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  1. Jaageri

    Memory Leak Fix

    Applied the patch also, after between 30min-1h of playing time the game starts to blackscreen for a very short time ( screen goes black for 0.5 to 1sec) and then the picture comes back and keeps doing it until i restart the game again. Amd radeon 480 gb with latest drivers in use, haven't had this kind of problem before. Had memory leak problem and game froze at 14gb of used ram before patch.
  2. Jaageri

    Cannot start a battle

    Battle button out of order, timer rotates a few times and get back to port, same with all gamemodes.
  3. Jaageri

    Update 0.7.2 General Feedback

    There is a clear memory leak in the latest patch, my game crashes every 2h of gameplay, the client is using about 1.8gb of memory at that point and then the fps stutters between 1-30fps. Hate John Doe as a Captain, give us an option to change his name to something else then a unidentified corpse...