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  1. MixuS

    When Marco Polo will be released?

    Wait, really? Isn't cruiser SAP really effective against DDs so is BB SAP different? And if so, then what is the BB SAP for?
  2. MixuS

    When Marco Polo will be released?

    I was initially interested in her because I don't have an Italian premium battleship. But after trying out BB SAP with Dante, I'm no longer interested. Just what are you supposed to shoot with that SAP anyway? To me it seems that AP is better option in all cases except against DDs, and even then the difference is so small that you might be better of keeping the AP loaded in case you have to switch target to some other ship type.
  3. MixuS


    If Flamu's statshaming offends you there are plenty of solutions: Don't watch his streams Hide your stats Get better Get real problems I let you choose yourself which options suit you best.
  4. MixuS

    0.10.0 - Commander Skills Update

    Oh boy secondary builds are still so viable (GK, targets mostly two DDs and a cruiser): 7,4% hit rate...
  5. Actually how can you do anything else, if you fly your planes also? Currently CVs can only move with autopilot when guiding planes, is this any different for hybrids?
  6. Tried Dead Eye Musashi, got reported In all honesty wasn't that special game, 145k damage and one kill, but OMG the difference feels huge compared to Musashi without Dead Eye.
  7. MixuS

    Brawls in Update 0.10.0

    Read the topic and thought this was about how brawling doesn't happen anymore in the current meta.
  8. MixuS

    Happy Makarov Day!

    Hey, I got 12 Frosty Fir trees so gz to you!
  9. I would like to join the lottery. And Merry Christmas to all!
  10. MixuS

    Kansas, worse than tier 7 BB

    In Finland we have this saying "Vale, emävale, tilasto" which can roughly be translated as "Lie, an outrageous lie, statistics". Being two month average, that spreadsheet includes the time when it was mostly available to CCs if I'm not mistaken. Also, I would argue that early adopters always push stats of any ship higher than they will be in a long run.
  11. MixuS

    Kansas, worse than tier 7 BB

    Kansas is utterly pointless. Comparing to NC, to justify it's slower speed and maneuverability it should have either higher survivability or higher firepower. Kansas has neither. Haven't looked at armor but I think it's comparable while Kansas has worse heal. Amount of guns is higher but that means nothing when you get at most similar results per salvo due to poor accuracy and even worse penetration. So you get worse performance per salvo AND worse reload. So what exactly is better in Kansas than NC? AA?
  12. More the norm than the exception on current playerbase I'm afraid.
  13. MixuS


    Clan page does not load (can't activate Naval Battles), Armory does not load, News does not load (does not prevent that super annoying unread news notification), Inventory does not load, didn't bother to test more.
  14. MixuS

    Z-44 - Are you kidding me?! (Do NOT buy!)

    You knew it was bad, yet you bought it. So explain to me why exactly WG needs to make better German premiums when bad German premiums sell well too?
  15. MixuS

    Santa's Containers: A Time of Gifts!

    I don't know which disappoints me more, WGs scamming, or playerbase's reaction to it. Yeah it's a good thing that everyone is outraged, but looking at this thread and several others, most leave it at being outraged and continue their merry spending ways. Why exactly would WG change their behaviour if players keep spending, if not merrily then angrily. WG does not care if you're happy to spend 20€ or angry to spend 20€. Average WG customer behavior: New special comes up. Read on forums that it's a scam. Must spend some money to see for yourself Oh it really is a scam, bummer, "I will not spend a dime on a WG game anymore" Next special comes up, yet another scam Maybe this one isn't a scam and I get a tier IX, damn my previous promise Oh bummer and so on... ...and WG is crying all the way to the bank.