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  1. Seeing the 250xp and the gud job comment, my poor sides
  2. Noobsplatter

    Atlanta is totally OP and I love it

    I know it`s damn old but I`m not active these days
  3. Noobsplatter

    Atlanta is totally OP and I love it

    Ocean best atlanta map ever!
  4. Noobsplatter

    Ive had enough

    Look at it this way OP, if you wreck other players like no tomorrow but still lose then you can add lots of lovely pics in the carry harder thread. Example: We lost this game but lo and behold the glory still. It`s like a giant in the face of the enemy.
  5. Noobsplatter

    Ship Detection Changes on the PTS

    I am slowly starting to think I may actually not come back even for a kitakami.
  6. Noobsplatter

    Play-to-Win miracle on the PTS

  7. Noobsplatter

    French Battleships : GOD in WOW !!!

    Me after reading this thread. I am now intellect.
  8. Noobsplatter

    Remove it NOW

    The people eagerly awaiting the thread of said BB`s with vast amounts of popcorn ready?
  9. Noobsplatter

    Remove it NOW

    I can already see all the new lazy wallet warriors wanting to copy them, not knowing about the dangers of second line torping.
  10. Noobsplatter

    Loyangs were a huge mistake

    I am looking forward to OP`s thread when he has faced a well played Black. Accidentally bumping into one of those things and failing to sink it before it manages to will make your wake turn brown in terror.
  11. Noobsplatter

    Smoke Gameplay

  12. Noobsplatter

    WG EU strikes again: The Naval Tour

    Mouhahahaha less people to compete against? But in all fairness, if it could not be server wide then it should not be made. Cudos for prices and participation requirements though
  13. Noobsplatter

    carrier limiting

  14. Noobsplatter

    WG, tell players what is going on

    I feel this thread could turn into a interesting discussion about humanity.
  15. Noobsplatter

    Respect to the Forum Regulars

    Thanks @Captain_Breeze that helped a lot. Now I am sure it`s from Storfjorden, I even found a picture with a similarly coloured ship in it It`s the fjord I do most of my fishing in and those summer days with blue skies and mirrorlike water with all the mountains in the background are just pure bliss. If you are lucky you can meet large pods of long finned pilot whales, I even have a film of one swimming under my boat (instead of through it). Seems like a great job if you can travel across the coast seeing all kinds of lovely scenery.