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  1. Grand_Moff_Tano

    CV Netherlands/Pan-Europe

    HNLMS Karel Doorman
  2. Grand_Moff_Tano

    The Exeter and other British heavy cruisers

    Tier tier 10 should be the 9.2" Cruiser Killer, but likely WG will go off and make another fake Cruiser design despite there being many different cruiser blueprints to choose from. I mean, we didn't need the L2/Vanguard Hybrid, since we got the Lion-class B3 1944/45 design, but we got it anyway because reasons.
  3. Grand_Moff_Tano

    Suggestions thread

    Blacklist means you won't see the person talking in chat or receive messages from them, it doesn't, and shouldn't affect the matchmaker as well.
  4. Grand_Moff_Tano

    Suggestions thread

    It is a fact, players will and have abused such a system in the past, whether it be World of Warships or other online Multiplayer games. Your suggestion would not work in any realistic manner without player abuse.
  5. Grand_Moff_Tano

    Suggestions thread

    It will still get abused, you'll end up with people getting chat banned for doing nothing wrong. What you are suggesting is pretty bad for the game, espiecally with the current implementation of Karma which isn't reviewed by in game Moderators who generally don't have the time.
  6. Grand_Moff_Tano

    Suggestions thread

    It should also be easy to abuse this system. The Karma system already gets abused by some players, so I think what you put would go down badly with the community and ultimately backfire.
  7. Grand_Moff_Tano

    Suggestions thread

    My biggest suggestion is this: Fix the British BB line, it has 2 unnecessary ships at Tier 8 and 10, one of which is an unneeded fake, while the other could serve better as a premium. Move Lion 1938 down to Tier 8, and add the Lion 1942 at Tier 9, and place the Lion B3 1944/45 at Tier 10 (3x3 16" guns with a faster combined rate of fire than the Montana). Conqueror, in truth a reimagined L2 class Battleship, would serve better as a Tier 9 Battleship for a slow BB line and Monarch as a Premium. Second suggestion is add a British Heavy Cruiser line ending with HMS Thunderchild (in honour of War of the Worlds HMS Thunderchild). There are plenty of planned Heavy Cruiser designs that a fake will not be needed.
  8. Grand_Moff_Tano

    Suggestions thread

    That seems to be the general consensus from those in an international gaming clan that I'm in
  9. Grand_Moff_Tano

    What we know about Ships: Updated 05/04/2017

    So do I with the Conte di Cavour-class Dreadnoughts, could fit both Tier 4 and 5 :P
  10. Grand_Moff_Tano

    What we know about Ships: Updated 05/04/2017

    True true, and likely we'll get more of both in the future, espiecally when we get the British Dido-class Light Cruisers, with armaments ranging from 4-5 twin 5.25" guns to 4 twin 4.5" guns.
  11. Grand_Moff_Tano

    What we know about Ships: Updated 05/04/2017

    A better example to have used would be Bismarck and Tirpitz, both being true battleships and not battlecruisers, and both having the same primary and secondary armament with Tipitz having torpedoes to boot.
  12. Grand_Moff_Tano

    Suggestions thread

    Actually the current HMS Conqueror in game is fake, as it is based on a more modernised design of the L2 Battleship which never actually happened (the L2 was never modernised or given a makeover as a Blueprint, this is Wargaming creating wasted opportunities). So yes the current Conqueror we have is indeed fake. The current Tier 9 Lion 1938 should really be moved down to Tier 8 to replace the Monarch with the 1942 Lion replacing it at Tier 9, then fitting the 1945 Lion in at Tier 10 which makes more sense than a redesigned L2 Battleship. Also the interesting thing about the Lion 1945 B3 Battleship is its guns can fire more rounds per minute combined than the Montana despite only having 3 3-gun turrets, and double the secondary guns that the Neptune is armed with (yes, same 114mm Mk. V guns in the same RP 41 Mk. VII Twin gun turrets)
  13. Grand_Moff_Tano

    Suggestions thread

    Removing a lot of the fake ships that don't need to be in and replacing them with actual blueprints, the German Tier X is understandable, but the British most certainly is not when we have the Lion B3 1945 design Battleship.
  14. Grand_Moff_Tano

    Art representations of warships

    Well if you are going to be like that, Art Representation of a Javelin Destroyer and the Vulcan :P