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  1. What I said, and I was there with my man Foch .... the only sub i have on twitch
  2. Exactly ... after Puerto Rico i got back to tanks, not a very good situation but way better than wows
  3. Exactly, on WOT you are not guaranteed to get the tank you are looking for but there is somewhat value, first, you get stuff for the Christmas event who boosts your XP/credit/crew exp gain so it's useful, second you don't get UTTERLY CRAP 20 flags or camos from a crate, the last year with the big bundle on WOT i got 5 tanks, 6 months of premium, a lot of gold + some other goodies, maybe it's not much but you don't get the scammed feeling you get over this CRAP crates.
  4. Just to be honest with you lads, wargaming doesn't give a frak about these polls, i don't wanna give you false hopes like they did.
  5. LOL .... Star Wars is by far less "fantasy" that this UHAauhaUHAuhAaUHAuhaaUHAa
  6. Thx god i quitted when the Puerto Rico event came out, that was the end, the clear proof of what a silly company Wargaming has become.
  7. Zuxx

    Update 0.9.0. British Cruisers

    So glad i stopped playing wows, unfortunately, I'm not in that 1% of dedicated players wargaming care so much.
  8. Fun part is that with 35 crates on world of tanks ( who are cheaper ) i got all the big prizes, i avoided like hell crates on wows cause they ate so expensive and bad with rewards for value.
  9. Zuxx

    Will you complete directive 2?

    I'm not even playing, no point, i have no task to aim at, I'm not the 1% they so much care about, after founding since beta.
  10. OFC they push the buru so payers will spend money to convert free xp and re-research T10 spending money, nothing new at this point. So friggin sad.
  11. I'm about to uninstall, will do it anyway when submarines come ... another of the many promises broken.
  12. Zuxx

    Christmas Crates Drop Rate Project

    15 flags for a container, Jesus Christ died for nothing.
  13. No, too much grind, it isn't worth the time who i rather spend with friends