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  1. Spot the Deadeye user Difficulty - Easy At one moment FDG managed to dip into C line but quickly realized: "Oh Sh!t, I can't be this close otherwise my Deadeye won't activate" And quickly went back Remember when German BB players were always there for us? They would push ahead and tank damage in everyone else's stead? Well, those good times are over. And now I despise German BB players that run Deadeye as much as I despise CVs

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    After doing 60k in Massa trying out the new secondaries but couldn't use them on anything cause everyone kept sailing away as far as they can, I can't play brawling BBs anymore. Not until this god**** pepegafiesta subsides at least a little bit. We have German BBs camping spawn taking potshots. Nobody pushes objectives. This is really, REALLY bad. Open water in cruisers became much more dangerous thanks to Deadeye. Deadeye? More like Deadgame amirite? Hahaha. Awful. I'm sad,upset,and disappointed with this update. At this point I'm just praying WeeGee comes to their senses next patch and does something about this situation

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    DEADEYE ON JB LET'S GOOOO The f*** is this skill. Started off the match by citadelling the Iowa at 23km. "Da comrade, commander rework gud." Said no one aside from WeeGee | BONUS | Landing 7 out of 8 shells at 21km. remember, this is JB. Not a ship known for her exceptional accuracy. If this doesn't prove that this skill is busted idk what is

    Dead Eye

    Yeah and you know who else is taking Deadeye? All the German BB players It's amazing how German BBs took a complete 180° turn in their playstyle Instead of charging in and trying to secondary something and get melted, we have Bismarcks, FDGs and GKs sit back 20km away taking potshots and doing nothing Just had an enemy FDG sit at A line the ENTIRE MATCH, EVEN BEHIND HIS OWN CARRIER ISSOU WHAT THE F**K This meta is anything but promising Take Deadeye and snipe. If you push, you get focused and die. It's just sad

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    Real flat chest energy And this with stock range module AND a cyclone. It actually came in handy Spotted the Yorck at 8km the VERY MOMENT he beached himself, broadside on right in front of me issou Also got to do a drive by on the Iowa. Even tho it happened point blank, I was still shocked >Citadels If I waited a second longer I probably would've been able to score more cits and kill him. Instead I potatoed out of panic, and as I went past him his rear turret finished me off. Oh well Still got him tho

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    After 4 losses in a row The amount of times I managed to miss at less than 10km Even the enemy CV. Who was spotted stationary at the border less than 10km away. I fired a salvo, 4 shells hit which of 3 hit the torp protection and did no damage I was like Well, hopefully no more. The days of trash dispersion are hopefully gone for good for this line The suffering is finally over

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    Getting close to the finish line to research Iowa This does put a smile on my face
  8. There's no way to explain how unneccessary this entire change is The problem here is the main reason why there's only ONE skill build effective for a ship, is because her characteristics make her shine in one way, and make her bad in many other ways. E.g.: You can build a North Carolina for secondaries, but it will clearly show it's not what she was meant to do, due to her characteristics. Yes the commander skill rework will provide multiple build options and playstyles for a ship, but people will still not build them for it, if the ship is only good IN ONE SPECIFIC PLAYSTYLE. So yeah, I'm with the crowd who's upset about all this. Also the XP cost for 20 and 21 points. God just why. Why would you do this to your players

    Wargaming pls explain this MM to me

  10. Epicenter match from yesterday. Enemy takes full map control meanwhile our Amalfi down there on the border was constantly trying to torp me

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    Not much to show today Tried playing Minekaze and Mutsuki to go up the IJN DD lines Least to say the matches went terribly wrong lmao Decided to jump into NC to cool off a little. Halfway to Iowa at the moment

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    I did it again I'm sorry I became the very thing I swore to destroy

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Please lord and heavens above forgive my sins for I have played CV


    But But Y A M A T O G U N S O U N D