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  1. UltraViking

    [PSA] Giulio Cesare Testing and Premium Ships Status

    +1 on this Stalingrad is not overpowered .. thats just denying the truth right there ... its the most overpowered ship we got in the game.
  2. UltraViking

    [PSA] Giulio Cesare Testing and Premium Ships Status

    And now everyone complains about just leaving it as it was.... hopeless... abondoning the test was the right move.
  3. UltraViking

    Graf Zeppelin and Soviet Battleships Changes

    Kaga really? its the worst CV to get uptiered and i basicly unplayable against higher tier AA ships.. Im sorry WG but i think most of the CV players will agree that kaga needs to be balanced more. or balance the AA... Dont tell me that i can just sell it because even tho i dont favour the ship anymore it should still be playable which it currently isnt.
  4. UltraViking

    after mini update patch for CV changes

    @ColonelPete Kaga was underperforming and yet it got a nerf... its in a really bad spot right now. There is a big difference between the CV`s. Shokaku got a buff and it was needed. T8 CV`s struggle alot with Higher tiers and i think its the MM that [edited] it abit up since it often pairs 2x cv`s into TIX and TX matches.
  5. UltraViking


    Kaga really didnt need that nerf. even tho it has alot of reserves when down tiered it still has worse planes than a shokaku at t8. Imo i think its the worst CV at T8 atm.
  6. UltraViking

    Liquidator achievement - does it need a change?

    +1 you hit the nail on the head here. 20% might be a good starting point. Might be that they need to rework the whole achievment.
  7. UltraViking

    Flooding Rework

    I agree, but i also think the previous flooding did too much dmg, just a simple dmg nerf to the previous mechanic would have done it.
  8. UltraViking

    0.8.1 PTS - General Feedback

    Thank you
  9. UltraViking

    0.8.1 PTS - General Feedback

    @MrConway Can we expect the 0.8.1 to go live this week ?
  10. UltraViking

    The most annoying CV nerf ?

    basicly a quick fix for the upcoming KOTS. I would rather have a preptime for planes at game start than this. ok so i can live with the 20% spotting range nerf, but they didnt take the time to adjust concealment and AA ranges according to the nerf. Mino is brutal tbh. If the long range Aura didnt have the high continous dps we half of our squadron wouldnt die as soon as its spotted.
  11. UltraViking hotfix feedback

    They are not available atm, they need to rebalance it first.
  12. UltraViking

    New CVs

    wp on that one. Sometimes the matchmaker bless you with a lot of healthy BBs love those games. My average dmg has been dropping abit lately and I have to step up the game in order to pass @El2aZeR on the midway leaderboard But I guess these games will probably be gone when the flooding gets reworked...
  13. UltraViking hotfix feedback

    Agreed +1 Agreed +1
  14. UltraViking hotfix feedback

    Thank you for your answer @Sub_Octavian But i think the majority of the midway players feel this torp nerf was unnecessary. Becuase the midway torps arent that strong really and yes there were 6 torps, the majority of its dmg is coming from flooding. Because with the current flood mechanic CV can force out DCP with enough fires from HE bombs and rockets. Now im not saying nerf the bombs or rockets, but this is merely just using the mechanics in game and this would have been solved when the flood rework goes live. Considering how harsh the AA is on some particular ships its basicly not worth throwing torp bombers at ships unless you know you can kill em. Yamato just laughs at the torpedo attacks we do now and quite frankly she allways has, unless we get that flood. I know you guys are working hard on this and that we need to have patience with this. But swinging the nerf bat left and right isnt the right move just because the stats say so. How can you get more accurate feedback from players or stats if the ships are so weak that players dont want to play em anymore. I agree with the spotting and what you did with rockets, i felt that was something WG adressed well with the changes. but nerfing the ships to oblivion like WG did with haku and now probably Midway soon it contradicts what the news post said about individual tuning. Get AA, spotting and counter gameplay right before you nerf the crap out of the ships.
  15. UltraViking

    Tier X Legendary CV Modules

    * we still have 4 major updates left until its supposed to be done. the ones we have gotten so far are just hotfixes. Hotfix hotfix hotfix 0.8.1 probably next week