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  1. shudragon

    Collector's Club Launch

    Thanks received today. I've passed 50+ long long long time ago. Actually sitting on 355 ships in my port anyway.
  2. shudragon

    Veteran Recruiting Station container drop rate ?

    Same my pile of community token is rusting. Nothing interesting. Drop rates of vet containers are simply underdog low. PTS too. Community token are not useful at all. Listen to our plea and prayers o Mighty WG, please update the rewards table in some way.
  3. shudragon

    Giuseppe Verdi (Tier IX) for DOUBLOONS ONLY?!

    I will surely do at least 50 times for sure, thanks pal!
  4. shudragon

    Giuseppe Verdi (Tier IX) for DOUBLOONS ONLY?!

    Dobloon only? R'ly Wedgie ? BS. Bye Bye Verdi stay digital. Merry Xmas Whalers she is yours.
  5. shudragon

    King of the Sea XII: 30.000 $ in palio

    Grazie. Immaginavo non ci fossero ancora gli orari delle partite.
  6. shudragon

    King of the Sea XII: 30.000 $ in palio

    Le date ti trasmissione? Sia per la collezione che puro godimento? Magari sono tonno io, ma trovo tutto tranne quelle (quando si streammano le partite)?!
  7. shudragon

    Leggende navali: Bespokoyny

    Spettacolare ed esaltante. Non scherzo.
  8. shudragon

    Calendario dell'avvento di World of Warships

    OK grazie anche a me dava l'errore "403 Forbidden". Almeno aspetto senza innervosirmi. Thankies.
  9. shudragon

    Server problems this morning?

    Same problems here, me and my son different accounts, no luck passing the login phase. Nice 1 day of premium account thrown in to the water LOL!
  10. shudragon

    proiettili SAP - semplicemente inefficaci.

    Concordo con gran dispiacere. SAP inadeguate, anche col recente miglioramento dei tier più bassi. ROF inadeguato. Belle navi ma solo da "vedere" con spaghetti, chitarra e mandolino... Tristezza Italica... :(
  11. shudragon

    General feedback - 0.8.9

    Found this from support service WG https://eu.wargaming.net/support/it/products/wows/hot-issues/27005/ Testing right now... let's see if it works!
  12. shudragon

    General feedback - 0.8.9

    Alt tabbing is much worse. WOWS on closing as already said crashed the exe, never closing it. Only way to "fix" is using task manager and force closing it. Tried diffent PC and configs... on other system works... (still SLOW alt tab!), on some (like mine) crashes! Please fix
  13. shudragon

    General feedback - 0.8.9

    Same 100%! When I exit the game... the "WorldOfWarships64.exe" is still there... I have to close it with task manager!!! Really annoying!
  14. shudragon

    Hall of Fame - question about rewards

    Didn't get anything, and got a "not so funny" reply from WG Support "It's not our fault. Maybe one day or two (already 4 days passed!) Sorry for you. Fair battles!". I am feeling cheated and frustrated at best. I read the reply above... but WG support wasn't at "his best" in my (many) replies...
  15. shudragon

    Hall of Fame - question about rewards

    No tokens I was top 5% or little worse... I got only 5xFrench Camos nothing else. Check!