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  1. Buccaneer-Invader

    Sooo... you are getting bored while waiting for cheats? I could not understand the rest so I clearly need to reeducate myself.
  2. Leaked CV Rework CO-OP Game Video

    Sure, but you will no longer receive AA help from your own CV (unless she decides to send an attack squad on top of you and activate the fighter consumable), the new squads appear to be more durable (hard to say since the match is against bots) and there is nothing to prevent a CV to hover over a DD, force her to smoke up, strike the nearest target and then come back with another squad (no resupply time). This means that the carrier will "waste" some time scouting the destroyer but since one of the goals of the CV rework is to limit map-wide scouting, it's actually working as intended. It will be interesting to see how durable the squads really are against real players as that might change some things. I'm slightly worried that a lot of cruisers will be helpless when their Defensive Fire is on cooldown which will result in non-AA cruisers and destroyers being the priority targets. On the other hand, the torpedo drop pattern seems to be quite easy to dodge for anything besides a BB (multiple strikes in a relatively short time might complicate things). I guess I'll have to wait for a more finalised version or for the PTS sessions before I draw any conclusions . I thought the same thing, since it does not appear that the CV is able to move (besides autopilot) during attack runs.
  3. Leaked CV Rework CO-OP Game Video

    Every squad has a "speed boost meter" on the left side of the aiming reticule. The consumable replenishes the speed boost. It's quite noticeable at 2:25 in the video. I've only seen some of the footage but it does seem like the new version will be even more annoying for destroyers if they don't/cannot hide in smoke.
  4. Operation Last Frontier

    The bots choose their targets based on the amount of HP left and the relative proximity (in addition to some class specific behaviour patterns but cruisers seem to be the target of choice for everybody except bot destroyers). In this example, the aerodrome had the least amount of HP left and was closer to the Alabama than the remaining fort(s). Your Atlanta was not in her line of fire and thus the bot decided to shoot at the aerodrome. The rest of the bots followed suit as soon as the health was dropped to a critical level (and they came within firing range). As for how to prevent it, one player must always be the priority target for the Alabama, either by rushing her (battleships) or by revealing themselves (cruisers). It's quite similar to Raptor Rescue in this regard.
  5. It depends on the ship: At tiers 5-6, I don't find the base secondary range good enough to warrant a secondary build (though AFT is viable on Bayern in order to improve the AA performance). At tier 7, the torpedoes serve the same purpose (less range but higher damage potential) so again, no AFT. At tier 8, a full secondary build is very viable but it's more situational than a survivability focused build. It is extremely fun though . At tiers 9-10, the usual engagement range and the general size of the ships make secondary builds rather pointless and performance-detrimental. Here, Fire Prevention and Concealment Expert are by far the most important skills since you're a big target. AFT could be chosen for AA purposes but it's not like the AA is all that good to begin with. Generally, German battleships are very durable and both CE and FE enhances their performance. There's also the issue with AP secondaries which makes AFT rather useless on certain tiers (for the secondary guns, that is). Personally, I would say that only Bismarck and Tirpitz should be given secondary gun improvements.
  6. Anniversary Event

    Can I also get a sealclubber analysis? I find it a bit weird to call tier 6 a sealclubbing tier though. The matchmaking is not optimal and the players at this tier should have at least some knowledge about tactics and gameplay.
  7. Final best-of-the-best-looking-ship poll

    And of course the German bias (largest playerbase, Wehrabooes, etc.) has nothing to do with the result . I would have liked to be able to vote for the Aoba or Zao but the Atago is an equally worthy substitute .
  8. What is it with the Fuso ?

    I believe that we all know that part by now .
  9. What is it with the Fuso ?

    BB logic: "If I can shoot at the enemy when they don't have the range to fire back, I can be effective with no risk to my ship!" And after their team has crumbled around them due to the lack of map control and their ship is quickly focused down, they learn that "battleships cannot withstand enemy fire". The result is more max-range sniping in order to not be "easily destroyed". Add the "lethal torpedoes" and "unfair HE spam" and your average BBaby will be even less likely to sail closer to the game-deciding action .
  10. Ranked season10 rant ( rank 1 )

    Maybe they/we are merely reacting to your impressive mental capacity and natural charisma?
  11. Anniversary Event

    It seems like I'll need to prop up some random drunken hobo to the ship's wheel on my Des Moines. Curse you, overly grindy Halsey missions! A very nice event indeed but I'm a bit sad that permanent camouflages aren't discounted or that the badges don't come with extra content (flags, etc). I can't really complain (yet I just did) though.
  12. This is just getting ridiculous, WG

    Of course it can. Battleships wrecked everything in real life and thus they have to be the best ships in the game! Until we bring carriers into equation... then everyone suffers. Just like in-game . Considering WG gave Stalingrad shortened fuse timers, I'm interested to see how they are going to fix the problem. Not letting a shell both ovepenetrate and detonate multiple times would be a nice start, but I guess that's too hard to do within the short time period of one year (and that's being generous)...
  13. Advice on Yamamoto Mission 2

    How to complete any collection: 1. Pick two missions that are easy to do with the maximum number of ships (XP, credits, damage, etc.). 2. Add a more situational one with good star value if you have a premium account. 3. Play the game normally. 4. Rinse and repeat on completion. It's rather counterproductive to pick a RNG heavy mission in order to "save time". XP and credit missions are also shortened by signal flag usage so why even bother with the "kill 2 DDs in a cruiser" type of missions?
  14. Anniversary Event

    Oh yes, I forgot about that particular debacle (probably because it was solved after a while). What I meant was that after the events were unified (and I'm not referring to the first dishonest promise), things have been a lot better. Granted, it is not hard to improve something that is at the bottom of the barrel in terms of quality, but still. I still wonder what WG EU were thinking when they came up with the idea that receiving more potential income was better than having happy and/or satisfied customers. Yes, the majority of players do not use the forums and wouldn't realise that they were being treated differently but the actual forum users were/are far more likely to promote the game. It's a bit silly when you think about it in retrospect. Not that it matters in the slightest now, because WG found the solution that gave the best of two worlds: loot boxes .