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  1. It might seem weird but back in CBT this meant that you moved as a fleet and used smoke+ AA barrage to protect capital ships while at the same time trying to fight of the enemy fleet. It did not mean that both teams sat in their bases. At least that`s how my games went, it felt like a awesome collaboration towards victory. There were these great times when I as a somewhat fresh player managed to deploy the smoke in front of our cv while he did evasive manoveurs and it was just enough to make the enemy CV miss and then our CV had time to retaliate. It might not seem like much now but back then it was those moments of teamplay that got me hooked. Yes it was turtling but turtling in itself requires a lot of people being able to keep the turtle from falling apart.
  2. I think CV`s are a important part of the game and sadly there are to few of them. I even preferred the jet Midway meta more than the current one as it forced teamplay and punished hard those who did not bother. Sure it was OP but the CV players did not deserve the amount of "fine" WG balancing they recieved. I also think they should not have max 1 CV in high tiers. Burning skies, no overmatch mechanic and closer engagement ranges are what I long for once again Edit: tl;dr Buff CV`s and allow more of them in high tier matches cause skies filled with airplanes are kewl. Also, I`m no high tier cv player nor a skilled low tier cv player so no bias
  3. I hope to see him on my team so he can carry my rusted behind instead of on the other team pewpewing my meatshields away
  4. I know right, there were even good Atlanta games to be had if you did everything right while the enemy did everything wrong. But in the current meta I would dread to see it again, unless I be in a shimmy.
  5. I`m putting this one on repat the next time I take out the shima
  6. Met @lameoll and @MortenTardo on the enemy team, our steam started ok but ended up crumbling in the end. I still had some fun baiting one of the memes on the other team into eating moonspotted torps while going mimimi. In the end though I reaped what I sowed and died alone as the last potato on our team (strangely enough I made top potato on losing team)
  7. At first I was all turned on thinking about all the BB tears to collect with torp spamming: But after waiting to long I found other ways to entertain myself...
  8. Personally I hate the overmatch mechanic and look with lustful eyes back to the days() when you could angle a bit and not get roflcitadelled cause lolol overmatch+rng=fun. Sure a cruiser should not be able to go toe to toe with a BB but if it could angle a bit like back in the days then we could hopefully get back some of that aggressive meta. Showing broadside should ofc mean #allyourcitadelsarebelongtous. In short I would prefer it if they either removed overmatch completly or vastly nerfed it. Then I would prefer that they played around more with normalization angles to balance things out. Disclaimer: I have no idea about the formula or code or whatnot they use for normalization etc so if such is not possible then pardon my potato.
  9. This speak of tasty babytears to feed on might make me play a few rounds again. Probably pulling out gearing and shima for torping and testing out khaba long range AP spam. If no high level babytears can be harvested then I will just try with blyska,sims,kamikaze or whatever else I have in my port that I don`t remember the name of.
  10. I must say I did lower my guard to get dissapointed here. They told of a new weapon but offered a game mechanic tweak on a existing one. I am curious to how one is supposed to use the increased stealth when the enemy DD`s are immune and far in front of the BB`s. The mechanic in itself is not bad but I don`t see it helping vs the campers but rather punishing those who push. And as they hit cruisers as well, the BB`s who most likely will be in the back due to longer range will still be the ones who survive the longest so I struggle to understand the dev`s optimism here. I will stick with the 20km shima torps. Despite the horrible detection they still hit ships far far in the back that were to busy sacrificing goats to the RNG gods and those are the targets I love to hit.
  11. Only when challenged to a post match battle of wits after having caught their interest by expressing my satisfaction of their unsightly demise by my hands in mildly inappropriate manners I do care enough to use my stats as a measure of how I perform and to see if I am improving or not but since I am in the play for fun category (not a excuse to suck) I do not consider them my bread and butter.
  12. Not gonna put words in his mouth but I think he meant it`s going in a bad direction rather than being doomed. I don`t think it`s doomed myself but the current meta and the direction the game is taking is not for me, I will ofc sell myself on a streetcorner to secure the kitakami when it eventually becomes available but other than that I will just keep a eye on the forums until I see changes that can reignite my interest and I still think that it will happen someday.