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  1. This is good https://worldofwarships.eu/de/news/sales-and-events/warhammer-40k-imperium-vs-chaos/ I got tons of 40k novels. Gaunt!! (and Kv2R just because its OP) This is... not my flavor butttt it inspired me since: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/sales-and-events/warships-in-disguise/ YES- IT IS A THING... the transformation noise is even in the show. ITS CANON! https://www.amazon.de/My-Little-Pony-Transformers-Friendship/dp/1684057590 And since Warthunder had MLP (ask the MightyJingles about that one. or Phly) GIMME A CARRIER FULL OF THESEEEEE noawhhhh!! ITS THE ONLY LOGICAL STEP FROM HERE!!! We already got anime shooting laserships... don't act like you are above insane fun XD
  2. So, you see a target... 12 people shoot it, there is so much AP flying around its like trying to watch a moth in a snowstorm... My Question: WHY CAN'T WE HAVE COLORED TRACERS? Variant 1: everyone else is shown to be white/yellow, while yours get a different touch (like blue+red?). For others, your tracers look "normal". So it's just a visual aid and nobody gets bothered. Variant 2: truly colored tracers EVERYONE perceives to be a different color... (here might be the risk you run into ppl with the same color, but if there are like a dozen available its not that big a deal). I think it should be allowed to turn those 'off' for you. SO either you use V1 or V2. See yours, or see all. Important would be that incoming fire (aka from enemies) should remain STANDARD white/yellow, so you always know what they shoot at you.... OR worst case: the colors should match the types at least: HE being variants of yellow, AP being anything but yellow~orange~red.. You get the idea. Just give us something to tell OUR shots apart and the TYPES apart. An on off switch and BOOM BABY! - everyone is happy and you can monetize the crap out of that as well!
  3. If you play DD, you know how much Radar sucks. They press a button and basically are free to use wallhack. no skill requiered. However... what grinds my gears the most is, it is nothing you can avoid or see coming! You don't even know which direction the enemy is! [given there are multiple cruisers, its throwing dice when it comes to planning an escape route (most likely while under fire of 2-4ppl] IF DD's at least get an indicator, similar to the 'detection skill' pointing roughly towards the RADAR-ing vessel - you'd had a clue where it comes from... giving you some feedback and chance to avoid it. This way they can keep their 'skill move' and it's simply FAIR for other ships. If you are a cruiser captain you might (or might not!) 'whine' about that you NEED it like that. Ok fine: my counter suggestion would be: then DD should get Torpedos CRUISER CANT SEE.... < does that sound fair to you??? Figured.
  4. FizzlePopBerryTwist

    Why not give the players more data?

    I just jump to it: here is GREAT example how the game does provide data to players: You go to your ship and got some key information! - honest, can you remember EVERY TREE SHIP? I don't. A bunch. A dozen perhaps, kinda... but all? Lol no. So having a reminder what your ship can and cant do~ that's neat. Now Here is a pretty piss-poor example > range we already know. > Damage is good to know > reload we SEE 2 of 3 information are double. The description is... kinda useless. First games its fine... but after? Seriously? 5000 games in you need THAT to take up 90% of the tab? .......... yeah... no. SO... which information (among others) are missing: >penetration value (perhaps on an 15km average or 10k or whatever). >HE FIRE %%% (very very very important for DD and many Cruisers >possibly ricochet or stabilization angles >SHELL SPEED??? (for lead giving) >or even what KIND of ammo it is. Not every bullet is the same. Some got long some got short fuses and there are even winddrag values i heard? Dev: i drive a car Other dev: what kind of car? Dev: it got wheels [THATS the level of information we got here] This... is what baffles me about WOWS and wot... sometimes, you can get into the game and learn its depths... and sometimes, it just gives you the finger and goes like "OH NO YOU DONT" and hides ALL sorts of statistics and those DO matter... Remember when you couldn't see armor?? sucked! ... in wot you still can without mods or external sites! And Penetration values for Ships? Nowhere!! You got the freaking caliber, ok ok, but that's NOT equal to penetration! Sites like these https://mustanghx.github.io/ship_ap_calculator/ can give you a rough idea. Why is that not ingame? WHY? World of Tanks got an average. Pretty sure that... what was it called? that planegame they once had? ~ (jk but WP has those values... given anyone would care to play it) WOWS? nope. Randomly hides stats here. Stats there. Sometimes you find em in drydock. Sometimes on the wiki. Sometimes only on external sites... its more random than the freaking crates for some reason! EDUCATE YOUR PLAYERBASE. If you have to "Turn on expert mode!" ~ DONE... i want that button. Oh speaking off buttons: why cant i color my tracers? 20 bullets fly at enemy ships and only IF they land, i know which were mine <.<
  5. Imagine that: You got #1 in your team because you worked your [edited]off! 5+kills 250k dmg- dodging torpedos, planes, grenades, and teamkillers... and you STILL LOSE? Ok now why would that be punishable by giving you LESS XP, Credits and whatnot? - both #1 should get the same $$$ (and i even encourage a thick boost on that) In fact, the top 2+3 should at least not get a malus. No bonus, but no punishment either. Seriously WG, that's a D*** MOVE... the one (or few) that do overtime get a kick in the nuts because of : afk, botters, noobs, twitch 'suicide streamers and grandma trying her first video game? Man, that's so fair of you. Two fingers up. (hint: not thumbs).
  6. FizzlePopBerryTwist

    Radar - no skill

    DD needs to keep distance. Watch/predict other dds. Dodge planes and use whatever cover is available. Cruiser... hits 1 key and lights up everything within 10km THROUGH SOLID ROCK. Okay okay... so if i would have that kinda crap in any other game ... i think they would call it a HACK that goes through WALLS... aka WALL-HACK 0 skill.
  7. FizzlePopBerryTwist

    Life of a destroyer - torping is for idiots

    I got that torp speed skill but on my 75mph deep water torps , a bs turns into a DD for 30s and randomly dodges them while firing guns lmao
  8. FizzlePopBerryTwist

    Life of a destroyer - torping is for idiots

    Here is how my runs go: 1. find the perfect target. Slow moving, unaware BS 2. set up the perfect angle and get as close it gets 3. fire torps, use all you got! booster if available!!!!!!!!! 4. watch as the enemy battleship goes up in flames............ BY GETTING CITADELLED LAST SECOND FROM A GUY ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MAP!!!!!!! Story of my life.
  9. Why does it take 20-30seconds for me to open those 2-3 containers? Chose..... confirm........ animmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaationnnnnnnn................ waiting........................ now i can open............... it opens................................ ITS OPEN!! repeat........... Chose..... confirm........ animmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaationnnnnnnn................ waiting........................ now i can open............... it opens................................ ITS OPEN!! Chose..... confirm........ animmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaationnnnnnnn................ waiting........................ now i can open............... it opens................................ ITS OPEN!! Great fun.
  10. FizzlePopBerryTwist

    broken maps

    Minimap: i see every enemy ship spotted. I go to the big map to plan my route................ ITS EMPTY just F you WG.............. no excuse!
  11. World of tanks: >select tank from favorites >play a round >pick another tank... Wows: >select ship from favorites >play a round >YOU SCROLL THE SHIP SELECTION TO THE LEFT SO YOU CAN SEE THE OTHER SHIPS... >pick another ship... Do you spot the difference??? WG stop being incompetent okay!? THANKS. It always scrolls your selection to the last played ship. NOT simply leave it be like in wot. If i had 20 favorites, i could get why, but no... it just loves to hide everything left of your last played ship... why? you know why! We all do! ... stupid, thats why
  12. FizzlePopBerryTwist

    AW greift wows an !

    Ich weiß AW sind net die Entwickler, aber mir mürre^^ Sehts euch an ... das ist wie der Aprilscherz mit SPACEships... - nur als Spiel Also ich sehe es mir definitiv an, da hier keine der langweiligen """"historischen"""" Fakten (wg und historisch! ha!) im weg stehen... - das könnte ne gelungene Abwechslung werden! ... und Konkurrenz... was das Geschäft belebt. AW WT und Wot weteifern im Dreieck und die Spieler gewinnen ;) Nun kommt die Konkurrenz für WT und ... ja gut Wargaming hat ja nur 2 Spiele
  13. FizzlePopBerryTwist

    AW attacks WOWS

    Well... i guess wows soon gets serious competition! This kinda looks like the space ships (april fools) fun mode from wows... and to be fair: it doesnt take itself serious... - which always is welcome in my book^^ Having some crazy stuff going on, without """historical""" limitations (...ye wg historical! ha) .... that could be quiet something.
  14. FizzlePopBerryTwist

    Broken ship selection [bug]

    Like every 5 battles the "compact carusel" turns off... Also it snaps to the right - so i have to scroll back to the left, to see the first 2 ships. Quote "one of the best quality control in the game industry" - yeah wg, whatever.
  15. FizzlePopBerryTwist

    WoWs has no physics engine...

    Naval Action: Steam. Look this "The Mighty Jingles" and see what waves/weather/physics look like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igGgBlf2yus < now on sale. Blackwave: Kickstarter: "Franke1080p" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocQDOEnFlXY a bit different, but you migth enjoy having a "real crew". WoWS opened the flood gates for more to come. Its kinda a "re-discovered genre" ... last time i had a ship game was on PS1, called "Overboard" (doh even that, alongside SuperMarioKart on SNES... had more realistic turn behavior than wows) I added them also to my original post. Cant image how i forgot to mention those! (ty youtube, for bringing it up again hrhr) Especialy Naval Action can become a big MMO. (Not the biggest, but noteworthy for sure!) Pretty clearly shows, that i was right about the howl "wows wont be alone - and has to work on basics" thing. Just look that Jingles video and claim you didn't like to see some elements in WoWS... be it the weather... some waves (may for lowtiers)... or the lovely sinking animations / sound assets of crew. Maybe even changed damage models, which take flooding into account more effective in therms of how the ship behaves / tilts... Its a new game. First of those guys and already got stuff, which WG and its multi million dollar HQ doesn't have or might even cant/wont implement Time waits for no one, so better hurry up and bring in the good stuff-> full speed ahead ps. @ Stewie. i dont dignify your thoughtless post with more than this: mass+speed=energy.