Maybe that would have been nice to mention in the article then? Because the wording below gives the impression that the categories would appear in-game: Now that I know that it is supposed to be like this (and that it is indeed active), I see your point of this being a "bonus" regional event (which is very nice by the way!). However, it would still be convenient to track the progress in-game. If that is not possible due to the nature of this initiative, it would be beneficial to make it clear that you need to track it yourself (or wait until you have cleared the thresholds in the regular table) if you chose the harder league. Then again, maybe this has been done before and I simply did not catch it because I took a break from the game.
  5. @The_EURL_Guy Is it intentional that the personal challenges do not show up in-game? The news article gives the opposite impression and unless I've missed something, the CTs are also not credited when you beat a threshold. I suspect that there is a conflict between this challenge/event and the Mediterranean challenges but if that is indeed the case, I find it weird that it was not uncovered during testing. Screenshots: EDIT: Well, at least the delayed crediting of tokens seems to be intentional (see below), but the tracking of progress does not. That is unless WG have gone out of their way to make the event as user-unfriendly as possible while also giving the table in the article the same name as the "Personal Challenges" table in-game...
  6. Kartoffelmos

    UPDATED! Russian Stream Four Codes

    No idea what this one does but it is from the same stream: 4OCRK3ZLCJYX
  7. Kartoffelmos

    WG Discloses lootbox drop rate for the 1st time ever?

    I was wondering if I should also post the probability of getting the Missouri in X amount of boxes (and not just in box number X), but then I realised that this computer does not have Excel and doing it by the calculator in Windows is suboptimal to say the least. Nice link though! I did not consider the cost aspect but it seems WG managed to make even that as scummy as possible.
  8. Kartoffelmos

    WG Discloses lootbox drop rate for the 1st time ever?

    Jupp, that's why we have 41 outcomes for the random bundles and why the regular scamboxes only have like 6-7 different outcomes. On a funny mathematical side note though, before you start buying the random bundles, the chance of a Missouri dropping on the first try or the last try is exactly the same (2,44 %). It is only the chance between the drops which changes: Missouri on first try: 1/41 Missouri on second try: 40/41 * 1/40 = 1/41 Missouri on third try: 40/41 * 39*40 * 1/39 = 1/41 Etc.
  9. Kartoffelmos

    WG Discloses lootbox drop rate for the 1st time ever?

    You are referring to different things here. The finite outcome "boxes" shown in the armoury are likely to have an uniform drop rate simply because the drop rate will be low by default (i.e. 1/41 = 2,44 % in the case of Missouri). These are also a bit more consumer-friendly (if you can even call these RNG-boxes that) since the drop chance for the desired outcome increases with each purchase. Still, I do not particularly like this content-gating by loot boxes/RNG. The loot boxes you can buy an unlimited amount of times, however, have uneven dop rates simply because the possible outcomes are rather low in number. These boxes are the ones which are condemned by EASA and are considered as (unethical) gambling since the drop chances are not listed.
  10. Kartoffelmos

    WG code for "We f***** up"

    Sooo... since the blue highlighted text is obviously incorrect based on the collected statistics, when can we see a global/t6 CV nerf? So much for using the spreadsheet to balance the game and not on "obviously biased opinions". Not that anyone's surprised...
  11. Kartoffelmos

    Detonations. A poll to help WG hear the player base

    Why is this even a discussion? The gameplay mechanic aside (which is terrible by the way since it is almost purely RNG and favours large(r) vessels), as long as one class cannot detonate, no other classes should be able to detonate.
  12. Kartoffelmos

    The Nerfing of Enterprise

    And this is a bad thing?
  13. Kartoffelmos

    About individual ship win rate?

    That's not true though: If possible, ships of different nations are distributed between teams on an even basis. (Source) This means that if you are playing a Cleveland, you are likely to face another USN cruiser or, if not possible, an USN vessel of another class. If I remember correctly, this is the last adjustment of the MM, thus why having completely mirrored teams is highly unlikely.
  14. Kartoffelmos

    Torpedoes really are broken

    If you launch your torpedoes during a turn, let's say at t=0, the server may only receive the input at t=0,2 at which point your vessel no longer is located where it was when you actually pressed the button. The higher the latency/desync, the larger the deviation. Now, since torpedoes are aimed angularly, it stands to reason that the game will launch them at the same angle as you initially wanted but since you are no longer have the same heading, you get an angular deviation. Again, the larger the latency/desync, the larger the deviation. If the vessel was not turning, the deviation would be much smaller since we now will only get a linear offset instead of an angular one. I am assuming that the server/client has a higher "refresh rate" regarding vessel motion since this is a more fluid behaviour than the occasional input (relatively speaking) that is the activation of consumables/armament. Not that it matters much though, since even if the delay is the same, your rudder shift will prevent your vessel from straightening out immediately if the stream of input is lost after the torpedo launch command is sent.. Granted, some of this is assumptions on my side but that's why I wrote that you cannot conclude that it is not caused by desync. Then again, it may be a matter of which comes first: desync or the fact that the torpedo vector is somehow dependant on the vessel movement vector.
  15. Kartoffelmos

    Torpedoes really are broken

    You can't really make this conclusion though since the rate of turn is dependent on the speed of the vessel, and the difference (deviation) between user input and server "activation" is dependent on the speed of the vessel and the latency of the user. As such, desync is still the most probable cause like Aerroon demonstrated in his video.