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  1. Important: Limited Function of Inventory

    Will I be/am I able to buy consumables in bulk just like in WOT when needed/ they are on sale? Sorry if I come across as a dumbo, but couldn`t find a way to do it neither with individual ships/nor in inventory screen. Thanks in advance.
  2. As stated above , I would be interested in knowing opinions about the ship from those who own it. If it`s ok then I`m thinking on buying either just the ship or maybe the Captain`s edition.
  3. Scharnhorst and Dunkerque

    Hi folks, Wondering if you would recommend buying any of the two BB`s now that there is 30% off of their price this weekend. Currently on T5 with most of the lines, favouring BB`s and to a lesser extent cruisers.Being a simple bob myself lol so BB`s seem the most fitting to my skill(or lack of it). Any useful advise is also highly appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Bought the Konig Albert with just the slot and wondering what would happen if I was to buy the bundle with doublons.Do I get back the value of the ship in credit or in gold?
  5. Where is König Albert!

    I`ve bought the ship with just the slot, wondering what happens if I buy the bundle with all the bells and whistles ?Do I get the value of the ship in gold or in credit?
  6. Yubari is broken.

    Hmm I was thinking about purchasing her but upon reading this topic, not too sure even if it`s not that expensive...
  7. Imperator Nicholas I

    So still noting to add from anybody official at WG Europe...Speaks volumes about how much sh*t they give about community feedback lol they care...
  8. Murmansk and Aurora!

    From where do you get these (hidden stats) of given ships?
  9. Murmansk and Aurora!

    Nice one mate! I think I`m going to buy both Murmansk and Aurora as soon as I am that high up in the tech tree.
  10. Murmansk and Aurora!

    Well that is a refreshing.Less money spent on captain retraining then.
  11. Gold-Dubloon availability

    Bugger...So I either wait to be able to use my WoT stash or put some £ in...Hmmm decisions decisions...
  12. Gold-Dubloon availability

    Am I missing something?My gold from WoT does not seem to be available in WoWS. Would like to use it to train captains,maybe to purchase some ships but it looks I would need to invest some real currency through the premium shop. Thought the accounts are interconnected.
  13. Murmansk and Aurora!

    I suppose it works the exact same way as it does in WOT. Nation and class does matter.
  14. Murmansk and Aurora!

    Has any of you got one or both of these ships? If so any meaningful opinion? Would have wanted to purchase Warspite, but sadly the offer is now gone.