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  1. I agree. Even, if I can say it, this "rework" (garbage for consoles not for pc or for brainless players) is a lot worse than the worst moment of WoWps. This is the worse thing that never has been made for WG. Total War Arena was a fail (even it was better than WoWs now) and I was one of the guys that become conned for his destiny. But... I only can get worry about future of WoWs on the hands of inept who do not know what a carrier of their planes embarked. Just, as I known that with that crap, I fell boring, even when my ship take down 65 planes from 2 Harkuyu (pre- and those games was so boring that I don't played more to WoWs since first days of 0.8.0 as also known that crappy "rework".... really is so boring that see a simple video about it, make sleep to me.
  2. I sell the all CV both tree. I have the premium CV, only, beacouse (really I dont known, maybe) for GZ special cammo, Enterprise only for be the Enterprise (one of my favorite ships on history), the Saipan for the funny moments that I have with it on the past… and the Kaga… really this one is close to be out. I just now trying to be refund of my premium accounts both, general and WoWs, beacouse that "rework" is to be appart of the game, that never with this mode of playing, I never take the premium account. But, if that crappy mode sitll online, I am thinking about unistall all WG games, not only WoWs, even with the premium tanks, planes or ships that I have (and premium time, more of 400 days on premium and more of 750 with WoWs premium) This is not the game for which I signed and will hardly be again with that botched "rework" is
  3. Timberjac

    New CVs

    WG has a choice. Unify the servers EU, NA and Ru, in two blocks, one pre-0.8.0 and another post, and that the players choose their membership to one or another server. Thus, those who want to play the airplanes of the "rework", can do until finally disappear in their loneliness and the rest, we can play something decent, but better, as was the old system (that can be improved, no downgrade on all aspects, just has been that "rework").
  4. Timberjac

    Refund Request

    @MrConway or anyone with sufficient decision-making capacity in WG. Considering that the current "rework " is really boring, and repetitive, which makes the rest of the game boring, and that much makeup (With supposed changes in the balance of the game), current status is not going to change, because the problem is itself, the botched that is the own "rework " Regardless of whether we are talking about the wrong mode of airplanes (which can only be solved by doing another deeper rework with a multitude of new core mechanics, so that it could be moderately entertaining; but it may still be quite repetitive); or from the operational point of view of the CV, which is now simply diluted in the Nothing (That would need to return to the previous state and from there, make a new rework that solvent problems, which was instead of generating new and major gameplay problems). And that all is not going to improve as long as you follow the current "rework " (as much will be made up, but the background problems will continue there). In addition, based on the present "rework " (It's almost a joke to call it that), it changes absolutely (and certainly worse) the essence of WoWs itself and the fun it generated, thus ceasing the reason that any premium time contracts were made At the time I hereby request, I be refund the premium time I keep on both premium lines, the specific of the WoWs and the general premium account (that mainly is for the WoWs, as you can credit for the game time in each of the games over the last few years). Thank you in advance for you or anyone who attends this application (of course, not for developers).
  5. Timberjac

    New CVs

    In the next few weeks, we will see various makeup operations of this "rework " Desperately, we will see how the developers play dozens of parameters to the crazy, without even knowing what they are doing, just tempting the destination to see if the flute sounds and hit. But the real and final reality, is that by much makeup that apply, will continue to fail, simply because the whole concept base of "rework " is wrong. One cannot do at the same time, that the system is simple to use, so that it is widely used by anyone almost brainless, with dedicating exclusively to the CV to do harm, while they are frightened that the creature they have created does too much damage and try to mitigate It, because then, it will only make clear the uselessness of the CV's to do the only thing that WG has seriously tried to do. Damage. WG, You need a very deep rework of the "rework " or another rework, which begins with the good of the old system, reshaping to keep the captains of the CV's occupied in other things that only do damage. And maybe, fire out devepers and people that choose take so badly decisions.
  6. Timberjac

    New CVs

    Can We request a refund for the premium time that we have, due to the absolute change (to worse, for me) of the game mode, which has nothing to do with what was before this """rework """"?
  7. Timberjac

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.1

  8. But rework is boring. Boring to CV gameplay (damage deals will raise until levels that never will se on old system, doing the "wish" of WG to reduce the damage, imposible to meet, (beacouse gameplay is too easy to learn in several hours). Boring beacouse, playmode with planes, is really boring in few games, and no will raise a single tier, do you hold for "two" tiers on the same carrier. Boring for DD, first beacouse they suffer planes with at specific weapons against them, beacouse they can't do their spot work, beacouse CV when AAA on ships is intact, so many times must wait until HE lower the number of AA guns before attack, time that they must spot or mantain spoted DD or the rest of the fleet to allow to the rest of their fleet, destroy the enemy AAA). Boring for cruisers beacouse they only must remain near of their BB to dont allow points to attack to their BB, but if a BB go ahead, cruiser be easy target to enemy. Boring for BB beacouse they must wait to the rest of people want go with them beacouse a BB alone is dead on a record time... if a BB and a cruisers go, they will die nearly of same time. Boring for all beacouse lemmings train has been set as the only way to win. None of a few ships mantain one side to give oportunity to advance for the other side, or fleet is well divided or you lose a part of your fleet before game near begin. And of course, CV will do more damage even if for them the game is boring. The old system, had problems and lot of things to fix and upgrade. This rework as born dead, can't be upgrade, only maked up but their problems will grow on time, no mater that balances they do.
  9. Timberjac

    New CVs

    First news about those "overwhelming positive" feedbacks… Really, there negative feedbacks even on test servers (even before it, from supertesters) and you see lots of feedback against that rework, only a minor part of WoWs people that you can read had positive feedbacks. At least that you count it back to pre- 0.8.0 as a positive feedback. Of course, if you see videos of WG, rework, all is a perfect world paint in pink.
  10. Add me on those players that will not buy anything more from WG until that be correct. Even more... we must begin to talk about refund on premiums accounts time, for the part we not play yet, and we pay it, beacouse this is a total change about game "conditions" of sale when we buy our premiums accounts time.
  11. Timberjac

    [0.8.0] First CV rework tweaks and changes

    The basic problem is that WG wanted to reduce the damage done by the carrier, while simplifying its use so that it was almost played by monkeys instead of humans. And getting both things is impossible. Simplification means that WG has decided that the only function to be done by the CV is to cause damage and to maintain all the boring game by doing that. Although to make it difficult, they have put more obstacles, like the flak. But once the game style for monkeys, is learned, the damage is raised enormously, making the main objective supposed to be to reduce the enormous damage that could produce the CV in the hands of certain players, are within reach of even more players. Only the complication of the mechanics and use of the CV on the previous basis would have managed to limit the damage without detracting gameplay, but that, collided with the objective of simplifying the style of play so that even the monkeys, could play it, in view of its introduction In the consoles. So we are still more involved in the problem insoluble: simplicity but more accessible damage for anyone to little to put a few hours, or complication of the game system, deepening certain mechanics, but at the cost of taking away from him people looking and wants a Game style at the level of trained monkeys, fully compatible with game consoles. Nothing of the bad that was in the CV has been solved, but if it fits, it has been empowered, at the expense, to eliminate the virtues from which they could have developed more complex mechanics of play.
  12. Timberjac

    New CVs

    "Urgent corrections" aka make up. Rework need goes to dry dock and get or scuttle the whole rework or do a new much more deeper rework with lots of new core mechanics.
  13. Timberjac

    ST. Premium ships and Soviet battleships.

    WG needs fire out all of their developers, and search new people that know diference between planes and ships and more important, developers that know about WWI and WWII, desing about ships and evolution, and of course that they love ships and maritime wold.
  14. Timberjac

    [0.8.0] First CV rework tweaks and changes

    Not all the changes in the world will fix what is impossible to fix; they can only make up. But game still be so boring as it is now. The only thing that could fix this "rework " is another much deeper rework, at a level that WG can not enter, because it would not serve to introduce it to the Legends playable from consoles
  15. Timberjac

    ST. Premium ships and Soviet battleships.

    Really, WG is trying to push out all WoWs players? Cesare can't fight on against tier VIII even more buff are made. BB soviets with armor of 40mm to reduce damege of HE. Every new from WG every "rework", every decisión of WG, put me on the way of uninstall the game for ever.