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  1. i_rocco

    Hamburg flag

    Saw people with the Hamburg flag and I'm incredibly jealous, because it is my hometown. Bring back this flag with the port rework! You have to, WG!!
  2. i_rocco

    Scharnhorst skills for user coming back

    Thx, but yea I didn't play, does that mean I'm not eligable to reskill? I don't think so... What other captain skills would you take and what kind of ship equipment?
  3. i_rocco

    Captain Reset Information

    Looks liek I missed that, what a shitty practice trying to make me spent doubloons, guess what, I'm not going to do it...
  4. Just came back and noticed that the captain skills are different but I can't reskill for free? Also, what are the best skills for this ship pls?