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  1. Arakus


    Soviel zu "Es liegt am Server und nicht an meinem PC!"
  2. Arakus

    Ukrainerussia? Austriagermany? .... Czechoslovakia?

    Slovakia was a puppet state created by germany when they occupied czech. They where the only active allied country germany had when it started the war against poland. And btw. this entire thread is totally offtopic!
  3. Arakus

    Automated Indian captain talk

    I could understand when you hear russian when you use a Dasha captain, but indian? I have no clue why this happen, maybe another "special" captain?
  4. Arakus

    Czech flag (cosmetic) bonus code

    Code don't work!
  5. Arakus

    Chaba und Detonationen

    Nur wenn er nicht Zwei oder mehr an einem Tag hatte, denn die Flaggen gibt es ja leider nur 1x alle 24 std.
  6. Arakus


    A typical BBkevin, i love these guys when i play my asashio!
  7. Arakus

    Wargaming & Steam

    Zitat von der Steam Seite: Mehr ist dazu wohl nicht zu sagen!
  8. Arakus

    Bugs oder crap

    Replay or it doesn't happened!
  9. Nothing official, so let's wait and see.....
  10. No, this post had nothing to do with the snowflake ecent, its only for the collectors club and how they count the ships you have in port.
  11. Two different events/things! For the collectors club symbols you need the ships ( 100+ ) in port. For the snowflakes you need to win a battle with the ship.
  12. Arakus

    I just blew 100,000,000 Credits

    Hmm, good i have a few ships already in my port....
  13. So you say "there is a limit", but not how much twitch containers can a viewer get per month! Please tell us how many we can get per month at maximum? Is it 5, 10, 20 or how many?
  14. Arakus

    Günther Lütjens als deutscher legendärer Kapitän

    Ich verteidige nicht den Krieg den Japan angefangen hat ( besetzung Koreas und Manchurias und Angriffskrieg vs. China, USA usw. ), aber ich bestreite vehement das Yamamoto ein Kriegsverbrecher war! Er war gegen den Krieg und bei ihm kann man ohne Probleme sagen das er nur aus Ergebenheit zu seiner Heimat daran teilgenommen hat.
  15. Arakus

    Collectors club

    I guess it need a bit more time to implement it! So i expect it around eastern 2019!