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  1. So does anything worth buying and purchasable with doubloons get discounts anymore? Not gonna convert experience or anything like that. I have about 7k doubloons which I might as well put into some interesting low tier premium on discount, but if they never get discounted anymore, might as well use it on full price (even though IMO anything on this game is way too expensive full price).
  2. Techtree premium discounts when?
  3. Reasons for NTC is to have a resource sink for players who have nothing to put their resources into. Currently game is somewhat in a bad situation where some players can just freeXP their way to tierX every time a new tree gets introduced, and those players just accumulate more and more resources. Devs can't keep pushing new ships fast enough.
  4. Making NTC give economic buffs won't sadly work, since the whole reason for NTC in the first place is to be a resource sink for players who don't have anything to sink their resources into.
  5. Yet there are plenty of really succesfull games that rely heavily or even fully on purchasable cosmetics, like Dota 2, CS:GO, Path of Exile, Apex Legends, and so on.
  6. I'm already starting to prepare myself psychologically for quitting wows. Like "remember all those times you've liked to play something else, but you really needed to get those daily wins and 2 first crates?", "remember how burnt out you've felt on the last weeks of every Clan Battle season?", "remember all those losing streaks and chat rage and karma sinking for no reason?"... and I'm actually starting to feel like quitting wows would likely be a good thing, and it would make me happier overall.
  7. Complete lie, misdirection, propaganda, whatever you like. You say you hear us, yet you present changes that are not what pretty much anyone here wants. We don't want nerfed buffs, WE WANT NO BUFFS! Any buff, be it 0,000000000001%, makes an optional grind a mandatory grind. Let me make as simple example as I can think of. Take any highly competetive clan, with way more players than needed for a clan battle. Imagine there are two BB players with Yamatos and only one can get in the match. One of them has a Yamato with more health than the other guy's Yamato. Now tell me which of these two get's chosen 100% of the time?
  8. Who would even play tier 10 anymore after this change? Those who will not do the grind mostly just quit because they don't want to play against ships with unfair advantages, and those who stick around and do the grind instantly reset when reaching tier ten, and do it many times.
  9. MixuS

    Thoughts on Yoshino

    I like my Yoshino. I admit it is super limited to long range HE and meme-torp spam role, and has no role in clan battles or any other competetive mode, but I find it a fun change of pace. I also do better in it statwise than my other supercruisers Alaska and Kron, although that's largely due to poor reward system of the game (only damage and kills matter). Not having a radar actually is sort of a positive for me, since with Alaska and Kron I try to make use of the radar way too much, which often get's me killed. Got my second best random battle damage score (220k) in my second game in Yoshino
  10. This got me thinking... What if this is just smoke and mirrors to try to make us forget the CV rework disaster?
  11. Doesn't matter. That someone at WG thought that it would be a good idea do propose this, and no-one convinced him/her/them otherwise, tells me that development has dropped the ball, jumped the shark, and various other idioms. If WG was a public limited liability company (or whatever a company, which has freely traded stock, is called), your stockvalue would have just taken an epic nosedive and heads would roll so to speak.
  12. MixuS

    Absolute pay2win/grind2win BULLCRAP

    For me it doesn't even matter if the advantage is miniscule. Psychological effect of "his exactly the same ship is better than mine" is enough to completely ruin the experience.
  13. I just hope getting this to live server takes longer than 230 something premium days that I have left, because if this Naval Training Center nonsense goes live in any shape or form, it's adios for me.
  14. MixuS

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.6

    So WG's spreadsheets show that Monarch is powerful enough to warrant a nerf along with other UK BBs... (repair party buffs are not enought to ofset this). Already one of the weakest tier8 BBs without the nerfs. It get's ok overall stats because it is relative easy to play for your average potato (spam HE, don't worry about broadside) aka has really low skill floor. But the skill ceiling is abysmally low too. No matter how unicum you are, you're not a big threat in the Monarch to anyone.