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  1. Im in eagles from the start, every single day, and i got invitation only first day. So do Eagles get invitations to change teams? Can anyone froma eagles confirm this
  2. johy2

    DDs 20sec

    @Riggerby play for the team in random battles? Okey so, 12 of players in team, 2-3 know how to play well, 4-5 are good but ehhh, and rest are total idiots ( let me get my broadside to that Yamato while i am in my Minotaur) . So how can you play as TEAM with them? You cant. You dont have communication nor time to send messages to each other. If you play Cb or in Division than you can play as a team. Now get this with DDs 20 sec spotting range. You get in a cap , find low HP DD, and you finish him with no damage taken (you play Yugumo with TRB), now there are few Planes in your spotting range which is now increased, and you get wrecked because they see you for 20 secs. Lets say there are 3 ships that shoot you, 1 Balty, 1 G.Kurf and one Fletcher. Now they need lets say 5 secs to react, G.Kurfurst fires that is 12 shells that can hit you (even if one hits you you will lost good ammount of HP), balty shots and that are 9 203mm shells that will hurt, and Fletcher shots 25 shells. That is 41 shell that you will not easily dodge. So that time passes and now Balty is in range to radar you, you get fired upon once again. So because you shoot a DD with low HP you get a lot of your Hp lost, you cant recover it, you dont have much HP left, now you must be even more careful now. Yugumo has 15k health, lets say you lost 40% , you have 9k now. 9K, 9 [edited]K, for a tier IX DDs, that melts in seconds if you are spotted again, one lucky salvo can finish you off with no problem
  3. johy2

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    i want to joinn
  4. johy2

    DDs 20sec

    Yeah but BBs are spotted most of the time, so idk i dont play BBS. I only want DDs to shine haha, i cant live with things that can spot you in DD, it sucks to play dds when there are Spotter Planes, Radar, Sonar, Decreased concealment. From stealth warriors to ships that are more time spotted than not. @ForlornSailor well now that is good idea.
  5. johy2

    DDs 20sec

    Hi guys, i would like to hear your opinion on 20 secs of extended spotting range after fire when you play DDs. I dont have anything against this mechanic but i think 20 secs for DDs is too much. For other clases it is not so important, but for DDs, oh boy. You fire that one shot to finish enemy, and get 20 secs of pounding with low HP. Disgusting.
  6. I would like to join Johy2 55 wR Max tier tier 8, 4 of them
  7. johy2

    Deleted topic

    Johy2 Max tier 8 I'm Croat 55% WR
  8. Searching for Clan that is active in CW Beta
  9. johy2

    Birthday missions

    If anibody knows for mission, post them here
  10. johy2

    Too musch spread

    Like seriously i just played game with Kawachi,i allmost couldnt landed one shot from 5km range,thats insane,i think there should be changes in spread system.
  11. johy2

    Some HUGE GUNS

    Well thing woul be OP bt they could put it in some event,i mean it would be fun 8x800mm,and reload i mean if Yamato can reload in 30secs this thing should in about Minute and a half ;)
  12. johy2

    Some HUGE GUNS

    Well sure there are some Im sure there can be found paper projects
  13. johy2

    Some HUGE GUNS

    Hello,i started this topic to discuss of adding some huge guns to game,like A-150(Super Yamato) with 510mm main battery,that could replace Yamato at tier X and put Yamato to tier IX,and H-44(German BB) with 508mm main battery. So add your ideas