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  1. Ho_Chili_Minh

    KOTS containers from twitch

    Hey thanks for getting back. It was finally resolved via ticket. I did watch the offical wargaming channel both days, but for some reason it did not register, however i did ask Crysantos in chat both days about the drops, and maybe that got logged somewhere, cause WG came back and confirmed I watched, and then recieved the containers. Also getting normal twitch drops again, which i havnt got since last year.
  2. Ho_Chili_Minh

    KOTS containers from twitch

    Anyone else missing the container drops from watching stream from KOTS over the two days? Yes, account is linked, yes I watched over 90 minutes each day. Submitted a ticket, and mentioned i had to pay for premium twitch also. Was that a requirement? Didnt think so.
  3. Ho_Chili_Minh

    CV changes in 0.8.4. (DevBlog)

    My point exactly. I bet you are not very fond of the cv rework to begin with. If they touched your precious premiums though, i bet you would be in a frenzy.
  4. Ho_Chili_Minh

    CV changes in 0.8.4. (DevBlog)

    So when do we get our money back from premium cvs as they completly changed the product now, for the worse. Had it happen to other classes would be a outcry of epic porportions ( giulio cesare, and dont tell me that ship is less op as premium then the cvs) Never mind.... retorical question
  5. Ho_Chili_Minh

    Future Plans for Aircraft Carriers

    In nice WG fashion things are changed with a slegdehammer instead of small incremental changes, to get it right. This will drastically change things so much, you cant have any idea where this ends up. Try first hardcapping 1 cv pr side, and take it slowly from there.
  6. Ho_Chili_Minh

    CV Rework Discussion

    Dear WG. I like the new rework, and find cvs fun now. However. There needs to be a hardcap of 1 CV pr side. As long as you are permitting 2 cvs per side, any tier but especially tier 8 as top tier, you are losing customers fast. With 1 cv pr side, dds has a chance for stealth play to a much larger extent.
  7. Ho_Chili_Minh

    Sensible CV change incoming

    This is a step in the wrong direction. Matches are simply too short. Start with hardcapping 1 CV pr side, and balance it carefully from there.
  8. Ho_Chili_Minh

    T8 Kaga

    Kaga says bring on the tier X :) In seriousness though, you do lose a lot of planes, need experience to play kaga in tier x. Know your flakbursts, when to jeopardize planes etc.
  9. Ho_Chili_Minh

    Audacious captain build?

    Any tips? So far I have experience that none of the 4 point skills does anything really good for the RN cv...
  10. Ho_Chili_Minh

    Jack Dunkirk campaign

    Would love that aswell!
  11. Ho_Chili_Minh

    Tier 8 ships for ranked and random

    Lo yang and Alabama are both great picks. Tirpitz can also be a great choice, although i would rate it slightly below first two. However all three ships have very different playstyle, and that should be your primary concern. Not always one does best with the highest rated ships. Depends a lot on personal playstyle.
  12. Ho_Chili_Minh

    Question about dd dps

    Thanks for a lot of constructive posts and feedback. Definitly need to improve on dd play. So much fun i overextend all the time :p Happy hunting out there!
  13. Ho_Chili_Minh

    Question about dd dps

    Hello captains. Was out in the kidd yesterday. Love the ship, but the ship doesnt love me back hehe. Need more practice with her. Anyway. In a match, i decided to rush a z23, tier 8 german dd. Was confident that my guns would outdps him at short range. However even with heal he just ate me up. Afterwards i thought maybe i had given too much broadside and he gave me ap shots in the side, and that was the case. But looking at postscreen i saw he only used HE. I still might have given him too much broadside though. Question: Is the dps of the z23 this high, or was it just some serious fail navigation on my part? :)