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  1. Art representations of warships

    Well if you are going to be like that, Art Representation of a Javelin Destroyer and the Vulcan :P
  2. British battleships incoming

    Not to mention my skill really has no real bearing, even being Average means I have an understanding of the game mechanics.
  3. British battleships incoming

    Atago isn't exactly fair, 12 Battles does not give an accurate mean considering the low number, and Kutuzov I got when I was still inexperienced with the use of Light Cruisers to begin with is of course going to have below 50K damage, but that comes with experience, as for being a bad player, no, I'm average at best and still getting better at playing the game.
  4. British battleships incoming

    It doesn't, reversing just means you die quicker.
  5. British battleships incoming

    If I had limited knowledge of the game I wouldn't be able to get over 50K average damage with likes of Fiji.
  6. British battleships incoming

    I know how penetration works, from what I've seen in battles with the British cruisers, the short fuse will affect the angles the shell can land for penetration, with the same caliber gun I can make a penetration with a longer fuse that I cannot make with the short fuses against the same level of armour and at the same point.
  7. British battleships incoming

    The short fuse can increase the chance of it happening, and how far the shell will actually go inside the ship if it does penetrate, it is more to do as well as to where the shell hits on the ship and at what angle.
  8. British battleships incoming

    I wasn't wrong, the low fuse will affect whether the shell actually penetrates and how far into the ship that shell is going to go before the explosive goes off, a shatter means a zero damage hit, not a ricochet or non penetration.
  9. British battleships incoming

    This is exactly what I put, not that short fuse affects long range firing Mr. Salty German, it is about ballistics and projectile flying arc.
  10. British battleships incoming

    At Short range against a heavily armoured target no, it is not a disadvantage.
  11. British battleships incoming

    I do know over match, penetration and fuse times works thanks *Edited
  12. British battleships incoming

    First off, I never ignored the fact a Tier 8 Cruiser can Citadel a Tier 8 Battleship, all or nothing armour is one thing that can contribute to this, even I've done it with the Fiji's 152mm guns at point blank range to Tier 7 Gneisenau, nor have I ignored the overmatch from the 25mm bow armour, though the 32mm armour gives the ship justice, and I certainly don't think the Bismarck should be tier 7 because its guns aren't 16", and I certainly don't see how it struggles with Yamato, a ship 2 tiers up from it, is relevant (whether it actually struggles with Yamato or not) when I'd expect a ship to struggle vs a ship tiers above it.
  13. British battleships incoming

    Really it is a balance, you want to make the Tier 10s worth grinding, and you certainly don't want to make it so every tier 7, or include one tier 7, that is capable of damaging it with ease, at the same time you don't want to introduce a Tier 8 that can barely handle the ships of the same type and tier and be completely useless to every tier above. Although KGV can handle the Tier 8's, not barely, it can still deliver a good thrashing when it is able to fight on it's own conditions, the 14" guns have good penetration once they have closed to within 8km, it is still completely outmatched by ships like the Iowa.
  14. British battleships incoming

    That is what we call an argument, and I still answered all your points, not the points that suited me.
  15. British battleships incoming

    In what regard? I gave you an argument for each of your points.
  16. British battleships incoming

    Reply in blue text
  17. British battleships incoming

    There is far more to it than that, if you change the 14" guns to act like they are not 14" guns then you might as well give it 15" guns or 16" guns, either way you look at it, whether it is over buffing the 14" gun, or giving it guns that it was planned to use but was never equipped with, it will not be the same KGV that fought in WWII, in fact it wouldn't really be KGV at all, just a ship with Overclocked guns that just so happens to look like and share the same name as that famous British Battleship. It is also much easier to just give it another gun, whether 15" or 16", if you wanted to add immersion to the game without super-unrealistic gun parameters.
  18. British battleships incoming

    I really don't like the idea of the HE myself, would rather they kept the AP as it should be with 0.033 second fuse time.
  19. British battleships incoming

    Her main gun would be near useless against Tier 9 and 10 BBs, Armour and gun wise she'd be very weirdly matched at Tier 8 were at tier 7 she is not going to be meeting Yamato but doesn't stop her meeting Izumo.
  20. British battleships incoming

    The balancing could have been done far better, even without nerfing the armour the ship can still be balanced for Tier 7. This is just WG doing it the lazy way instead of doing it properly.
  21. British battleships incoming

    Unsinkable Sam - Reduces hit points by 99.99% lol
  22. British battleships incoming

    Invaders must die is a better one to listen too :D
  23. British battleships incoming

    I'm aware of the gun stats from several sources, though nice link, will have to research information from the site later.
  24. British battleships incoming

    Shell values seem odd, like they are not coming down at an angle to strike armour.
  25. British battleships incoming

    Strange since the Table I have for the 14"/45 Mk VII is different, showing 732m/s (so values are between +/-0.5") is 13.2" at 15'000 yards.