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  1. Should someone tell him that secondaries do not affect the smoke detection range?
  2. The "Reddit configuration" is almost certainly a visual mod. After all, WG has published a screenshot of the Musashi (I also fail to see how they are supposed to balance the two hulls if the new configuration is genuine):
  3. My guess is that the 1k damage is supposed to be 2k damage. This also makes the AP/HE-difference more consistent with that of the other lines as well. Even then, I cannot say that the ship's stats look all that impressive...
  4. You can swap between applications with the ALT + TAB combination (if you are using Windows, that is). Other than that, there isn't much you can do. I might be misunderstanding your question though .
  5. I could say the same . I think I shot you down during a strafing run or something in my Bf 109 E (or the tier 4 one, can't remember).
  6. Finally my old IJN BB captains can get some love. I don't think I've retrained them since the last free skill reset and the meta has changed quite a lot since then . Maybe I should try some funky IFHE Zao builds as well, since that clearly yields more damage!
  7. Errrr... I think you missed the context (if you read what I wrote earlier in this thread, you would also realise what I think about the Conqueror), as I was referring to this:
  8. He isn't wrong though .
  9. Ah, it's so heartwarming to see such constructive, helpful and not-at-all-garbage responses that contribute to the topic. Bonus points for having a humorous tone as well! As for the actual issue, WG EU did it again: This answer was posted in the "unanswered questions about CW"-thread, so I also find it funny that one should automatically know that there was an "unanswered question" regarding official information which gives an answer about primetime hours which no one knew about. I mean, why would someone not ask about why the primetime is so late when that very information was unknown?
  10. Interesting. Does this mean that all other tier 10 battleships need a buff since they are equally weak (or worse, depending on angling) to AP but don't have the super-heal?
  11. Another update on the Pan-Asian destroyers: (Source) EDIT: It seems like the development blog is confirming the leaked/datamined changes from the SEA-group so the information isn't new per se, but at least it's official.
  12. More information on the PA DDs from the development blog: Pictures of these destroyers were also posted : (Source) As always, please discuss here.
  13. To be fair, that only applies if there is a carrier in play. In addition, carriers have no way (well, except visuals) to determine the effective strength of a ship's AA so targeting a ship that you think has been blasted (enough) by the Conqueror can be quite risky. If the CV player is paying attention or is in a division with a Conqueror, things change dramatically though. For cruisers and destroyers, losing main guns and/or torpedo tubes can be annoying though, I'll give you that.
  14. Although the analysis is good (can't believe I missed the explanation regarding the win rates ), I fear that the conclusion is flawed. Yes, the above-average players focus on battleships instead of going for ships that matter (the Zao-effect). However, Conqueror should dish out more damage to destroyers at least due to the HE damage being more reliable than AP penetrations, but it seems that "many" Conqueror players (like many bad BB players) "refuse" to shoot at them. Not focusing cruisers is also an issue, since a lot of these have radar which will be a problem if you lose the fight for caps or leave them alone for too long. On the other hand, Conqueror punish good cruiser players more than bad players, since you are pretty much forced to disengage after you receive the first fire whereas you can harass other battleships for a longer time as long as you don't play like a potato. Now, bad players will probably play the same as the above-average players in that they will most likely spam enemy battleships instead of cruisers/destroyers and thus might yield similar result, while good players with correct targeting prioritising and positioning will be a threat to most ships (and win games more often). This is all speculation of course, but Conqueror might be one of those ships where both good and bad players overperform (easy to play vs. utilising all the strengths) yet average to above-average players stick to one tactic that works without thinking of the implications this has for the battle. One might say that they try to mimic good players without understanding the reason behind the choices of good players. For instance, a good player might burn down a battleship in order to give his cruisers and destroyers more breathing space whereas an average player might do the same just because it is rewarding: the former leads to an advantage for the team while the latter might result in a disadvantage if the target is one of the camping battleships (which have little impact on the game). It will be interesting to see how the stats will develop, but I do not think these changes will have that big of an impact.
  15. Indeed. That's why I would like an explanation of the data, since all we can do now is to speculate on how it was collected. Even if a WG only used players that have multiple tier 10 battleships, that data in itself won't paint a true picture since they all (with exception to Montana/Conqueror) plays differently. The difference in performance might not necessarily be caused by the ships themselves. If they collected data from enough players, then it would be quite representative, but I doubt that the Conqueror is owned by that many players (who also own another tier 10 BB) just yet.