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  1. Statisches oder Dynamisches Fadenkreuz

    Für mich persönlich auch statisch, ich bins so seit dem beta weekend gewohnt und habe nicht wirklich lust von neu auf zielen zu lernen vor allem da ich komplett anders rechnen müsste da sich die Skalierung der beiden Fadenkreuze unterscheidet.
  2. Tarnungsmeister & Tarnungsmodul

    Naja da es für Torp erkennung noch einen Skill gibt und der reicht meistens aus wenn man etwas zusätzliche Sicherheit möchte finde ich das Aufklärungsmodul nicht so pralle und auf an die 2km weniger Sichtbarkeit möchte ich nicht missen.
  3. Tarnungsmeister & Tarnungsmodul

    Ich muss sagen ich finde die ganze Tarnungsklamotte auf den meisten Schiffen auch zu wichtig, denn wenn ich mir alle meine Schiffe nach klasse mal ansehe sieht das ab T8 so aus: DD: immer Modul und Tarnungskill immer erste Wahl, hat man sie nicht darf man gegen DDs die ihn haben einfach packen gehen desweiteren macht es die Aufwertung von T7 zu T8 Zerstören zu einem gewaltigen Sprung CA: selbes wie oben da es einfach extrem viel bring, sei es bei entziehen von Feindfeuer oder dem positioneiren zum angriff auf ein Ziel BB: auch hier ist Tarnung für mich das A und O einzige ausnahme sind die deustchen da hier die Sekundär Batterien die Sehr Schlechten Hauptbatterien ausgleichen müssen (im Vergleich zu meiner North Carolina welchen einen deutlich höheren mehrwert zur Bismarck hat) CV: die einzige ausnahme bei dem ganzen Spass (bin nur T7) weil der Skill für Grössere Staffeln alles überagt aber ist man damit durch ist Tarnung der nächste punkt Deswegen bin ich doch sehr für für eine Entfernung von Skill und Modul da das ganze einfach zu entscheidend ist andere Skills sind schon situationeller, Superintendent nette Sache aber dank Credit consumable nicht so extrem wichtig, AFT auch nett aber auch nicht überall ein muss, etc. nur Tarnung und der 4rer CV skill fallen so extrem aus der Rolle
  4. My Graf Zeppelin test experience

    a Shokaku can be handled with a t6 and it will not erase the t6 BB instantly and a Lexi has a lot less potential then a Shokaku
  5. My Graf Zeppelin test experience

    another large problem i see with the GZ 2 is that its too effective against lower Tier opponents, a T6 BB for example mostly makes 22 knots on average and even if he can barely evade he will get enough damage to make him nearly useless for the rest of the game.
  6. Do you use "Static" or "Dynamic" crosshair?

    i use static since i first played the game, tryed dynamic once but for me it was no keeper as the scaling is too diffrent and i do not want to retrain my aim and feeling for it, would actually be more intresting if we could A: read the scaling on the scope in sniper view (especially for newbie freindliness) and B: rescale the thing as needed
  7. Sick of this meta

    Dfens think of them more as general guidelines that can vary from Cruiser to Cruiser, as depending on the Cruisers range, agility and camouflage can all vary the possibiltys but all Cruisers have enough accuracy and RoF to hit from their max range, for example staying in front of a BB with a soviet Cruiser is a bad Idea as they lack stealth and agility (Radar usage not counting ofc) doing the same with a stealthy Leander or Atago on the other Hand can be a lot more viable but not every Cruiser is a Leander or Atago. Then it depends on the map too as a supportive postion can mean everything from behind an Island to firing from a flank, most important is patience you want to be the first in combat take a BB or DD, playing a Cruiser means having the patience finding the right moment to use your guns as a few hits from you can already contribute a lot for example 2 DDs fighting each other and you manage 1-2 hits will give your DD an advantage or ruin the effectiveness of the enemys DD you do not need to kill it to contribute if you give your own DD the upper Hand thats more then enough (even more important here is that your DD survives as they are one of the most gamedeciding factors). now protecting you BBs from Torps is something you can do too but i advise against it, mainly because of Camouflage, the risk you take (1 torp hits you and you will be instantly useless) and the problem that you will not be able to put much pressure on the source in a regular Cruiser alone, this especially true in the case of most random teams if you have a team that is playing as a team ofc thats a diffrent matter but those are rare (actually i wont expect them before 23:00 in the evening to appear)
  8. A little help to handle Gaede

    Geade is okay once you have the 15cm Guns as you get a realy good alpha Strike against most targets and a nice hitting HE salvo often dicourages another DD from closing in with you, 128mm on the other hand could use a bit of improvement in my opinion but thats a thing that can be debated all day long, for the rest try to stay cloaked and use your torps they are quite good with their reload and the Hydro is nice for smashing smoke sitters just make sure there is only a DD sitting inside and you finish him before he can react as a drawn out close range fight will be to your disadvantage as you will be often outgunned (even by IJN DDs) and you dont have the agilty to react to torps well
  9. Sick of this meta

    I really dont get what people have with their Cruisers mine feel mostly fine (some notorius exceptions ofc like the Cola), if you stay at range a BB is not that much of a Problem as you can easily except he is Lucky or US (and yes i rather fight 2 Bismarcks then a single NC because they wont hit a Stranded Montana at 12km the NC on the other Hand is the Grim Reaper incarnate), if you of course go close and show broadside you deserve to be erased (and even that is something that was reduced compared to a long way back), in fact the main role as a Cruiser is beign Support as a Cruiser can be everywhere rather fast and are not that bad in the Range department thats why i have a few rules i try not to break: 1: stay behind your BBs or in a Supportive postion at range you are not meant for first line action thats idealy a Battleships job 2: if you see the enemy targeting you stop firing and disappear or try to stay 16km away (if you range is shorter try to stay 1km around you max range) 3: keep an eye on enemy BBs aimning at you and if they fire watch the sky to evade incoming fire by reading the trajectory (idealy you have 10 seconds+) 4: like the Class name suggests use asymetric tactics you are not a Ship of the Line you are made for the open Sea appearing everywhere and anywhere and you are not the Vanguard (thats a DDs job) 5: keep your Ships power in mind for example you end up 10km close to a brodside german BB and are sitting in a US cruise load AP and hammer that Upper Belt (who needs Citadels, 7-12k Salvos are funny too) honestly sometimes i get the feeling people want their Cruisers to be better Battlesships with their better Firepower, better mobility and equal Sturdiness
  10. Halloween 2017

    Ich würde mal vermuten weil es mit der Nor Ca zu leicht wäre und die beiden Deutschen so ziemlich die beliebtesten Schiffe im Spiel sind.
  11. Maybe its the next ranked reward, but dont we already have a South Dakota with the Alabama so i think it was rather fast work making her.
  12. Halloween 2017

    Ich glaube auch das ist eine Tirpitz und keine Bismarck da das vor dem letzten 15cm Turm aussieht wie ein Torpedowerfer und alle Arte von Beibooten und ähnlichem fehlen
  13. Defense of Naval Station

    If you have enough Cruisers (which for this scenario are the best ships) like the Leander or the Cleve (which for this scenario are the best ships) + 1 CV for spotting it gets rather easy just make sure you kill all ships before the Time runs out so you get the Carrier as support he will make rather short work of the Izumo and other heavy targets.
  14. i did not intend say they dont move because of torpedos my intention was more like hey i like to play DDs in the role of a screening ship WG can you please not Hammer on that role more
  15. its not crying its facepalming, as Wg is doing stuff thats far beyond logic and just for info the campy meta comes from multiple sources from the BBs to the DDs to the matchmaking (team 1 4 radar Cruisers team 2 1radar 2 etc.) and especially a huge missing of Tutorials especially the later i mean WG should seriosly rework BBs like removing the super ACCuracy of the USS BBS or making the bowtankers mor vunlerable but well its wg