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  1. shudragon

    I Sabaton rendono omaggio alla Bismarck

    Epico e bellissimo. La ricostruzione della Bismarck che esce dalla nebbia, da brivido. Una figata di metal ed epicità!
  2. shudragon

    Angry Ducks [A_D_C] recruiting. New blood needed!

    First Recruits arrived. Keeping coming. We are slowly but steadily growing.
  3. "Angry Ducks" [A_D_C] is wanting you. We are a newborn clan with lots of WOWp experience, that just moved to wonderful WOWs. If you have a cooperative mind, an easygoing yet serious attitude, you can enlist. We don't have rating standards prerequisites, we just want to grow with you. Build up Oil barrels with us an make our clan stronger and stronger! * English and Italian preferred languages, but not needed. Feel free to contact me "Shudragon" in game. Check our website (ENG and ITA). http://angryduck.it/