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  1. What happened to BB AP pen on DDs being the DD's fault? I thought it was just pure overconfidence?
  2. Belfast is OP as a cruiser. BBs are OP as a class. Don't bother comparing it to BBs, they're in a league of their own when it comes to being mind-numbing stupid easy-to-carry-in.
  3. Hardly surprising considering BBs are the easiest class to play, and shitty players outnumber competent players by a pretty fair margin. Regardless IFHE is broken at mid-tiers no matter how you look at it, but that's a different discussion altogether.
  4. Shchors and Kutuzov (and by extension all 150-155 mm guns) are broken atm due to IFHE, but that's not an issue with HE mechanics, just WG introducing gimmicks to fix other gimmicks. At the same time though, IFHE decreases fire chance significantly, so your "fire is OP and so is HE" complaint doesn't stack well. Also if you are saying Shchors can dodge shells at 12 km you obviously have never played Russian CAs.
  5. Oh yes, because it is so difficult to hit moving targets.
  6. You mean the typical cruiser HE shells that does 2700 max damage per hit at tier 10, that only deal 1/3 of their max damage on standard penetrations, and can only pen 34 mm of armor (less than center deck armor of all T10 BBs) is OP? Oh my, I guess you have absolutely no problem with BBs being able to penetrate cruisers of any tier from any angle with AP though right? That's not imbalanced at all.
  7. And so what?
  8. This isn't a simulator, it's an arcade game focused on providing balanced (kek) gameplay across multiple classes of ships. HE shells don't "penetrate" the same way AP does, the closest comparison I can draw to this would probably be spalling (though I'm by no means an expert on actual naval warfare, someone else will have to fill you in on that).
  9. I think citadels should also be nerfed, because I don't like losing all my HP when giving full broadside.
  10. She's great, my favorite tier 9 cruiser by far. You need to have proper positioning though since she has a very high skill ceiling.
  11. I also suggest that any BB that comes within 12 km of a cruiser gets 3 fires set automatically to offset the disparity in alpha damage.
  12. Won't comment on the Scharnhorst since I don't have it and I'm not a big fan of BBs in general. The Kutuzov has by far the greatest carry potential of any premiums at the moment. IHFE + the fire signals mean you'll be landing consistent 3-5k salvos AND setting fires on any BB in the game (save Yamato and KM BBs if you hit their center deck). Its armor is sufficient for being a tier 8 cruiser and is leagues and bounds above the likes of the truly squishy RN CLs. Its torpedoes provide excellent self defense given that you play around hard cover. The smoke gives it the ability to simply entrench a location and hold off pushes for a good period of time. And before anyone says anything about getting torped in smoke, if your smoke is in plain view of an enemy DD you placed that smoke wrong.
  13. Fairly certain that high karma players will simply get nuked with reports just for having high karma. The current system of having 7 reports/compliments that can be used at once makes zero sense, if they change that then it might be actually worth having a look.
  14. So you refuse to join a chat server which is the quickest and most direct path of communication in regards to an ongoing tournament series because "there's no point"; and now somehow its the organizers' oversight that you failed to receive the message? It takes no effort on anyone's part to simply sit in discord, is it soaking up your bandwidth or distracting you with an extra open window? Yes, in the form of a forum thread announcing the tournament, which every player is able to view. What a horrible thing! We cannot possibly tolerate the leaking of publicly available info....
  15. Was a fairly easy game in the Minotaur. This mission is incredibly ship dependent, I'd suggest RN cruisers, Yamato or a Hakuryu. While it is certainly doable in other ships they will be significantly more difficult to fulfill all three requirements at the same time.