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  1. Noobsplatter

    The Kitakami returns!

    Most BB players can`t even dodge the map border
  2. Noobsplatter

    The Kitakami returns!

    ooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! If this ship comes back after all this time, then so will I! Funniest ship ever and dearly missed. If you are worried about teamkilling then just tie it to some kind of skill cap to buy (example: greens and above only). Not gonna lie, I would buy this one even if only accessible through a bloated mega admiral package ... me wg
  3. Noobsplatter

    New Counter to CVs

    I hope you have a nice cozy corner in your room to cry in afterwards. It`s a quite common reaction after fighting a non noob midway.
  4. No don`t give us that, how else am I to taunt my enemies seconds before shameful torpedo impact? If someone is having a go at you yet you achieve so much better results then you should feel quite satisfied yes? Just think of it this way, the "REEEEEE" from another player is the necessary evil you must endure to achieve a higher level of smug satisfaction that you would not be able to acheive otherwise. Then just contact him post match in pm`s and salt the wounds!
  5. Noobsplatter

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Same happened to me, making the game windowed instead of fullscreen helped.
  6. Playing for fun is the right way to go if you are not inclined to aim for the top in a game. I belong in the for fun category and a awesome fight that ends in a loss is still good in my book. But overall, winning is a big factor in the fun-o-meter. That said, if u can`t brag about wr then just cherrypick a stat out of context to troll serious sam`s.
  7. We did, you rofled my team in the NC game and my oh so genious position to hold back the flank failed wonderfully thanks to a brave DD that yolo`d and got me despite our cruisers efforts to stop him.
  8. Met @Aerroon, @MortenTardo and @lup3s in a game on saturday. Sadly for them they had to be on my team and watch my drinking [edited] go 20km shimaskillwalls while proclaiming my love for weekend players. To rub salt in their mental wounds, a enemy kurfurst decided he was having a all the torps he can eat buffet and lots of the other fine gentlemen of the weekends decided they wanted to have a taste as well. It must have been horrible to see someone getting away with so much potatoness . If it`s any consolation, I got tricked into play Apex afterwards and had to listen to little screechers telling me to gitgud, which I did not
  9. Noobsplatter

    KITAKAMI RETURN confirmed (maybe?)

    I would toss so much money after it that it`s not even funny!
  10. Noobsplatter

    Radio Location - good decision to implement?

    Hate it with a passion. I don`t play competetive so I chose other there but I feel it makes no sense in the game. Being ""immune" to having your pants down" when flanked or ambushed is to much of a punishment for the other player who positioned himself properly. And it quickly gets stale to see torps aimed at you when flanking unspotted in a DD because someone is sitting there with RL and aiming by it. IMO, it`s had a big impact on how fun the game is, in a negative way and was one of the reasons I had a long break.
  11. Because you are a masochist? Honestly just go with whatever feels right for you. I like it when the teamplay gets good but if I see most of my teammates licking windows then.....hue hue time to blend in.
  12. Met @El2aZeR some days (maybe even a week?) ago on the other team. In a CV while I was in my shima (ta) . He singlehandedly decimated my team and I am not sure how I even survived long enough to start landing hits (and a torp) on him but ofc then a hindy came to the rescue and I was stupid enough to use 2 launchers for the hindy and spend my 3rd in a attempt to drag the CV down with me only to have the hindy dodge enough to barely survive but would have died with 3 launches . Even so it was a very fun battle where I lasted a lot longer than I expected. I am not sure if I was spared out of pity or if my sneak skills were in hyperdrive that round.
  13. Kitakamiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No...wait...