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  1. Magecraft

    More Rewards for Twitch Prime Members!

    To clarify you need to link both your twitch and for some unknown reason your Amazon account to get the rewards. Go to account management and just link both if need be and mine came through right after (I was logged out of WOWS). Hope this helps.
  2. Magecraft

    More Rewards for Twitch Prime Members!

    Was going to ask has anyone got this yet but a fairly loaded question as most people coming here will be because they do not have it :) If you have it you go cool and carry on :) Would be interesting if it is just not working atm or if people are getting them in dribs and drabs?
  3. This is not in anyway meant to be a confrontational post (I understand why people are hot about the subject). So what should we plan for (this is the info as I understand it and if wrong please let me know and I will change) Starting at the Kirov We get given the premium if we have researched it and it will be replaced with the Kotovsky but we will not get this. So we need to grind 11K on the Svietlana (roughly) to get the Kotosky. You should be able to sell KIrov prior to split and still get it for 1,001,000 and either remove equipment for 75 gold or sell for 437500. However you would need to buy the equipment again so either the 1 m and spend 75 gold or effectively 563,500 profit. Moskva (with clan benefits) We will be give the premium but not the replacement Alexander Nevsky. So we will need to grind roughly 235K on the Demitri Donskoi to get Alexander Nevsky. If you sell the Moskva 8,287,500 and 150 gold or extra 4,937,500 However to buy back equipment either spend the gold or effectively make 3,350,000 On the Shchors To do the new line grind roughly 112,000 xp to get Tallinn (if you have not got it in the current directives) Is this all right and is it what people are planning to do?
  4. Magecraft

    Soviet Cruisers: Early Access

    Maybe people can help me I am a little confused (nothing new for me :) ) I have the Moskva researched but not bought, 1) Do I need to buy the ship or will it just be given to me? 2) Is there any advantage to having the ship when the switch happens? 3) I should leave my captain and all good stuff on my Dm Donskoi as I need to do the grind again for the new ship? My credit situation is fairly low as I have bought a number of ships but have always made sure I had enough for the Moskva. Thanks for any help and info you give!
  5. Magecraft

    Virtual Victory Day Parade – Celebrate History

    Fantastic stream with such interesting guests. Really good job and was a entertaining way to spend a evening during these trying times.
  6. Magecraft

    Safe Passage Through Stormy Seas

    We all pile on when WG do something bad (me included) so it is only fair to give them respect when they do something really good. Well done to all at WoWs and I hope you all (staff and players) stay safe and sound !
  7. Magecraft

    Server Overloaded - try again later

    Not sure if it is clarified, it has always been while I have been waiting in the queue for a game and got kicked back to port with the server overload message. As a Brit is it most distressing for anything untoward to be happening with a queue :)
  8. Magecraft

    Server Overloaded - try again later

    Had a number yesterday and just had one today happened in both randoms and co-op.
  9. Magecraft

    What to do with my steel ?

    Have you tried ranked even if you do not want to get to rank 1, getting halfway can get you some steel and it adds up :)
  10. Magecraft

    What to do with my steel ?

    Thanks ForlornSailor A lot of my reluctance is if I already have a ship type or nation is to go for a different one for missions and such, rather than they be similar in play style. My wife has just told me I can't go for the Bourgogne as she offers benefits it can not match although you may has aimed me that way :)
  11. Magecraft

    What to do with my steel ?

    Is a definite option after all I did buy the Georgia the day before they announced Smolensk so if I did buy something they will reveal a new super steel ship :)
  12. Magecraft

    What to do with my steel ?

    No real need I can earn coal very quickly as a rule.
  13. Magecraft

    What to do with my steel ?

    Atlanta is great fun so while I do not have the Flint I doubt you can go wrong with that :)
  14. Magecraft

    What to do with my steel ?

    We are getting a new ship token (can they even be used on steel ships? ) which I normally use on coal ships but this time I have enough coal to buy the Thunderer outright. I have no steel ships and was wondering which are worth it? I have 13k steel atm Can afford atm with voucher Flint - looks great but I have the Atlanta is it a definite get ship? Black - I like DD's but has it been power creeped and I have the Benham so do I need another tier 9 american DD Will need to save for but get able soon with voucher Neustrashimy - Do not know much about this is it any good? Will need more work maybe next voucher and use soon to get to save coal Somers - Looks fun but as with the black I have the Benham so?? Stalingrad - Great ship but I have the Kron so while I want to pick it up do I put it as a long term goal Bourgogne - Another great ship but I have the Jean Bart so above thoughts apply to this as well? Any help would be appreciated :)
  15. Magecraft

    New Code (expired)

    Did you do the JAKEEYAMSTEUER