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  1. Kartoffelmos

    WR accurate?

    Not really, since the tracked XP: 1. is affected by the premium account modifier 2. values (relative) damage more than anything else The former is an obvious weakness and sabotages the advantages of the latter, making the parameter as flawed as PR.
  2. Kartoffelmos

    What’s your most annoying thing?

    I would like to say carriers, but then our CV-loving moderators will use that as an excuse to lock the thread (), so I will go for battleships which do not understand positioning and/or map control.
  3. Kartoffelmos


    Q: How many BBabies does it take to create a whine post in the WoWs forum? A: Yes.
  4. Kartoffelmos

    WR accurate?

    Due to the law of large numbers (look it up), your win rate will represent your skill level if you have played enough games. However, the win rate can be skewed by limiting yourself to only playing in divisions, with OP ships/classes and/or at lower tiers where you are more likely to be more experienced than the other players. Fortunately, this is quite easy to discover. If you are still not convinced, here's an example with coin flips: After 1000 flips, the distribution of results is 50/50 (we ignore the fact that one of the side is slightly heavier due to unsymmetry). This is our baseline. Now, let's add some weight to one side of the coin which is your contribution. After 1000 new flips, the distribution is 60/40. One flip can go either way, but with enough samples, the result will match the expectations. Granted, in WoWs, it is one constant weight on one side of the coin and 23 being randomly added to either side until the result is 12 weights on each, but the result will still be the same: your contribution will be shown in the end given a large enough sample size.
  5. Kartoffelmos

    Ever wondered how those awesome players Citadel you?

    So what the OP is saying is that good/bad/"awesome" players are deliberately gimping themselves in order to maybe score citadel hits and will miss completely if the target is manoeuvring? How can anyone argue against that?
  6. Kartoffelmos

    Why annoy battleship players?

    Even though this is not actually true, you answered your own question.
  7. Met @Communist_Loli in my final silver ranked match today (urgh, the qualifiers). After a completely honest and not at all humorously rude greeting, the Gearing on their team thought it was a good idea to smoke up close-range in front of my Småland (without even dropping torps), which ended quite predictably. I'm not sure what the thought process was (if there even was one), since she had no one to spot for her and so the smoke only helped me. After that, the match snowballed into a victory while Communist_Loli managed to save the star. A decent enough ending for anyone involved, I'd say .
  8. Kartoffelmos

    How to carry with a Battleship

    Radar cruisers and destroyers. Exceptions can be made for other broadside-showing ships but your first priority should be to relieve pressure from your destroyers.
  9. Kartoffelmos

    New Code

    I think that I have no idea which ship you used or what battle type you played so I can't really say if you should have fulfilled that mission or not.
  10. Kartoffelmos

    New Code

    Check if you fulfilled the tier or game mode requirements. If we are talking about the same chain, it was limited to random battles and ranked (can't remember the tier limitation if it even was one, but I guess it was t5 and above?)
  11. Kartoffelmos

    Battleship Odin

    Initial information (ZF-2): https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/112 First set of balance changes and the renaming to ZF-6: https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/115 Second set of balance changes: https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/123
  12. Kartoffelmos


    So, exactly which game rule did he breach multiple times so that a perma-ban would be warranted? Getting banned from the in-game chat, sure, but I find it somewhat silly that WG would try to ban him for things that happen on third-party websites which are unaffiliated with WG, especially if said things are rather mild compared to f.ex. blatant racism and the like. Indeed, which is why the decision is rather baffling as it will bring bad short-term publicity. In the longer term, they seem to be bleeding CCs lately, which cannot be a good thing but is ultimately irrelevant to new players if WG can find replacements (nor do I think many will care in a month from now).
  13. Kartoffelmos

    Dead Eye will be changed from scratch

    Well, back then they did not specifically state it up-front . With the AA changes, it was mostly the nerf to the AA itself that made the skills useless; most of the adjustments were done when retraining was free. Then again, they might be dumb enough to actually not offer free retraining but that would be extremely silly.
  14. Kartoffelmos

    Dead Eye will be changed from scratch

    In case anyone didn't see this in the 0.10.0 patch notes, I'll just post it here: A nerf to Dead Eye will be a significant change (even if they merely reduce the accuracy, which it seems like they won't) so free retraining should be offered.
  15. Kartoffelmos


    Because having effective counterplay is counterproductive to WG's goal of reducing the skill gap between CV players (and the goal to improve the popularity of the class). Also, this topic will probably disappear soon as we are not allowed to have nice things there is a dedicated feedback thread that is over 300 pages long which apparently WG "listen to" but ultimately ignore.