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  1. You are joking us, right? It can only be a joke to think about this change to concealment! You will give players a handicap because they play their ship well? What about good DD players, will they also get this handicap? Terrible idea!
  2. Arakus

    PSA: Despawning fighters

    Seems to be clear that this is an exploid! Didn't know this and would never use it as it's unfair. All which use it should be reported with replay.
  3. Arakus

    PSA: Despawning fighters

    Sorry, understand no single word what he speeched. Btw. english is NOT my native language and i think his english is bad, so i understand some words in the video but the rest could also be chinese for me!
  4. Arakus

    Buff MA CVs pls

    Wie wäre es mal mit deinen Kahn früh genug zu bewegen? Ich bekomme jedesmal die Krise wenn ich sehe wie wenig CV Spieler wissen das sie keinen Stationären Flughafen leiten!
  5. Arakus


    Here it is:
  6. Arakus


    You have TV in serbia? Awesome!
  7. Arakus


    Maybe the servers are so damaged now they must reset it to the time 1 year ago? All ships, xp etc. are lost and we must grind again....
  8. Arakus


    And again server problems.... WG i think your servers are not even china crap they must be from deep mongolia or even north corea. When you will take a little bit from the money we paid in this game to buy some good servers? Or is no money left because serB needed another yacht? Btw. what compensation will we get this time? I think we where patience enough to get something good, not only 1 day premium!
  9. Arakus

    Stealth nerf to XP earned

    Here i have a nice collection, maybe one fits?
  10. Arakus

    My 150+ containers dissapeared?

    You clicked the "open all containers" button....
  11. Arakus

    Entwickler-Newsletter 0.8.2

    Leider scheint es das du recht hast....
  12. Arakus

    Servers unstable...again.

    As far i know the update is tomorrow, not today.......
  13. Arakus

    Entwickler-Newsletter 0.8.2

    Soso, große Änderungen bei den CV, es wird etws am Interface geschraubt! Wow, was für eine Wahnsinnsarbeit am Balancing, es gibt da ja auch keinerlei andere Baustellen! Wer Sarkasmus findet hat recht!
  14. Arakus

    CV - MM Tier 6 in Tier 8

    Hm, normally i am against a limit for +-1 MM, but i think as there are no uneven tier CV are present WG should maybe limit the cv MM to this. So there would no mix of different tier cv anymore, and T6 cv could work ok in T7 matches and T8 cv would also doing well in T9 matches. T4 cv have this already and will face T5 ship at maximum.