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  1. This will make IFHE mandatory for every single cruiser (with HE that is) in the game. In addition, since light cruisers tend to have more favourable impact angles at longer ranges, they will have better results than heavy cruisers. Even if that were not the case, the higher RoF means that light cruisers will benefit more from this change since the suggestion is RNG-based. To be honest, this will mostly be an unneeded buff to battleships whilst not really addressing the light/heavy cruiser performance difference.
  2. Kartoffelmos

    Something is missing.

    So much for needing to be 18 years old in order to use the shop. The only thing one actually need is the permission to spend money online as that automatically includes every single purchase from the premium store. As for the actual topic, there won't be any crew in the game since that will increase the age rating.
  3. Why, it makes perfect sense though: if you need to take IFHE by default, it will offer more variety! Honest! Seriously WG, why do you do this? I'm still not entirely convinced by this but I guess we'll see once the testing starts. As for the rest: I think I've merely become numb to all the BB catering (well, the flavour of the year appears to be CV but still) that WG have done over the years that nothing really surprises me anymore. I still remember the infamous "we are aware of the BB overpopulation and may do some things to improve the situation" statement which predated carrier AP bombs, deep-water torpedoes, the fire prevention skill and countless other adjustments that totally did not affect cruisers more than battleships. Would it be so hard to give (heavy) cruisers one heal consumable for instance? Oh well...
  4. That WG cannot write decent changelogs? They might have taken the feedback from the last round into account, you know . More seriously though, the base penetration was increased for high-tier cruisers so I find it a bit silly that a tier 7 cruiser should (edit) NOT be able to penetrate a tier 8 ship (it's not like the cruiser is the largest threat to the battleship in the first place). Nevertheless, it is WG we are talking about, I will give you that. Because people have grown accustomed to IFHE despite the skill being binary with a far too big impact on (most of) the ships that benefit from it? I can understand the complaints but it is slightly premature to raise them now without even having all the information at hand. Besides: Contrary to the CV rework, I don't think WG has invested too much resources (nor do cruisers have the popularity issues that carriers had) into this proposal so I doubt that they will shoehorn it into the game if it is shown that certain ships will suffer greatly from it.
  5. Is that established? Because I find no mention of rounding in the article whatsoever and that would be a rather significant change in itself.
  6. Errr, am I missing something here? With the announced changes to IFHE and HE penetration, mid-tier cruisers will be able to penetrate (152 mm/6)*1,25 = 31,6667 mm = 32 mm. The fire chance nerf will hurt but I always considered IFHE to be a bad addition to the game anyway and not because of "muh BBs are useless now" but because the IFHE cruisers would literally outclass most heavy cruisers in non-AP usage situations. I do like the increased protection for the relevant cruisers so I'm actually looking forward to test this out. There is no other skill that currently gives an unlimited amount of improvement (from zero damage to well, quite a lot of damage ) so it is a bit unfair to compare it to other skills. RPF is in the same category but WG thinks that the extra information gained is of no consequence, so...
  7. Kartoffelmos

    Narai horror stories. How badly did your team fail?

    Oh? As far as I know, the achievement does not grant extra XP, so feel free to add a source for that claim.
  8. So you are being obnoxious in chat about playing a fundamentally boken class and now you are wondering why you get chat banned?
  9. Kartoffelmos

    PSA: It's Captain Jingles o'clock

    Don't you mean worse?
  10. Kartoffelmos

    What is the best AA premium ship available to buy?

    Sadly, Atlanta has pitiful AA if we exclude the flak bursts (which we should if we assume that the attacking CV player is competent) so the 50 % increase does not matter much. The only redeeming factor is the AA range but considering the speeds of the aircraft these days and Atlanta's low HP pool (and no smoke/heal to compensate), she really isn't a good AA ship anymore. Since the OP is going to donate the ship, I stand by my recommendation of the Kidd. She has 3 (well, technically 2) tools against aircraft: Smoke, Repair Party and Defensive Fire (in that order of effectiveness ) as well as being an overall good ship. Another option (probably a better one if you enjoy BB gameplay) is the Massachusetts, since the armour, HP pool, generally good AA (relatively speaking), repair party and secondary/AA synergy make her quite durable against incoming strikes.
  11. Kartoffelmos

    What is the best AA premium ship available to buy?

    In theory, yes (though I'm 100 % sure that a BB or a CV will have the best AA because you and your non-scrubcake class) but in reality, no. Without taking any AA skills, the Wichita has a weighted AA DPS of 381 in total while the Kidd has a AA DPS of 302. Now, Kidd can both smoke up and heal so she is far less vulnerable to the air-plague mail order service and thus will be a better AA ship by default. Great balans by WG, as always! As an added bonus, Basic Firing Training is more valuable on the Kidd as well.
  12. Kartoffelmos

    German BB accuracy gets a buff !

    Usually, yes, but in this game the opposite is true: the higher the number, the smaller the deviation.
  13. The key word in this case was "distribute", not WG's usage of the forums.