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  1. Kartoffelmos

    Azur lane commanders

    Activate promotional content in the port settings.
  2. Kartoffelmos

    [edited] MECHANICS

    Is it that time again?
  3. Kartoffelmos

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I managed to win the RNG lottery today and won all the best players in the history of WoWs:
  4. Kartoffelmos

    Where is the action in this game?

    Well, you can play around it by: Changing flanks Pushing up so that said ship(s) cannot shoot you Disengage/stealth up Shoot/destroy the ships which are spotting you Try to shoot down the planes which might be spotting you Capture the point that might be nearby and merely head to the next one, thus rendering the island position useless Use islands as cover Etc.
  5. Kartoffelmos

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I had a nice day in the very competitive and extremely serious ranked sprint. My first game was in a C-hull Farragut due to some Dynamo shenanigans but it worked out well (didn't get much use out of the AA though). After that, I reached rank 3 without losing a single star:
  6. Kartoffelmos

    armor penetration of Warspite

    You mean that the calculated armour value needed to shatter HE shells is 1 mm higher than the HE penetration of said shells? How magical.
  7. That's your opinion. There are also role/function-based formations present in the game so the rest of your "suggestion" is rather pointless as well.
  8. Kartoffelmos

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Thanks. You did quite well yourself but unfortunately, more and more people ignore the fact that last wave of the bots must have something to shoot at in order to avoid the destruction of the aerodrome. Most of my operation games have been lost due to this, especially if the battleships hang back: the forts and the aerodrome will then be closer to the enemy and the lower HP pool means that they will be targeted first. Well played in your Myoko though! On a side note, after a couple of rather bad random battles, I must say that the Ashitaka is growing on me: her guns are rather satisfying to use after the shell buff.
  9. Is this the right time to point out that the participants near the top will have a much higher chance of winning? Some entries were surprisingly similar as well . In any case, good luck to the participants.
  10. Kartoffelmos

    And how about this? Sure Win Bro

    Nah, he's meeting the maximum requirements of his clan. Any more FPS and he'd be kicked out with a dishonorable discharge!
  11. Kartoffelmos

    future ship

    More ships will definitely arrive and the highest tier will most likely never exceed tier X.
  12. Kartoffelmos

    Make tier 4 great again!

    Oh? Where's the profit in scaring away relatively new players with "organised" seal clubbing?
  13. Kartoffelmos

    Make tier 4 great again!

    Tier 4 has limited matchmaking though and thus they won't meet tier 6 ships. Having said that, I doubt that WG want to promote seal clubbing with Clemson, Nicolai, Iwaki Alpha, etc..
  14. Keep in mind that ships without any battles won't show up in the lists/calculation. My ARP Atago is therefore absent. Nice site though!