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  1. If they are so dead set on changing smoke they should just go back to the good old cbt smoke......back in the day when you felt that the teams worked togheter
  2. I remember long long ago when we crossed paths and I think we did some lovely taunting back and forth. Back then I remember checking your stats and being surprised that they were as blue as mine. Ah, how far you have come. Also, keep using those 20km torps. Nothing is more satisfying knowing that you maximized the panic time of the potatoes that could not get out of the way
  3. I love it just as much as I love Wows currently (I can`t be arsed play wows currently )
  4. I really really do hope they don`t make it as limited as a clan reward ship. I do agree some skill barrier is needed but at least make it available to more people, clan members or not.
  5. Victim of a shima torp. Are you sure you still want to go there matey? Edit: limiting torps would require big buffs to balance them out. People dont like getting instagibbed but that is what buffed torps would do (with single torp hits).
  6. In short it`s a extra layer of armor with a layer of air between it and the other layer of armor. The idea is to lessen the force of the HE blast onto the main armor since it has to penetrate the first layer(and by so losing a lot if it`s energy) and then it loses a lot of energy as it expands through the layer of air until finally reaching the main armor in the weakened state. I think that was how it worked, I have not played wot in ages so I am not 100% sure if it was completly correct.
  7. Mandatory anecdotal counterpost with pic of potato mashing game Also, craplanta is awesome but not for everyone.
  8. Had my first ever game in a stock NC. Having a day of bad decisions and losses. Lo and behold I meet Aerron and 2 omni guys (I remember Reyte but not the other sry ). I laugh, pop another beer and fail misreably while conforming to the BB meta that is camping and end up actually making my worst game of the night. At least I still have more beer.
  9. Bring forth the measuring tapes!
  10. Not holding my breath while waiting for them to fix it. I would love play in 4k and be able to read chat though.
  11. We barely capped all the points then one of our 2 remaining BB`s refused to tank and the other refused to back of and died. WP to the enemy emerald, he almost got me
  12. I managed to finish it after a few tries with the Gearing so it wasn`t to bad. But then again, I keep hitting potatoes left and right with my 20km shima torps and I have no other way to explain this other than 1. They mistake them for ships and proceed to ram them 2. My torps arrive at the most inappropriate of times just when they are in the middle of a counter turn/acceleration/deceleration and my predictions are powered by my inner d0uche I did try with the fubuki a bit first though but somehow I don`t have the feel for that one post nerf. Since the mission is not damage based I would suggest US torps since they are a lot easier to land
  13. Beer + Atlanta in a T8 game = mashed potatoes. I am expecting the enemy carrier at my door with a bat soon Edit: Went from potato photo`s to proper size.
  14. Yes this game has fallen so low from it`s former glory that I find it surprising how they even managed to do so. I am on some sort of permanent break, only playing if I am drinking (so I don`t feel dead inside ) and a mate tricks me into playing with him. I would however never kill my account though but I guess OP thinks of it as his way of proving a point to WG so good for him