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  1. 80yearoldpotato

    [TROLL] Norwegian clan recruiting

    Bump! @noldus_knutDet gjør vi :)
  2. 80yearoldpotato

    CV Rework Discussion

    Fara had some really good suggestions regarding cv rework which WG did not listen to because of their ignorance. And he doesnt think its interesting enough, he usually just goes to the china server to play RTS CV. Which is a shame. he was a person people came to for learning how to play CV. Gaishu doesnt want to play them either so the average joe has no one to learn from. Maybe you should stream top level CV? =D I stream mostly CV gameplay at twitch, but are nowhere near your level of OPness
  3. 80yearoldpotato

    CV Rework Discussion

    Totally agree with you El2aZer. actually making plane restoration speed up below certain tresholds is usefull and would make it easier for average joe to not be deplaned too early. Regarding the tick rate of the heal i find it slow and not sufficient on TX. Because the survivability expert hp adjustment was merely a hoax just to give planes something after the AA change.
  4. 80yearoldpotato

    CV Rework Discussion

    Guys and gurls i think we can only aspire to get to @El2aZeR levels of skill and git gud. I am perfectly aware that learning the ropes of advice he has said is going to make most of us better CV players. We can also agree on the matter of fact that this CV rework has so many flaws towards the early reasoning of WG for changing CVs. Now ive was never a good RTS CV player because the response and ui problems the RTS gameplay had completly turned me off. Id rather go back to starcraft or Warcraft or heck even CoH for that matter. But on a different note im torn between the nerfing of cvs because i know they are OP. Not OP because El2azer playes them to perfection but the whole class is so black and white it can only be either OP or useless. Id rather just have them OP and meet El2azer in 1 out of 50 games instead of having a useless class on my team. @sunleader i must admit i was wrong about you ealier, i can clearly see you have progressed and became more than average as you state in terms of cv skills. good for you and by following your posts i can see you try to enjoy this more. playing it for what it is. So lets ditch the feelings on trying to remove this CV rework because its never going to happen. What we should focus on is trying to give WG constructive critique of their new mechanics introduced On another note What can be done about these topics - torpedo bomber heal - Adrenaline rush speed boost totally not worth using. They are only reactive cooldowns for making a mistake by not dodging a flak burst. And for anyone asking how you can dodge flak? What el2azer was trying to say is that you dont dodge them you trick the burst pre-emptivily by tricking the direction of flak burst. by simpley timing you movement turns towards the target. Ofc this is easier on planes with better turn time like the Big-E Stuntman also made a good video explaining the reduction of continous dmg on only the last attack of your squadron. in regards to this, i think these mecahnics highlights a very important factor. WG has implemented mechanics that allow us to save planes or manage our planeloss, but they are rarely used. like probably only 10% slingshot drops and the mechanic above isnt used because various reasons. And i must admit ive played more surface ships lately because i was shredding pepegas in 0.8.0 - 0.8.4 with little to none effort. with the recent AA changes the skillgap is being raised and i enjoy that for myself but we all know that these AA changes are based on perception of the surface ships players in order to make them feel that the AA is working.
  5. 80yearoldpotato

    CV Rework Discussion

    as i stated, clearly different playstyles with Haku/midway but despite the one over the other is easier to get fires or floods with.. in order to inflict more dmg towards ships, floods and fires do contribute alot. And as we are both stating that CVs with ap bombers do need another playstyle to achieve this.
  6. 80yearoldpotato

    CV Rework Discussion

    His wording was CV in general and as i said there is a different playstyle with different carriers and actually GZ has the highest flood chance. So unless you are actually going for Fire from rockets and floods from torps then you are doing something wrong. dont be a smart [edited]Macarthur92 i know what im talking about. @Sunleader 2. And Mate no Offense. But BARELY any Damage from CVs is from Dots. In case you didnt notice that. My Screenshots barely Contained any Flooding or Fires.... In that Video of Notser he Deals 80k Damage in a T10 Game and has pretty much no Dots at all. read the topic... im reading this just fine and you continue to spew false info around towards CVs, ah yes i can see your 100 games in GZ. must have achieved the knowledge to school others on dot dmg and what kind. All im saying is that you spread false info to the ones that ask and might not have clue.. thats why they ask. but i can clearly see from your mile long posts that you keep telling people their bad. So im not attacking you, but im TELLING you. stop being such a SJW
  7. 80yearoldpotato

    CV Rework Discussion

    Dude you need to stop spewing crap out there and stop talking about stuff you dont know. In a video with "Notser" .... Notser is a mediocre CV player so if he didnt get any dots on during the match its all on him. Dots is a huge part of the CV dmg ? you want me to post screenshots of 300k games that involves so many fires and floods that you can make rivers and barbq parties out of it? there are clearly different playstyles for different cvs Haku/midway as an example. instead of watching Notser and learning from his gameplay id rather just look at a couple of El2azers videoes of big E and learn. or look at some of the old Gaishu videos. the playstyle is very much still relevant.
  8. 80yearoldpotato

    torpedo bomber heal/ adrenaline rush issue in 8.5

    OK mr.wisdom believe what you want to believe, but enterprise/haku/midway is still going to shred low to medium AA ships and the buff in reality is just towards the already strong AA ships. CVs dont care about AA unless it obliterates your whole squadron within 3-4 seconds, because of the mechanics we will dodge AA into the ship and ignore it on our way out. If you are now wondering how we are able to do that? i suggest you start playing CV for yourself to actually learn the mechanics. Basicly this change means that i cant wreck a mino if i want, the plane losses will be high enough that its not worth it. Haku and Enterprise will shine out of this patch. I agree on that the overlapping AA zones will get stronger, but thats basicly it for the changes. If you now manage to wreck alot more planes and deny the CV areas because of your low/medium AA ship then its just a bad CV player. Im telling you, This AA change make CVs focus DDs alot more than throwing planes at a Mino. As stated many times before by me and @El2aZeR this rework is so broken it has to undergo major change in order to achieve balance. So these nerfs you all get so hyped up about is just making the skillgap larger and contradicting the whole rework it self.
  9. 80yearoldpotato

    torpedo bomber heal/ adrenaline rush issue in 8.5

    As you say, this AA mechanic change basically negates one of the reworks features for multiple attacks. Even tho we will just use other methods to still get 300k games. Rather have them go back to 1 attack with a lot more dmg and more downtime for rearm or repair bring back dev strikes with less attacks 👌
  10. 80yearoldpotato

    torpedo bomber heal/ adrenaline rush issue in 8.5

    Wrong! It only gets better for the ships that was already doing fine. Ships with low to average AA will still be shredded and since the heavy AA ships now are stronger, the cv will once again use more time on shredding dds again. More dd whine inc from So I will just let the kreml smack the mino to infinity and beyond and then the shredding begins.
  11. 80yearoldpotato

    Update 0.8.5: Rogue Wave

    What you fail to notice and understand is that this when WG keep nerfing the CVs like this, it will actually hurt you as a player. Reasons? well let me explain Skill gap. Good CVs are still going to smack you out of existence over and over even with this AA buff change. Which means that the majority of the CVs that actually influences your battle the most is going to preform less. that equals more losses for you and your team. You might shoot down more planes and get 2% more exp earned, but the majority of the good cvs will still smack you. and btw there are alot more good cvs now than it was before the rework. just because the rework is easier to play and the skills come from target priority and map awareness. Its the same reason and conclusion why they dropped the prep time at the start of the match... it would have hurt surface ships more than CV You pepegas need to understand that this CV rework is so broken that the only way it would be more balanced is go back to rts dmg on planes and RTS levels of AA which will make CV hard to play, but more balanced. but they will never do that. So the more you whine about AA or CV the more are you going to have bad games because of your less skilled CV
  12. 80yearoldpotato

    0.8.5 PTS - General Feedback

    Imo the AA dmg to single planes does not improve the gameplay . results of this if it goes live will be: 1: it will make the CV predrop more and focus on getting 1 strike at the ship which contradicts your mechanic with having multiple attacks and if this is the direction you want to go then the CV dmg needs to be buffed. Or restoration time needs to be cut by 30-50% further testing should be done. 2: Torpedo bomber heal needs to be changed as it is basicly rendered obsolete. players will either predrop or the heal will heal 1 plane which will live for 2 sec more. 3: If these pts changes go live then WG will create a even further gap between the average joe and skilled CV players which will result in - increased hate towards CVs - Larger skill gap which you have stated that you dont want and was one of the major arguments for the rework From my point of view i think that adjusting planes right now is the wrong move. WG, you need to attack this problem from the surface ships side of things. 1: Change the AA so you can manually fire at the planes with a crosshair 2: go back to the marking of aircraft squadrons like you had pre 0.8.0 3: scrap the sector system and give ships DFAA even tho the AA on some ships are basicly not existing. Imo i think my first solution is the far better one. it doesnt increase a larger skillgap by alot because alot of players dont even know how to use the sector system at all yet. yes with this solution you could also keep the sector system, but make the ship controll the AA with a cosshair. Dont get me wrong this will also create a lot of other problems but the whole AA system needs a rework or go back to the pre 0.8.0 which worked really well and was easy to use.
  13. 80yearoldpotato

    Time to stop CVs in ranked.

    Remember the times when all the pepegas whined about radar ruining the game and they would quit ? i think they are still here and 100% invested into the CV hate. if they had used the amount of energy on global warming and enviroment issues i think mankind would have solved that issue by now xD To all the whiners, i love shredding you pepegas in a CV and we CV players can clearly see who actually use their brain and evades find methods to avoid CV attacks. but hey if you meet a crappy cv player that only focus on destroyers then that cv team will lose. its a pvp game. this game will allways be about which team has the better players regardless of the ships that are matched up against each other. if u disagree then i suggest you take 3 days off and reflect on how you could actually understand the game better. sry mac but sometimes pvp games are harsh against lesser skilled players. not everyone can be equally skilled.
  14. 80yearoldpotato

    0.8.4 - Changes to Aircraft Carriers

    Problem with 45 sec start delay would actually act against its principals because it would make people spread out more and be easier targets for CVs so that solution was scrapped. my delay change is for the returning planes, the rest on the deck can take off instantly because they are ready to go. But if you want a solution to stop people from just sending home planes for allways a full squadron then initate a cooldown/prep time for the returning planes. Then they can revert those speed plane nerfs which is totally useless as they dont solve the problem at all.
  15. 80yearoldpotato

    0.8.4 - Changes to Aircraft Carriers

    Revert the speed nerf and just buff AA 10% it would have been alot better Add a 25 sec reload time of the launching of squadrons when they land. Aircraft spotting should be more like Radar with a 5-10 sec only visible at minimap. But this speed nerf has generated more bugs and it really isnt the solution to the problem