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  1. KolenboerNL

    Großer Kurfürst is worthless

    The great currywurst works fine, got a full secundary build on it. And had alot of good battles in ranks with it,even with full HE spammers.
  2. KolenboerNL

    Update 0.8.8 removed nation crew sound

    I am
  3. KolenboerNL

    Update 0.8.8 removed nation crew sound

    Well after the sound update its still gone. But with the setting "voice modification" i am missing the option "nation". I only have standard and i think thats the problem. Hope WG fixes this soon. Greet
  4. KolenboerNL

    World of Warships in Den Helder – Event Recap

    Is the t-shirt of Friesland what was given during Den Helder buyable somwhere? Greetings..
  5. KolenboerNL

    Update 0.8.8 removed nation crew sound

    Hey minia, I checked the setting but i cant find the option anymore that nation ships talk in there own language. Voiceover modification can only be put on standard and if i can remember you could pick "nation" or something. Greeting and thnx
  6. KolenboerNL

    Update 0.8.8 removed nation crew sound

    Hey everybody, After update 0.8.8 i noticed that i no longer have crew's of ships ( or battle notification ) talking in the language of the nation of the ship. Does anyone else has this or am i missing an option didnt click on? I hope they accidently forgot about this at WG and place it back, or i did miss an option. I really like the nation talking crew, who doesnt like to learn some other language words that u can use on vacation like "torps incoming from the left". Greetings KolenboerNL
  7. KolenboerNL

    Watch Replay without downloading

    True watching it with YouTube is also downloading but i mean i can watch the Replay on my mobile device without downloading the Replay 💪🏻😁 Normally it can only be watched of you download the Replay on a pc of laptop 😁
  8. KolenboerNL

    Watch Replay without downloading

    Hey Guys, Question, i have uploaded multiple replays on wowsreplay.com and i noticed that 2 replays when i open them i see Personal Score, Team score and.. video! I can watch the Replay on my mobile device without downloading. But its only with these 2 replays. Anybody know how i can set the other replays to viewable also without downloading? Many thanks, greetings KolenboerNL
  9. KolenboerNL

    Can't press battle

    Its more like...hey sorry we finally answer but for sure ur weekend is fucked and so are ur prem days becuz...were celibrating weekend fool!Guys that work from monday till friday will just have to spend the weekend with there girl on the couch instead of gamin 24/7 xD
  10. KolenboerNL

    Can't press battle

    same problem
  11. Before my problem,i want to excuse for my bad typing english at some points. I have a problem with starting battle.. Yesterday i installed Windows 10 (extra info?) and WOW was still working from my opinion.When i joined a friend in platoon/division we started a match,but after 5min of waiting we didnt get put into a battle and when i opened division chat (while still in queu) i noticed my buddy was offline?! WoW just shut down and i restarted the game,my buddy was online and i was still in division with both our boats not locked,we both put rdy but we coudnt start a battle..but i also coudnt exit the division. After ALT+F4 and restarting my pc i was out of the division but now (alone or in division) when i click on Battle nothing happns..when i click i hear the sound/music for like 3 sec what you normally hear when u click battle but i can click it like 100 times after another and nothing?! Hope someone got a idea or solution. Great thanks,Ricardo / KolenboerNL