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  1. ulsterandy

    Looking for a New Clan

    Hi all UK based player with TeamSpeak I am looking for a New Clan as the one I am in is dead. I have T10 ships. As a Lorry driver I am off and on as and when I can mostly weekends . English.
  2. ulsterandy

    game will not update

    Ok since Wednesday the game has Hung on 1% loading . I have deleted it 5 times from the computer tried to reinstall it 5 times but each time it halts at 1%. I cant even raise a report to WG wont let me. I can down load the WG game check works ok. All other games and programmes work on the e net ok so I have connection to the net ok. it is just WG . is the Server down or what?
  3. ulsterandy

    game will not update

    Tried to still won't
  4. ulsterandy

    game will not update

    Hi all as of 13.02.20 Thursday I tried to up date the game but it wont do so says there is connection issues, but I can get on line with other programs and games. WOT was working but WOS will not up date. I got error 4006. I deleted the game but it still will not download. now WOT will not load. Anyone else have this problem? I have sent in a ticket as it asked at the bottom of the load in screen.
  5. ulsterandy

    looking for a clan

    Hi all I am looking for a fun clan. I have Benson, Iowa, Hipper, Pensacola, Kiev, etc. English, have TS
  6. ulsterandy

    What can we do about these gutless cowards on WoW

    And that is the point "IF" you get escorted by CA or DD but you don't as you are slow, they are fast and do not want to hang back. more so in the low T's It is only when you get to the NC class can you start to keep up. How many times have you seen the Colorado been left way behind loads? I take it there are Jap BB just the same not played them so do not know. I hated playing the Colorado as I knew what was coming, until you get it upgraded you are just plane bait for any CV who comes by.as no CA will stay with you as you are very too slow. Again I have not problem pushing as long as the CA stays and not runs away leaving you swinging in the wind.
  7. ulsterandy

    Average winrate

    Win rate is meaningless by this I mean it tells you nothing. How many times have you done tons of damage to the enemy? not been able to kill them? or killed 3 /4 ships and still lost the game as YOUR team has made bad errors! not bothered to cap the bases out you lose to that you might have killed more ships but the other team still win as they have all the bases. or you might be wining on the ship kill then is a space of a min or two your team has collapsed and you are alone facing 3 ships. but you have lot the game does that make you a bad player NO! just says that to win you need all your team to win. not just you doing well. Stats mean nothing, there are stats then there are stats then there are lies as the old saying goes you can get stats to say what you want them to say or you can read into them what you want. If I take out a St Louie and "seal club" and am lucky to win say 15 games in a row even if I died in the games, then take out a DD rush in at the start of the game and die the 15 games I won will cover this up. Or I take out a Yamamoto/Montana and die before I get a chance to fire my guns as I get hit by 3/4 Sqds of TB at the start of the game or the whole enemy team fires at me seen this happen a lot of times am I a bad player? In this game you are depending on the whole team to play well if you want your Win rate to go up. You are only as good or bad as your last game foe who is to say in the next you will do well or not? This is a public game you will not see all the team players from the last game in your next thus each game is and will be different from the last. It is only when you can play with the same people all the time will you get some sense of how people play.
  8. ulsterandy

    What can we do about these gutless cowards on WoW

    This is balls of a comment. Why should a BB not hang back and use range to hit the other team? Why should he take a lot of damage so someone else can nip in and get the "kill" and then say look I have killed x amount of ships forgetting that the ship was down to one shoot kill as the BB has taken down to this point in the first place. If WoWs want to have players all at the front line then they should not have given the ships such long range, just made them all the same but with more Armour. You use your ship to its best. Are you saying that DD should rush in and torp all the time No! they get into gun range those that can shoot and still stay invisible to ships. Maybe that is why BBs hang back if they know there is a DD or two in the area! A DD can shoot fire and torps at a BB and he can not do anything about it not much fun for the BB is it? Thus all ships have strengths and weakness which you should use to its best. How many times have you seen players rush into battle and are dead in the 1st min or two of the game? loads and they are as useless as the so called "Cowards" which has now put the team under a greater pressure not to lose ships. To call a player is a "Coward" bit strong, you do not know what he is doing, what he has seen and you not seen, maybe he is on that side of the map as he has seen some ships go that way and is holding the flank etc. etc. As has been said before in other posts this is a game and you can not force people to play the way you want until the day comes when you pay their REP bill you will have to learn to live with it or leave the game! People will always do things as they seem fit pointless getting upset over it. On the point of DD's they should or all ships get spotting damage as in WoT light tanks, thus the DD will keep the ships lit up for the BB etc and stop them from rushing off or get them to close the range so they do not hang back and fire torps at 21k and hoping for the best.
  9. ulsterandy

    bogue hate.

    Frig who said anything about the Bogue you Troll not me. So mush love in that post if you can not say any thing good say nothing who gives a frig about the win rate? not me, If you are worried about stats then you should play O and X that way you will win all the time. When I was playing the Bogue I got domination of the air so I put the other CV out of the game which is the main point num nuts.
  10. ulsterandy

    bogue hate.

    Stuff using the stock load out on the US carries you will lose all the time. on the Ind you get 1 fighter sqd v 3 Jap fighter also they have 3 more attack plane then you. so in the maths game you will lose, your team will lose as the Jap planes can have free rain on your team. That means you are useless to your team. I like to shoot down as many Jap planes as I can. then I use my fighters to spot the other sides ships. I tried the stock and each time I got swamped by Jap fighters thus in al tense I was out the game as I could not use my 2 attack sqds as they would get jump by the jap fighters. If you know you will go in with some one else who has fighters then you can have all attack but you don't know so you can not take the chance.
  11. ulsterandy

    What is the role of BBs in battle?

    All this is well and good if and that is a big if, the "team" stays together and plays together. I play BB's a lot USA up to NC so far. From what I have seen CA rush of at the start of the game whilst the slow gug gug BB is trying to move up. in the mean time the CA has go into trouble as he is facing the fleet on his own then starts screaming for help calling the team noobs etc forgetting the BBneeds to get into range as some of the low tiers have poor range and are dead slow. In the mean time if there are planes you can set your bottom dollar you will be target number 1 for the planes thus you have to spend time trying to miss torpes as you have no AA cover. AS the CA have run as fast as they can at the start of the game leaving you far behind. thus by the time you do get into the firing line the CA are dead or so beat up that in the next two rounds they will be dead anyway, so then why should a BB push up aginst 2/3 CA or BB on his own. he might as well try and stay at long range trying to get hits and holding the other team back. a BB has some time to reload 30 secs in some cases whilst the CA is spamming HE at him. be on the receiving end of too many Cleveland's. That is why some BB hold back why should they just be target practise for someone else. just to die quick and the CA player can get his ship back quick for the next game. I have done this a lot and have been able to turn a lose into a win. I do not mind pushing up with the team but I will not be the lamb to the slaughter be left in the front line when the team see that there is more enemy ships on this side of the map and beat a haste retreat leaving you trying to make a very slow retreat in the meantime you are getting HE spam. As a BB palyer you should try and link up with other BB in the team. They might not go the same way as you were at the start of the map but if you drive towards them at lest you will have some support. Again it is all well and good saying that the BB should go to where the ACTION is but at the start of the game you do not know where the other team is so as a slow BB you have to pick a side and go for it and hope it is right as you will not get back to the main fight so you might as well push on towards the other teams base putting pressure on them from that or you might get to their CV sitting in the back. I have done this a lot; It is only now that I have the NC can I change sides as I have the speed and very long range to help the team. Even at T8 you would have thought that the CA players would have learnt by now but they don't. many a time I have faced off 3/4 ships in my NC but at long range. or myself and an Iowa holding one flank. As have been said before by other players it is situation of the map helps you play, a lot of the players do not look at the Mimi map in the corner and then start spamming in the chat asking what the frig you are doing there on this side of the map not knowing that there are 3/4 ships on this side of the map that you are facing off. but at the time they were not showing on the map. or they are pining the map 10 15 times in a row. we have all seen it or dead players trying to tell you how to play. At the end of the day it is a game and play the game as you want with in reason that is, help your team out if you can but enjoy it. Sorry for the long post chaps.
  12. ulsterandy

    The Colorado... seriously?

    I have this floating brick so far what I have seen it is soooooooo slow to get anywhere and into action. At the moment I have the upgrade unlocked engine and range almost at Hull b. the range ingress helps as and when you find targets then it is hitting them and the reload time is the problem. 30 odd secs and in that time a clevland has hit you soo many times with HE you are in bits. Also trying to out run a pack of cruisers is no fun so just turn and head right to them trying to do as much damage as your reload lets you. I have found that team mates steam off at top speed leaving you behind and you are the target for all whilst they beat a haste retreat, or if there are aircraft you will be on your own as you have next to no AA and aircraft carrier players know this and again you are the target of choice because 9 times out of 10 you will be own your own so easy meat as you can not dodge or put up a good AA. When you get B/C hull might change. Be prepared to get a lot of "what are you doing there etc" way behind the team, comments. I think a lot of players forget how slooooow this brick is at turning etc. The 1,000,000 I spent on the turning up graded helps a lot. MM has put me into matches with T10 BBs not good, I hit a Yamamoto like 25 times with AP might has well throw peas at it one solve from it and like down to 20% health but it was fun. that is the point of this game HAVE FUN IT IS NOT REAL LIFE. Ho! and suck the pain till you get to T8 and sale it asap.
  13. ulsterandy

    Need advice from experienced BB players.

    The answer to BB staying close to C would work if the C would stay with the BB, I have been playing BB for a while now as ok only at USA New York, but from what I have seen C players forget that BB only move at 20 knots max, if you are lucky, so are slow to get any where and by the time they do get to help the C they either wracked, sunk, or high tailing it out of Dodge and leaving the BB to get swamped, as the turret's turn too slow to take on that amount of ships. The C go steaming off at full pelt at the start of the game then start asking for the BB to help but we are still too far away. BB and C working together only works when you are playing with team m8's and can talk to each other. This game might say "team" game but most not all work for themselves. I have tried to work with C but many a time I have been left holding the baby whilst the C runs away saving them selves knowing full well the poor BB is up the swaney with out a paddle. (Unless he has an Aim Bot which lets him hit with all shells all the time but that is another matter) and I do not have one.