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  1. Skydeskiven

    Suggestion to balance carriers and destroyers

    Some of your points are a bit faulty. The red CV can indeed spend the same 3 - 5 minutes doing tiny damage and losing planes that would have been vitally important in middle game against the still assembled, non-damaged, AA sectored correctly and DFAA consumables ready main enemy force. This will not end well, and I hope most players learn so at tier 6. Or spend the the 3 - 5 minutes hunting the DDs on green team and spotting while looking for opportunites to strike. You know, the same thing green CV will be doing, if he is worth his ship. So I do not worry about any long term consequenses of spening the necessary time to kill of the most deadly and best area control units on the red team - Their DDs. While "destroyer advantage" is not nearly as decisive as before 0.8, it is still one of the most major elements of victory and must be secured for your team. Squadron size has already been reduced for rocket planes, both squadron size and attack group, and it was certainly necessary. Destroyers had even less chance before. I am not sure if it can be reduced further without making rocket planes good only for hunting destroyers trying to cap, spot or otherwise be valuable (and thus seperated). But the option should not be ignored - Perhaps fewer rockets fired or more sigma. I really like the idea of putting fighters on a ship instead of on an area. I mostly see people sail away from any fighter cover put up for them. Likely because they do not realize they have cover, or because staying still of turning to remain under cover is just too dangerous due to other sources of damage (enemy torpedoes and gunfire). Duration on the consumable could certainly do with a buff as well. Only problem I can see is that it becomes possible to troll and hurt ones own team by doing this. Say, if green CV has a disagreement with a stealth DD in chat or sees a rival clan on green team, he can put a fighter on the "friendly" DD while he is within radar range of the enemy. Also in my personal opinion most DDs have always been the best team players. They spot, earn points by capping or by denying caps to enemy, and even do great damage when circumstances are right. No, you won't see them convoy up, and for good reason, that is really not where they can do their work. Even the idiot Shimakaze on the flank would at least be spotting enemy positions - I am not going to talk about the Asashio hanging back behind friendly BBs though... A new meta might be that DDs should group with each other for AA cover, but that only really works for a select few types (US, IJN gunships, and to some degree Germans and Pan-Asian).
  2. Skydeskiven

    Suggestion to balance carriers and destroyers

    Sorry for the late reply. It took me quite a few readings to figure out what you meant. Perhaps because it applies so little to my play style.. But I really like this option, when I consider it. Taking away "Sixth Sense" (the message showing that you have been detected) could actually be a really good fix. It should of course only apply to the plane squadrons and not to the carrier itself, and Priority Target should still show how many active AA bubbles the plane is inside. In the late game especially it will have great effect, because that is when holes open in lines and DDs have opportunities to go to slightly more unpredictable locations. It will have little effect on my game because I am always within visibility range (7 to 9 km) of the enemy cruisers and battleships keeping them spotted at the same time as I patrol for the destroyers. It is just so common sense for me to play this way, that I could not fathom what you meant - Especially for the early game phase. I am not sure if it is enough, but combined with new DD tactics and builds it can certainly help.
  3. Skydeskiven

    The confessions of a Hakuryu player

    Midway too now, but what the hell. Here goes: I can show you the carriers. Shining, shimmering, splendid. Tell me, potato, now when did you last try out something new? I can open your eyes. Take you devstrike by devstrike. Over, sideways and under on a magic plane ride. A whole new meta. A new fantastic point of view. No one to tell us no, or where to go, or say we're only dreaming. A whole new meta. A dazzling place I never knew. But when I'm way up here, it's crystal clear, that now I'm in a whole new meta with you. Sorry, had to get that off my chest.
  4. Skydeskiven

    CV's Balance Solution WG STAFF pls READ

    Those are some good points on plane survivability and smoke AA. Certainly worth considering. I have a post about changing air visibility for destroyers. I am not sure 2 km visibility is low enough, since a rocket attack, if done correctly, needs almost no spotting time. My way to rocket kill DDs is described in my post. I love seeing new ways to balance the issues with carriers brought up. There are so many other possibilities than "REMOVE CVs!", "RAISE AA!!", "LOWER AA!!!!", "REMOVE DDs!", "REEEEEEEEE!!!" It is an entirely new meta, and creativity is most welcome.
  5. Skydeskiven

    Suggestion to balance carriers and destroyers

    There are a lot of good thoughts and responses here. I have also thought a bit further and feel I must clarify some things. Again I am not touching on AA vs. plane balance since I think that is en entirely different matter. One related to mechanical balance rather than fundamental gameplay. My first point: If the CV sees the DD, the DD is dead. Here is how you do it (CV players pay attention - Never miss a DD kill again). 1) Launch rockets (double1). Never attack the enemy fleet at the beginning. Patrol back and forth along the front just on the enemy side of caps in domination mode. This spares your planes for middle to late game, where you can begin to attack all classes. This patrol will almost certainly spot a DD who is actually moving forward to perform area control and spotting, even without radio location - Just stay just over 6 km away from enemy cruiser picket and keep the cruisers spotted - Your BBs will take care of them. 2) If the DD has AA on or is shooting, just line up and kill the noob, each attack will take two to five thousand HP off him, even with Tiny Tims (HVAR and IJN rockets do even better). Enemy AA will be too far away to have anny effect, thanks to you spotting and your BBs farming cruisers for XP and credits. Never attack the main enemy fleet yet. A Gearing, AA Loyang, or Z-52 will cost you planes, but you will have plenty to spare. 3) The DD is smart and keeps silent on his guns. Well, the patrol will still spot him if he tries to be useful to his team. He will drop back out of spotting before you can line up rockets, however. Now pay attention, CV captain. Turn your planes around in full circle away from the enemy fleet. Start the attack run in the general direction the DD will have moved to now. Yes, start the attack run before the DD is spotted. When the DD is respotted you will already have zeroed in enough to score hits. Do this three times. 4) Relaunch rockets (double1) and repeat above steps. Soon enemy DDs will either be dead or rendered as useless as dead by hiding among the main fleet. Only threat is the possibility that the enemy CV may know this tactic too. If that is the case, two unmoving blobs of ships will form, or one side will suicide like absolute potatoes. Now farm every ship who breaks away to try and play objectives and hope your team can outdamage the reds in the long range duel. Please note that you have not even deployed a fighter on top of the DD yet. Do this if you need team support to damage and kill him faster. This is a good trick if you want two enemy DDs dead quick. But only do it if the DD is in a position exposed to good gunships. Constant area awareness is everything to a CV. My apologies to all DD mains. Hate the game, not the guy who figured it out. Please. I play DDs too - A Little. The only way I can see this thing getting solved is by having CVs almost unable to spot destroyers at all, unless the DD is already spotted or radared by friendlies. I agree that making air detectability zero may be too much, and remove a important function of spotter planes and fighter consumables, I really think doing a major reduction in destroyer air visibility will be one of the best ways to make the class relevant again. Surface visibility should of course remain, giving us careful DD plays and contested caps. Where the CV then can support his team instead of just soloing every DD. My second point: Making CVs unable to transmit enemy location to the team is a very good idea in theory but has several flaws. 1) It changes nothing in how a CV can just kill any DD who tries to spot or cap, or even do a forward torpedo run. By the time the DD has reached a position where he is of any use, he will either be dead or have lost enough HP to stand little chance in a gun duel. 2) Making CVs unable to transmit cruisers location is interesting. This might help the cruiser move forward to support the DD. But could the cruiser then not just replace the DD entirely? I really cannot answer this. It is also unfortunately reliant on unrewarded (non-damage) teamplay, which cannot be expected from randoms. Helping the cruiser "get into position" behind an island is terrible advice. A few times I have been ambushed by clever Minotauers and Worchesters in this way and lost an entire squadron. But always only one squadron, and the the cruiser has rendered himself irrelevant in a position he cannot easily move from. And the real kicker? High islands block line of sight and AA. So once I am done destroying the DDs I will sneak a dive bomber over the Island, It only takes a second or two of AA on the other side of the island before I go into the attack dive. American HE bombs do very high damage, and some light cruisers will die outright to IJN AP bombs (I have not tested IJN bombs in practice, only in training rooms) My third point: CVs will become too vulnerable to DDs if the CV cannot spot them! I must admit that this will be a challenge, but I am not worried at all. If I fail to notice a DD surface visibility size hole in my team's line or ignore a flank moving away or getting killed, do I then not deserve to die pitifully like any other class? My points summarised: I want DDs to be relevant again. I want playing a CV to be fun and challenging. I would like games to have plenty movements to react to and participate in. I want map awareness and tactical sense to be a requirement for all classes to perform well. Removing torp spotting from planes was great. But I think it was only a step in the right direction. Soon my Midway captain will have radio location on top of targetting. Then my technique described above will be even deadlier. We could of course always have the DD dodge the attacks like Reddit advices. After all, my stats could use more kills per game. Sorry, am I too cynical now?
  6. I love the new carrier gameplay and certainly feel it should stay. But the balance is terrible, especially towards destroyers. I want all classes to be fun to play and have active roles. I don't feel that the answer lies in any balancing of AA scores, since that does not really help the DDs, and just makes either CVs or AA ships underpowered. (Some balancing is of course necessary, but my post is not about AA ships and carriers) I think the issue could be solved better by adjusting air detection for destroyers. Here are some possibilities I have thought of: 1) Give DDs zero (0) air detection. This means that planes will never spot a DD. The carrier can see where fire comes from, but never get any model to target. Basically it gives carriers "Deep Water" detection. 2) Give DDs a air detection of perhaps one or two-hundred meters. This means that a lucky flyover will reveal the general position of a DD to friendly team, but that a non-shooting destroyer is nearly impossible to attack with planes. 3) Combine reduced air detection with a shooting "Bloom" Same as with shooting from smoke, firing enlarges air visibility by a fixed distance. This could be dependent on the caliber of the guns firing like present smoke firing, or it could be the full range of the guns or AA system engaging the enemy - Like the present shooting mechanic. This method would give DDs back to role of spotting, area control, and cap capturing. It will also be a major indirect buff to torpedo destroyers, though I am not sure if that is a big problem. Gun destroyers have the possibility of going silent and avoiding planes. Carriers will almost only be able to attack destroyers if they have been spotted by friendly surface ships. Which I think is okay. It means more teamplay between carriers and surface ships (especially destroyers) as carriers would have to support DDs with fighters and dance with the enemy CVs to avoid their fighters and attack the enemy DDs. Rocket planes would still be relevant (and no too overpowered, I think) as they can quickly move to a DD vs. DD hotspot and give support to friendly DDs and radar ships. I know that historically rocket and gun armed planes were the terror and doom of destroyers in WWII, but that is no reason to oblirate an entire class in this arcade game. I play carriers, but I want good destroyer gameplay and to see it rewarded! (I apologize if anyone has made this sort of suggestion already, I make no claim to be a game designer genius)
  7. Hi, Do anyone know if the Space battle camouflages will be on sale again soon? Perhaps in April? How about the Azur Lane Enterprise camo? As far as I know the Enterprise camo was removed from our inventories. Has it been made available Again? (I will however not get the Enterprise itself until 8.2 or whenever it gets back on sale again)
  8. Skydeskiven

    The confessions of a Hakuryu player

    I played the Hakuryu on patch 0.8 ... But I didn't inhale!
  9. Skydeskiven

    Aircraft Carrier Beta Round 3 - Feedback Thread

    One thing about control of dive bombers. The viewpoint should automatically follow the dive, so newer players do not suddenly see their targeting circle dissappear. Also it should be made very clear, that the target marker can be moved forward and backward using W and S.
  10. Skydeskiven

    Aircraft Carrier Beta Round 3 - Feedback Thread

    It was a highly enjooyable test this time around and the CVs seem to have great potentiel. Controls and UI were fine for me, though I think CV consumables should be available while piloting planes. There seems to be some matters of balance with IJN and USN ships. It was harder to do damage with the IJN weapons, even if their rockets were great. I had sooome great successes with the AP bombs. But only against certain ships and after I had practiced for a bit. AA fire was great on ships meant for this (eg. US cruisers). I could avoid and resist equal tier carrier planes. The AA controls also felt like interactivity with the air attack without making it impossible to participate in the battle. Even if I had to turn in ways that likely would have made me extremely vulnerable against actual human adversaries. One very negative point, though. A test lasting from Monday to Thursday is just not long enough. The testing ended just before a weekend where I could have done some actual serioous testing.
  11. Skydeskiven

    Aircraft Carrier Beta Round 3 - Feedback Thread

    So far my impression of the controls is good, and once I get used to the flying perhaps the damage will not seem so underwhelming. Hope the test will last for some time, so I can play it this weekend when I will finally have some time off. Also would have liked to see Hood included in the test. Just to see how her little gimmick will interact with all this. :)