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  1. __Danger___

    Pravidelné streamy se SgtColem

    Konecne mame duvod zas hrat... trvalo to jen par let. Britske BB a za par dnu i KONECNE nejaky CvC obsah, ktery tu ale mel byt uz hodne davno:)
  2. __Danger___

    Ranked Battles - Season 7 Rules [Suggestion]

    Thanks for resurrecting this thread. - suggested changes are not really difficult to understand, you will get used to it once you see single battle result screen... but I admit, it's difficult to read such a long post that tries to educate and explain - superleague: noone plays it, it needs to be changed - reducing rewards: this usually leads to loss of interest, just look how mod without rewards looks like -> team abandoned battles - high point rewards in my suggestion: well, it needs to be done to allow more accurate point distribution for player's performance; you probably missed that you won't just get 2 times more points on average, but also the requirements are two times higher - exclusive ships: everyone assumes that he will reach the top ranks; the most rare stuff was not meant to be given just for rank 1; it was meant for top players in super-league (where only rank 1 players are and rank 1 is just starting point); however, everyone who got there and played some number of battles should be rewarded... anyway, all of these were just ideas and it would be up to WG to design and decide specific rewards - due to super-league and kind of ranked end-game challenge, it was meant to make it easier to get into this league (by reaching rank 1) for skilled players that play consistently well; this system would allow it and remove huge layer of depression from this mod
  3. __Danger___

    Oh NO! He's naked!

    It happened to me two battles in row few days ago. People noticed it instantly and started to wonder and tell me I'm noob (still topped them). Indeed it was wrong of me, but the game gave me no warning that special camo I was using is no longer available. And in case if premium ships (or ships with purchased premium unlimited camo), Im very surprised that WG is not setting it default when this happens automatically. Anyway, while "naked", still had full set of signals, 19 points captain and all upgrades and premium consumables. While some of those whining ppl had none and missed a lot of these things. Now tell me who's bigger noob :-)
  4. __Danger___

    Ranked Battles - Season 7 Rules [Suggestion]

    It would be really nice if we got XP for stuff we currently don't. For example, in one game our dd died early and I went with belfast to spot enemies behind island 4km away, while rest of team camped at opposite side. Only damage done by my team was one that I spotted (over 70k) before allies got torp hits and they pushed us. I lasted long enough to use all my radars, but while spotting I could do only minor damage on my own. And however I felt like only one doing some teamplay, giving my team chance to shoot something from smoke, I ended up as second last. Even the dd had nearly same xp as me just for hitting enemy dd 1 time and dying. Spotting damage simply gives no xp. Other thing... tanked nearly 2 million potential damage with cruiser. Again, no xp for eating SO MUCH of their time shooting at me. When rest of your team dies with devastating strikes, you can't do much. Usually some sims or other dd focusing at re-capping gets top loser spot. Or a CV that did only thing - shot down 50 planes for 800 base xp. It's like paper rock scissors where you always lose. You pick BB -> your DDs die in first two minutes or CA gets devastated with single strike, no spot means a lot of invis-fire and you burning to death while blind shooting into smoke You pick CA -> your DDs are rushing too hard and die from enemy radar, your BBs get sank by torpedo wall; alone, there is not much left to do You pick DD -> your BBs are getting torped or burned to death, while your CA get one-shotted; you survive and try to cap, while spotting, but there is noone left to do the damage
  5. __Danger___

    Ranked Battles - Season 7 Rules [Suggestion]

    True, but as I said in OP, all of these are just secondary parameters to the core rules that are about rank star requirements and rewards. Specific ship limits are for WG to decide and honestly I couldn't care less if we kept current 8x Belfast in single game if the star rewards were changed as suggested.
  6. __Danger___

    Ranked Battles Season 6 - General Feedback

    Shortest review of Ranked Season 6: "Belfast OR die fast!"
  7. __Danger___

    Ranked Battles - Season 7 Rules [Suggestion]

    The way how ranked battles work (and will work) is nothing about team-play. You are playing with bunch of random people. Some are listening, some are not. Some are soloing, some are cooperating, some not. Sometimes you have afk allies, sometimes not. You can't do anything about it and in some battles you can't change the fact that team-work doesn't exist at all. In some battles you can't play to win. It's decided on loading screen. In any case you got it wrong, but there is nothing I can tell to persuade you. You need to play ranked more and see it for yourself. This suggested system is to motivate players to do better. And when someone does good in a battle and knows that he will make it into top 3, it further motivates to play for team and instead of retreating to safety (which is good for him) do something for team, because if player dies in such effort, he will most likely not lose a star at least (or maybe even get one). But if he succeeds, he will win and get 2-3 stars instead. Lesser risk of losing deserved progress will drive better players forward and also create better experience for all of us. And if you still insist that there will be more people abusing this, don't worry. They won't stand a chance. Actually, anyone who ends up in top 3 usually had big impact on the result as in nearly every battle I played (out of 500 ranked battles) those players really earned it and it was not them who lost the battle. From my experience, battles are lost usually because someone loses patience, chooses obviously bad position in smoke and eats torps or because someone rushes to early (when there is a lot of time) and gets burned down from smoke. Those are also the ones who then blame entire team for camping, no support, etc...
  8. __Danger___

    Ranked Battles - Season 7 Rules [Suggestion]

    I'm respecting your opinion, but can't accept it as valid argument due to your low number of ranked battles played. Believe me, this season I personally skyrocketed to rank 10 without single loss. The hell starts below rank 10. Personally I am not pissed about top loser keeping star, I'm rather annoyed by system not reflecting other players. For example, in 150 battles this season I ended up second top xp loser in about half of lost games. Some times it was even by 3, 7 or 10 xp. After you try so hard to turn the battle, you are not getting anything out of it. Only frustration and hesitation to play this mode anymore. And this is pretty toxis as players who see 1-2 allies die are already throwing the games, getting themselves destroyed with no resistance and jumping quickly into another game. Wouldn't it be better if the skill and teamplay (even if just of 2-3 ppl) was rewarded and not only luck for team with more cooperating players?
  9. __Danger___

    Ranked Battles - Season 7 Rules [Suggestion]

    @Migulaitor: 1) If you compare it with current system, rank 4,5,6,7 of winning team are getting 1 star now (which is equal to 2 stars in system suggested by me). It means that right now you are rewarded twice as much for being carried. 2) Any attempts to compare it like this are attempts to compare it with broken system. But if you want, right now you have +7-6 = 1 star generated per game. In suggested system it's +12-4 = 8 stars, but in comparison to current system it works with double amounts, so the real difference is only half, which is 1 star generated now vs 4 stars generated after. It means that the new system will reward 4 times more stars, but if you tell it this way it sounds really like huge difference. In real it's only 3 star difference of stars generated per battle. And those 3 stars are used as additional reward for well performing players in form of extra star or defended star. Of course, we are still comparing to current system (in new one it would be the same, just doubled for letting us work with something we would right now call "half stars") and those stars are used for more accurate rewards for battle performance. This mode needs some difference badly.
  10. __Danger___

    Ranked Battles - Season 7 Rules [Suggestion]

    Just compare it with current system. Everyone knows it's frustrating and needs change, but noone posts acceptable ideas. So just compare it and tell me, what prevents DD from doing that now? This system will extend the farming from 1 player to 3 and that's already "division". Good players will start team-playing because group of 3 cooperating players can win the game and if they are unlucky in their efforts, they will at least have safety net for top 3 players. And as the meta of this game changes, others will follow. Just give the people fair rules and be sure they will get followed. After all, everyone without severe brain injury will play with win (1-3 stars) rather than hoping for doing enough of damage to get (0-1) stars in losing team.
  11. __Danger___

    Ranked Battles - Season 7 Rules [Suggestion]

    It's easy to miss the fact that rank requirements are now double. So the rewards must be accordingly increased to allow better precision in rewards for performance.
  12. __Danger___

    Ranked Battles - Season 7 Rules [Suggestion]

    Thanks. Issue #1: Playing with rank 1 and ranks 2,3,4 or 5 is nearly the same. Especially in first days of season, whoever is there has dedication to get rank 1. Many times, those "good" rank 1 players will actually help you to get a star by playing well. In any case, it shouldn't be big issue as it works both ways (rank 1 player can have bad game in his stats) and it will be this way only at beginning of season when there is not enough players at rank 1 (and ranks 2-5 are ALL adepts for rank 1). It's purpose is to make better waiting times for these players, but if it doesn't work, it could be removed. Issue #2: There is no cure for that, but there is room with these rules to let others outplay him by own teamwork and gameplay instead of contest for the biggest camper of all.
  13. __Danger___

    Ranked Battles - Season 7 Rules [Suggestion]

    Better rules will bring more players which result in shorter queues. Better rules will allow playing different ships than Shiratsuyu and Belfasts which will make queues also faster.
  14. Number of Players: 7 vs 7 Allowed Maps: Only those with 2 caps, no Epicenter Ship Tier: VIII (8) - it's the most balanced and popular tier and also used in tournaments Ship Limit #1: 2x DD, 3x CA, 3x BB, 1x CV Ship Limit #2: Max. 3 ships with smoke, 1 with radar Ranked Mode Season 7 Differences compared to Season 6: -------------------​-------------------​-------------------​-------------------​--------- 1) Number of stars required for each rank is increased roughly twice (with some exceptions): - Ranks above 10: 5 stars - Ranks 6-10: 8 stars - Ranks 2-5: 10 stars This change is made to compensate for higher star rewards and to allow creation of more accurate rewarding system. 2) Star rewards: A) Winning Team - rank 1 xp player will gain 3 stars (usually someone who did work for another 1-2 players) - rank 2,3 xp players will gain 2 stars (usually someone who played very well too) - rank 4,5,6,7 xp players will gain 1 star (usually someone who died early or had bad luck or got totally carried by others) B) Losing Team - rank 1 xp player will gain 1 star - rank 2,3 xp players will NOT lose any star - rank 4,5,6,7 xp players will lose 1 star What will this system mean for us? - it will positively motivate players to not THROW away games once 1 or 2 allies die early because if you continue playing, you will be rewarded by increasing your chance to not lose a star - it will motivate players to play and perform well even in case of inevitable loss because they can still rank 1 and get a star - it will motivate players to play even if they are going to win, because if they are just going to get carried by others, they will get less stars than those who actually did something for victory - right now, good players are constantly being frustrated by getting 2nd by small difference in xp and losing star even in very well played games against all the odds -> this new system will be less frustrating as it will be finally skill based ranked battles - good players will get to rank 1 faster because system will reward them by getting (or at least not losing star) even if they were unlucky and got team full of potatoes; estimated number of battles for the TOP players to reach rank 1 would be around 100-120 (which is true if you check the leaderboards for season 6), while estimated number of battles for poor players would be around 400-500. But the point is everyone would be less frustrated. Imagine this suggestion similar to current system, where you could get half (0.5) of stars as partial reward for your performance. It's just all doubled (even the rank requirements) for easier counting. 3) All-Star League: - there is a lot of good players and many of them are giving up ranked battles because the frustration level is disasterous; with these changes we would see increase to quality of gameplay and more players at rank 1 (which is not bad thing; everyone will need to fight for it the same and prove their quality) - after reaching rank 1, you will be playing with other rank 1 players (in case that matchmaking takes more than 3 minutes, it will match you with ranks 1-5 instead... this is temporary solution for first days of league before players reach it) - this league will have own leaderboard and it will be the ultimate and most prestigeous competition for solo players with unique prizes at it's end - to make the league fair and remove serious advantages of players who simply have time to play hundreds of battles in short period, the system will record your top 50 battles played while in league; if you perform better in battle 51 (or higher) than you did for example in battle 23, then results of battle 23 are replaced with 51 in your seasonal record; and based on your performance/stars/damage done and other stats in your top 50 battles the leaderboard and ranking is made 4) All-Stars League Rewards: - exclusive ships (tier 8-9) for high ranked players - exclusive flags (with economic bonuses) - camos, signals, credits, doubloons, premium, etc. - exclusive ships (tier 6-7) for lower ranked players - unique equipment for getting over specific milestones (so even if you get not into the top ranks, if you get over some statistic value, you get reward) - the rewards by rank should be that higher ranks always get all that below ranks have + something more 5) Flag improvement: There is only few (2-3?) flags with economic bonuses and if someone made the efforts to get one, he shouldn't be forced to use only that one for all the time, because no-one likes to play with self-inflicted penalty. Instead, let player to pick any of the hard-earned flags and apply all flag economic bonuses to all of them. There is not many of those and they are usually very small (like 5%) or in case of more powerful ones they are very limited (like 10 players on server, only temporarily as tournament reward). So it should be no problem at all (especially when these players are usually the most active ones who pay a lot for in-game stuff, make videos, posts about the game and put it simply... make WG famous and rich). Summary: All is written above, so feel free to express what you think, how you like or hate this idea and so on. /flame on TL;DR: I recommend you read it fully to understand the PROs and CONs fully. Also some of the posters below are mentioning tiers, maps, or ship limits. Let me assure you, the purpose of this post is to lineup core of the rules. After it's changed, I don't really mind if we play with tier 4, 6, 7, 8 or 10. With these changes I could easily be happy even with the epicenter, lol Keep that in mind.