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  1. Being bad is one thing, but being cynical *insert several cursewords here* "person" who gives 0 for his team and only thinks of himself and his own gain is much worse. And even worse is that current reward system in game encourages it. That is, damage and kills get rewarded, everything else does not. Sure capping gives some rewards, but what do you get spotting for your team and tanking for your team. A big fat nothing. And some less than upstanding players know this and take full advantage of it. For example in last game there was a three man division of players from certain other server that has lately been flooding EU server with their reroll accounts. For the first half of the match, when the outcome was not yet decided, they did nothing except hang back 5-10km behind other players of their team and farm damage. Three times I radared two enemy DDs and a Smolensk but they didn't shoot them, probably not even once, because it's easier to get damage shooting a stationary JB. Then when I was dead, and the enemy team collapsed because I occupied my flank and rest of our team (except these three stooges) broke through the other flank, they decided to move forward and mop up outnumbered and weakened enemies. Top three spots in our team yet they took the least amount of risks in our team. I bet they figuratively patted each other in the back gloating how good they were. I don't care much if people are bad, but I get furious when people are selfish ¤#%&s. Please WG, stop rewarding it, and hand out some to those suckers who actually try to do something for their team instead of themselves. What he said.
  2. MixuS

    General CV related discussions.

    Possibly the worst part of the whole CV debacle.
  3. MixuS

    General CV related discussions.

    Too long thread to go through, but could someone point out to me if WG has officially said what makes CVs fun to play against? And if not, then do they really have zero justification for CVs existing, other than the fun CV-players have at the expense of other players? Because I can't think any other type of ship that is not at least a somewhat fun to play against in any other ship. Against radar cruisers in a DD: Use minimap to see where they are and where unspotted ones might be, take calculated risks and think of escape routes if those risks come true. Against torpedo DD in a BB: If you're last one alive 1-on-1 it does suck admittedly. But otherwise try to make turns on unpredictible schedule and depending on situation either try to push him away from useful positions while staying useful yourself. And provide support to those teammates who can chase him. Gunboat dd with useless torps against a cruiser: Risky but possibly very rewarding if you can kite him while peppering him. Light cruiser against BB: Use distance, island cover, booty shaking, and make him burn. BB against HE slinging light cruiser: One good salvo and see him go boom. Learn to use spotter plane and blind shoot, even more satisfying when you pull it of. etc. etc. All those above situations also present the option of running away. But against a CV? Can't run away. Even if you make him miss the attack or lose all planes, what good does that make? He's still 100% hitpoints, won't run out of planes (unless total potato) and will be back. If he can't strike you, he can still spot you. If you get close enough to spot him, then it just means he has less of a distance to fly to strike you. If you're in a DD you have very little change of actually killing him before he kills you unless you have support, or surprise him on close range. Cruiser and BB have slightly better changes, but CVs just laugh at fires and higher tier CVs troll BB AP with their armored decks. Last week or so, every single day at least one match has been ruined by the existence of enemy CV. If my match hasn't been a complete disaster, then a potentially great match has descended to a merely a good game that could have been so much more. Note that during the week I usually only play a couple of games per day, so even one ruined match per day is a big deal. It's fine if my game is a disaster because of my decisions, but if the only wrong thing I do is being in a DD and losing the lottery on which side enemy CV goes first...
  4. MixuS

    Chill with the ban time please

    Sure you can. As I said I myself have never been banned. But I'm also quite certain that not 100% of automatic chat bans are justified on the standards I personally would use to ban people. But that's just my opinion on what the chat ban treshold should be, you and everyone else are free to disagree. Also it's maybe more of a question on should we have the current report function in game or not (my opinion: absolutely not).
  5. Do you even watch the guy? Even on days he get's handed lemons by the MM, he usually pulls of over 50% winrate and on days MM is lenient it's often way over 70%. And he rarely plays in divisions at least on stream. According to wowsnumbers, his current solo winrate is 63% and afaik he has not rerolled (many nickname changes though). For some reason wowsnumbers doesn't show his winrate history, but I would assume he plays better than he did when he started, so yes, I think he (and lot's of other players too) could pull of over 70% winrate if he rerolled.
  6. MixuS

    Chill with the ban time please

    I've got mixed feelings about this. As a background, I've never been chatbanned myself, but lot's of times gotten a -1 karma that I can connect to something I said in chat with some certainty. Nowadays I think I'm slightly more civilized in chat than I used to be, and that has reflected positively on my karma. While I support banning those who are racist in chat, or just spout insults and curses without any constructive criticism, I really cannot support making WoWS some kind of safe space where you can expect to get absolutely no criticism no matter how you play. While Wargaming does not care if some guy has 10k matches on tier 10 with 30% winrate, it should not enforce a policy that these guys should never get called out. My opinion is, that if you play a competetive game, you have a certain responsibility of trying to get better. If you cannot do that, you should either not play that game, or deal with the backlash you might get. You can't have your cake and eat it too. And I don't mean that "you suck noob" should be allowed. But usually you cannot even explain to a BB what angling means, without getting -1. So how exactly are players supposed to help others if they risk a chatban every time they try to do so?
  7. What is the purpose of having multiple steps to claim these compensations? Click "Claim", click "Check" on new page, click "Claim" on yet another page, and this time the button is not even visible if you don't scroll down (at least on fullHD display).
  8. MixuS

    Is the game being killed off?

    Ägir changes are IMO pretty stupid. All they had to do was improve armor by making turtleback effective, extend the belt forward, and maybe improve gun angles a bit, while keeping the secondaries. It would have made the boat interesting and still nowhere near the power level of Alaska, maybe on par with Kronstadt. Now it's just similar to both of them in style while being worse. Nerfs to upcoming Russian cruisers seem welcome judging the impression I've gotten while watching Flamu play them. Although I'm not sure they're nerfing the stats they should nerf (lolpen). California on the other hand... good thing I was never interested in it.
  9. MixuS

    Getting kicked mid game

    Pretty unplayable at the moment. Got back into game to see my ship dead (but still somehow got a cap after DC, even though I wasn't in one when it happened ). Back in port half of UI buttons don't do anything, inventory hangs showing loading indicator. Esc opens the menu but none of the buttons work. Alt-F4 brings up exit game dialog but neither of the buttons do anything. Only way to close the game is to kill from Task Manager.
  10. MixuS

    Getting kicked mid game

    No server connection -> no desync -> no problem.
  11. MixuS

    How to deal with carriers?

    I want to clear a certain misunderstanding that lot of people have regarding CV rework. WG hasn't messed up anything. "Messing up" would mean that they have tried to do something but failed. No matter what players may think, current CV situation is exactly what WG wants it to be and has designed it to be. That is for CVs to be sufficiently overpowered to sustain large enough CV population. Their goal isn't balanced gameplay. Pray that CV population remains on current level, or WG will buff CVs even more, or vice versa nerf AA all around.
  12. MixuS

    Premium Shop: Colors of Victory

    MOO appeared on WGC today for me, so over 24 hour delay.
  13. MixuS

    Conquer the Stars in Master of Orion!

    I got my MOO today. Is there some poor intern who hands those out manually to everyone, or why such a long delay?
  14. MixuS

    Premium Shop: Colors of Victory

    Still no MOO. What a travesty. Nor any answer to my ticket.
  15. MixuS

    Premium Shop: Colors of Victory

    Did you get yours? Because I haven't got mine. Not even a response to my ticket.