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  1. Loyangs were a huge mistake

    I am looking forward to OP`s thread when he has faced a well played Black. Accidentally bumping into one of those things and failing to sink it before it manages to will make your wake turn brown in terror.
  2. Smoke Gameplay

  3. WG EU strikes again: The Naval Tour

    Mouhahahaha less people to compete against? But in all fairness, if it could not be server wide then it should not be made. Cudos for prices and participation requirements though
  4. WG, tell players what is going on

    I feel this thread could turn into a interesting discussion about humanity.
  5. Respect to the Forum Regulars

    Thanks @Captain_Breeze that helped a lot. Now I am sure it`s from Storfjorden, I even found a picture with a similarly coloured ship in it It`s the fjord I do most of my fishing in and those summer days with blue skies and mirrorlike water with all the mountains in the background are just pure bliss. If you are lucky you can meet large pods of long finned pilot whales, I even have a film of one swimming under my boat (instead of through it). Seems like a great job if you can travel across the coast seeing all kinds of lovely scenery.
  6. Respect to the Forum Regulars

    Could you tell the location where this picture was taken, since you go to Ålesund it made me think that this might be from Storfjorden situated very closeby.
  7. WG, tell players what is going on

    Certain games do this, like Killing Floor 2. One example is the information on how to dodge a certain attack from a boss. Sadly, even with this plastered all over a loading screen, most people I have encountered did not know about this until I told them they could do that. If you want to make sure people know such things you really need to force them through a short and simple tutorial. Sure it takes a bit of effort and might piss off a few people but it will also lead to a lot of people becoming more pleased with the game as their success in the game increases(theoretically) because they have more information to utilize.
  8. BOTS

    OP`s expectation: Reality:
  9. Stuck on a 54% winrate

    Could not agree more. Shameless anecdotal evidence posting incoming: Lost, some potato bags are just to heavy: Won, no kills but teamplay stronk: And at last the nooblanta in a win: Simply getting kills is not always enough, supporting your teammates might at times seem like a waste of time but it can be the little help they needed to get them going and carry as much as their little potato feet can. My atlanta game would not be won if I decided to simply farm damage and kills instead of trying to support with AA (despite my efforts the enemy lex managed to do quite a bit so he was a very good player). Sims is just a polar opposite of the emile game that I could find quickly
  10. Perkele

    Got room for a drunken norwegian currently listening to finnish music?
  11. Halloween Stream - Your Questions

    My only questions would be why you decided to give out a clan reward ship given that this is the test run and quite frankly very restricting in terms of participating? Follow up would be, will this ship be reused as a price in later clan battles and/or will such ships later be possible to purchase later but with same time restrictions as we have seen with certain ships? Edit: Saw now that no more questions. Guess I`m today.
  12. Are you kidding me 7 dd's in a clan battle????

    I was about to go all caps "called it" but then i noticed they used a Gearing and a Z...TRIGGERED! Also, mfw reading this thread:
  13. From the Dev Blog... Smoke!

    I hope you do and win. If so then maybe, just maybe they would improve in regards to testing stuff properly instead of releasing stupid stuff to make a quick buck because they can just nerf it later without caring about how the game suffers.