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  1. Hydro range stats in game gone.

    Yep, i also miss it! With so many ships in habour i can't remenber all hydro/radar ranges for all ships, so it was great to look at it at the start of the game...
  2. This panasia challenge is a joke, i don't make it! Maybe it happen at random when i drive different ships but its not woth to work for it!
  3. Team Communication

    So the team decide where the DD should go ( BB who camp far behind and CA who will mostly give no support, or CV which sent his planes elsewhere )? I think the DD decide where he will go or even if he will cap or not! If the team will have a point capped maybe it should do it but don't give the DD any orders!
  4. WoWs Warpack - Is it legal?

    Because EVERY discussion is also a promotion! Why nobody read the rules?
  5. WoWs Warpack - Is it legal?

    You break the forum rules! I reported you and i hope you got a ban!
  6. +T8 closed for BAD Players

    What so many don't understand is that without the bad players there are also no good players! If all have nearly the same skill they all become average! I like bad players when they are in enemy team, not so much when they are in my team! Maybe i am also a bad player? Nevermind, the main goal for all players should been fun!
  7. How many premium ships do you have?

    65 atm. ( no HSF or ARP as i don't like this "Manga" ships! Musashi will be the next!
  8. I am stuck in a division

    In my clan are 3 guys who have the same problem!
  9. One question: WTH has this question to do with Aslain's mod pack?
  10. Danke Wargaming

    The ship had this look, so why should the remove something that was on the ship?
  11. Habe gerade die Gearing gekauft, endlich!
  12. Detonation overload

    Random, you know what this mean? It could also be 20 from 20 and its still random!
  13. Then make a training room and change settings there.