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  1. It's funny, only the German forum got an answer about the lack of the promised Cleveland from the mission too. English staff just don't care.
  2. It's not a bad offer or anything, but I was expecting something special/cool/big for the "grand finale". Just don't hype the final deal if it's going to be the same as all the others (but up for 2 days, amazing! I'll buy 2 then!).
  3. I love that we continue to get the worst missions/challenges. Missions to kill things, encouraging kill-stealing, to get consumables. The NA server gets to just do damage to get large amounts of credits and free XP. I wish we could just copy NA's missions and specials across all the WG games
  4. This was reported in the beta server threads, but no one bothered fixing it before it went live. I guess completely ruining CV gameplay isn't a serious issue.
  5. How can people still be surprised that the EU server gets the worst deals and no special competitions, tournaments, or giveaways? I don't know if head office orders say to screw EU, or if the EU team are just terrible, but get used to never having anything good. It's best just never to look at what the other servers get, it'll only upset you.
  6. I'm fine with capping, it's just too fast currently. You can practically capture a base just sailing through it to get shots on someone. I'd like capping to be there so you don't have to hunt down every ship, but I don't want cap rushing to be a common ending to battles.
  7. Shooting ships is pretty fun - "winning" while 2/3rds of each team is still alive is less so. Please make capping take longer.
  8. My first tip would be not to play battles while tabbed out, run into another friendly player's torpedoes, start insulting and shooting said player over your own incompetence, and then whine when they sink you for shooting them.
  9. I think a handy thing might be having F key chat shortcuts like WoT has. If you could hit F5 have have your chat spout "Fish in the water!" and ping your map location it might avoid friendly ships sailing into them. Maybe also have a custom message when you mouseover a friendly player "<Playername>, watch where you're sailing, torps in the water!" Funny story, I unlocked my first DD last night and decided to fire a volley of torps off towards the enemy areas. My firing line was entirely free of friendly ships when I fired, but once they were in the water a friendly cruiser appeared and seemed intent on sailing into their path. A couple hit him and he got rather annoyed at me - so I pointed out that he had steered into them, his excuse was that he was tabbed out, which is hardly my fault and I am pretty sure that when you are in a battle you are meant to be playing it, not reading your emails.