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  1. Timberjac

    Update 0.11.6: British Battleships

    Ships with a ugly desing. WG does not understand that ship designs evolve and that what was studied twenty years earlier is overtaken by later designs. Apparently this happens with all nations except the Germans and the English, who continue to drag design errors, designs already overcome, or simply, outdated designs not at all comparable to modern ships put for other navies. The new British branch ends up in tier VI, the rest, to be thrown down the toilet.
  2. Timberjac

    German Aircraft Carriers Review

    Another stupid and ugly desing for the germans... Tier X german cv, seems be desing for monkeys with no Idea about carriers... Please, fire-out people that do german ships (they always sems be older that tier X must be and building wiithout common' sense.
  3. Timberjac

    Future Plans for Aircraft Carriers

    Changes and more changes… but no real improve. We are going to six month with a total fail rework (and lots of make-up but no real changes to better.)
  4. Timberjac

    Armada: Neustrashimy

    And the next large cruiser, will be at least for 40.000 of Steel.
  5. Timberjac

    Teams getting worse?

    Maybe teams are not getting worse… maybe, WoWs is going to worse.
  6. Timberjac

    Sabaton Pays Tribute to Bismarck

    On few months we will see a special Bismarck premium make-up to Sabaton style with a light show when she do a kraken or something else….
  7. Timberjac

    Premium Shop in April: Camo from Makoto Kobayashi

    Beacouse those planes was unusefull and too slow to a tier VIII Carrier... maybe in a tier VI but never on a tier VIII... and with the rework, they are even worse beacouse their are slow, too very slow to even survive. If yo wait for a tier VI CVL as Seytditz or De Grasse conversions on CV, you will take them.
  8. Timberjac

    Premium Shop in April: Camo from Makoto Kobayashi

    WG lie , even about store :( If you go to new about containers sale you will se that they say that if you have one premium CV, they will give you their equivalent cost on doubloons. But if you go to the store to buy those containers you will see anothers conditions. In this chase, you dont can get a CV if you have it in the momento to buy the containers, if you have the four, you never can take one of them, and recepit their doubloons cost. WG, in the last two years you are losing any confidence that you won in all previous years.
  9. Timberjac


    Fixed an issue with the drop trajectory of a bomb being calculated incorrectly. The issue resulted in a targeted ship receiving more bomb hits than possible in cases when bombs were dropped at the last moment during approaches when the aiming circle only slightly "touched" the target with its edge. False, still working maybe with less bombs but a great number of them sill striking in the same place... This is more about a bad desing about bombing mechanics.
  10. From a great post. On 30 May 1942 the Supreme Commander of the German War Navy (Erich Raeder) ordered that the Air-Wing (including reserves) of GRAF ZEPPELIN in 1943 was to consist of 48x naval Me 109 G-6 (later designated Me 155 A-1) and 54x naval Ju 87 D-5 (later designated Ju 87 E-1). Given the Hanger Deck space on GRAF ZEPPELIN of 5515 m2 storing up to 102x Aircraft would certainly have been posible. To see more:
  11. Timberjac

    Update 0.8.2: From Britain to the Moon

    I'Ve tried to give a chance to the British tier VIII CV... It is certainly one of the worst things that they have never done that are said to call themselves WG developers.
  12. [edited] Moderating reason: violated rules Boris_MNE
  13. Timberjac

    British Aircraft Carriers: Unique Characteristics

    I say it before… This rework is the real problem; it can't be balanced, only make-up... only a new Deep rework,, for every option, use planes or use CV will give us a good game, not a boring and repetitive gameplay... this rework, is a total fail, and a big mistake from every side of the gameplay (planes or carriers)
  14. Timberjac

    British Aircraft Carriers: Unique Characteristics

    They need another rework, a deep rework dont this console rework.
  15. Timberjac

    British Aircraft Carriers: Unique Characteristics

    Carpet bombing is a stupid idea from someone that never see a single aeronaval documentary. (just as the rest of the ""rework"").