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  1. Kartoffelmos

    Russian battleship accuracy pattern

    Here you go: Slava is on top, followed by 457 Conqueror (which is unobtainable), Thunderer and then the inaccurate-at-long-range Kremlin. Note that this is prior to Kremlin's 0,1 sigma nerf which I suppose should bring her more in line with the rest, but you only need to compare her long-range stats to Grosser Kurfürst to realise that she is still a bit too accurate (unless WG altered other stats as well).
  2. Yet, the reason for the temporary removal was supposedly to fix bugs with the pathfinding of the bots. Oh. So now the bug-fixing was a secondary concern. Would it have been so hard to be transparent about it upfront? I also find it funny how operations supposedly are not high on the priority list but WG took the extra effort to remove/rebalance one operation because it was too economically beneficial for the players. If this was not the case, Raptor Rescue had (and still has) far more bugs than the pre-reworked Narai, so if any singular operation should have been fixed, Raptor Rescue should have been prioritised.
  3. Kartoffelmos


    Sakura Zipangu is best Zipangu!
  4. Kartoffelmos

    ST - armor-piercing rockets

    Who wants the CVs to have actual (though, not really) weaknesses anyway...
  5. I like how this thread, as well as literally any other CV thread, (d)evolve into the same individuals claiming that CVs are fine while server stats, player perception, gameplay ramifications and general balance changes prove otherwise. What is there even to discuss at this point? The class is broken.
  6. No, but I do think that everyone running MM monitor should be banned from playing the game.
  7. Kartoffelmos

    Best or most annoying triple same ship divs in the game?

    Triple Blyatfast or, if the division has spotting, triple Kutuzov. Both are strong against cruisers, destroyers, carriers (endless smoke, decent AA, etc.) and battleships.
  8. Kartoffelmos

    Tech Tree: Left and right nerfs with 0 justification

    Did you look up the verb and not the adjective (alternatively how the verb is used in the past participle)? I mean, "Kremlin overpowers(/-ed) Montana" has a different meaning than "Kremlin is overpowered (compared to Montana)", as one is, as you wrote, much more sensational. Yet, what exactly is strong? You are using your own scale of power to protest against the terminology of other users. I can call something slightly overpowered and very overpowered, just as much as you can call it slightly strong or very strong. Neither of those things correspond to a generally accepted win ratio/power level. Even though I use the term overpowered when deeming something a bit over the top, I find it silly to protest against the language of other users, since there is no objective standard. Having said that, Kremlin's 3 % higher win rate than the next silver ship qualifies her to be called both too strong and overpowered, as that is quite the lead (given comparable player numbers, of course). On another note, your example is silly, since a 50 % win rate ship cannot, by definition, be overpowered .
  9. Kartoffelmos

    Tech Tree: Left and right nerfs with 0 justification

    Since we are arguing semantics: OP = overpowered (alternatively overperforming but that's less sensational) = "to provide with more power than is needed or desirable" (Merrian-Webster). Except for your own interpretation of the term, what exactly is wrong here? Too strong also means that the ship is overpowered, you know.
  10. Kartoffelmos

    Why were plane indicators removed from ship HUD?

    Because one of the goals of the CV rework was to make CVs easier to play. If surface-ships know from which direction the planes are are coming, it will be easier for them to deploy countermeasures and that might make things too difficult for the CV players. When you take into account that WG thinks that your average CV player is too "dedicated" to be able to steer their ship, manage fires or launch counter-measures against air attacks, it makes perfect sense. But since I'm just guessing here, I might as well add other alternatives: The old system didn't work properly and WG could not be bothered to fix it because it might negatively impact CV performance by a negligible margin. I mean, every counter-play has been reduced in effectiveness so why be inconsistent and introduce something that can help you improve your pitiful AA? WG did not want to spend resources on having a coder make the UI distinguish between active aircraft and returning ones. "It would just confuse the players". Spreadsheet says that we shoot down too many planes the CV population is too low which is why we can't have nice things. I'm sorry if I'm being a tiny bit cynical here, but I can't help myself when I remember what they did to Manual AA, AFT, the AA upgrade, Defensive Fire and air detectability of cruisers in general .
  11. Kartoffelmos

    If Kremlin is so OP

    From MapleSyrup (though they seem a bit off regarding Yamato-numbers unless I'm missing some recent event). I might have added the wrong numbers (I checked multiple times so I doubt it) or the guy behind MS might have added results for 4 months instead of 2 (it has happened before so who knows). The thing is, if you have enough players, the better players will still be a minority. If we also consider that 5 % of players visit the forum (and assume that a similar number look up what is deemed OP/UP), the impact from highly skilled players will not be the deciding factor. To put it simple, the vast majority does not know any better (and most ships are reasonably well balanced so you don't really notice it in-game either).
  12. Kartoffelmos

    If Kremlin is so OP

    No, since that is statistically irrelevant. With enough players, that does not matter (see the law of large numbers). Funnily enough, during the last 2 months, Kremlin had a comparable amount of games and players to most of the other battleships yet with a better performance. Even if you say that f.ex. 200 of those players (like the number of Ohio owners) are super-unicums, the stats would not drop to the levels of the other battleships Name Players Games Win rate Damage Grosser Kurfuerst 2090 109354 49.56 69478 Republique 1271 58611 49.69 89173 Yamato 6561 376531 49.28 81542 Conqueror 1779 86235 50.67 105052 Kremlin 2274 102467 53.17 81407 Montana 2202 120312 49.24 75751 (Forgot to add Montana, woops) That would be true if Yamato didn't have the overmatch ability. Conqueror players spam HE still so no surprise there either.
  13. Kartoffelmos

    Visual 'bug' on vladivostok

    Unless I'm very much mistaken, that hatch works by flipping one side over the other and then opening the rest by lifting it from the fold (EDIT: alternatively with some internal mechanism). The contact surfaces makes sense if that's the case at least. Here's a more modern example with cylinders:
  14. Kartoffelmos

    The Hindy circle

    Details. One balances the game, the other balances the forum. At the end of the day, you both make someone angry. Well, I can do that for you: The 1/4 HE penetration rule for Hindenburg (which in turn was a blanket buff for KM cruisers) resulted in her being the ship of choice in most competitive modes (the RTS CVs meant that radars did not matter nearly as much in clan wars). A nerf was thus needed so Hindenburg got the recent Henri IV treatment and had her stats tuned down (DPM in this case). Performance stats were collected. Reluctant to make her too strong again, an additional heal was granted instead. Performance stats were once again collected and after a boatload of power creep... WG decreased her reload but they might have overdone it considering the extra heal (no Superintended needed). It's almost as if the game has changed since Hindenburg was nerfed.