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  1. justin129

    Alabama feels horrible ..

    I struggle with hitting anything .. like anything and not because of the floaty shells (kinda learned it with the Fiji) rather with the actual dispersion. As I mentioned above I sit 6km from a standing North Carolina and I didnt hit even hit the ship. I personally do not think that the problem for me are the slow shells. Also worth to mention I also had good rounds (mostly in Training Rooms with Clanmates) but idk I have no fun at all playing this ship in Random Battles which makes me kinda sad.
  2. justin129

    Alabama feels horrible ..

    So I tried to play Alabama again but I do not understand how someone can stand this ship. I do not hit anything, I was 6km away from a slightly angled North Carolina and all my shots went around the ship. I can not hit anything sadly and I wanna know why or whats the secret with this ship. Before any of you Guys check my Stats, I know they are horrific. I bought this ship when I had like 400 Battles (Coming from WoT I knew I will need a t8 prem plus I like to collect ships in this game :) ) But even tho I watched guides and read forum posts I simply cant get along with it. Nowadays I play way better than before because I actually care about my stats but somehow this one ship will not work. Need help. Urgent :(
  3. Doing it as short as I can: - English and German speaking (preferable english) - 18y old, willing to learn and hoping for some company while grinding - expierence with clans and clanwars in WoT - 2 T8 ships (Alabama and Hipper), several T7 prems and the Nagato (which I am currently grinding) - playing on a daily basis but still having a job or hanging out with friends can take away some time - Discord and Teamspeak is no problem at all, I am quite communicative and a nontoxic person - hope to learn more about the game, maybe even the real history of the ships - teamplayer and trying to get my ideas into the game, clan or whatever to improve the fun and success Greetings!
  4. Hello, Im highly interested. The thing is I just left a clan (was random invited some days ago) there is probably no fair way to "wait" for me right? :/ Plus I am not native english speaker ( I can speak english obviously) would that be a problem? Greetings from Germany
  5. justin129

    Sneaky Destroyer

    Thank you very much for all those recommandations and so on, will try Pan Asia for sure! :)
  6. justin129

    Sneaky Destroyer

    Hello there, I am quite a new player (Top non prem is Nagato) and I have a question about destroyers. I would like to try a complete different playstyle and I'd like to play something like a destroyer remaining on its torp. Mostly just torp somewhere and stay hidden most of the time. Little bit like a thief of RPG. Now I am wondering what line should I play for that, firstly I thought IJN due her high range torps and good concealment but then I read about the torps having quite a large spotting range. I also read that the germans have more or less the most hidden torps which obviously would fit my playstyle. And after that I realized that Pan-Asia has Deepwatertorps which shall have the lowest detection range. Now I am asking which Line would fit my idea the most? I really do not care about how competetive some Nations are, I just wanna have fun with my paticular playstyle. Greetings!