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  1. Panzerkommander

    Why to cap a objective with a dd

    Dont worry about me, i get close and personal. But anyway the subject here is if BB's should cap instead of DD's
  2. Panzerkommander

    Why to cap a objective with a dd

    OP, what would you do if you went to a cap in your DD and there's a Nagato sitting there capping? You can also take your BB, go sit in a cap, and see what happens. In my opinion DD priorities should be capping, spotting and assessing the whole situation. If you think that a BB should go cap instead, then imo you shouldn't be playing DD's or BB's
  3. Panzerkommander

    campaign missions lead to bad play

    There are some missions and campaign tasks that can make play even worst. For example the spot 2 Destroyers in a Battleship. I saw a Montana player just sail into cap and die to get the spot. Not even sure if he managed to do it. Now in a server that gets 25000 players at peak, imagine how many players will do that, and how many times they will have to do it in order to actually achieve the task. Another example is the mission that you are supposed to get 200 torpedo hits. Imagine all those players that never touched a Destroyer before trying to achieve this mission.
  4. Panzerkommander

    Citadels in the new update almost impossible?

    I dont have any problem with citadels. I did quite many today. I believe its just RNG. You will have days like these once in a while.
  5. I have noticed that when you are in the binoculars view and you spot a ship, the ship renders as static and then proceeds to move to where its supposed to be at a rapid movement speed. I was in Ichase's channel discussing it and he also confirmed that is happening. I havent found another post regarding this, and its not listed in the known bugs.
  6. Panzerkommander

    New reporting system!

    Judging from your stats its all your fault. Since your hit ratio is 20% and your average damage is 14k, it tells me that you always go solo, you never turn, until you find yourself at the wrong place, and by that time its already too late. The enemy team is focusing on you and your dead. Try sticking with your team more, and read the chat for any instructions your team might be giving
  7. No, but we can ban those players that are afk in all 25 battles they "played" in a day. Like the one whose stats were posted above.
  8. Well feeding the other team points might be against the rules. Not sure though.
  9. Panzerkommander

    Where is the fun?

    I dont think you understood what i meant. I am talking about base XP without any modifiers like X2 or premium. I think thats what avg XP is anyway. Here's an example: 24 players in a match. 12 of them have 600avg XP and 12 of them have 1200avg XP. MM can put 10 of the 1200avg XP players in one team and 2 in the other. Isnt this a kind of imbalance?
  10. Panzerkommander

    Where is the fun?

    Maybe they should distribute players according to their avg XP. Instead of dumping all 600avg XP into one team and all the 1200xp in the other team, they should balance it equally.
  11. Panzerkommander

    Tip for First Premium Ship

    I would suggest the Murmansk. It has good range on guns and torps, and great maneuverability. I haven't heard anyone say that the Murmansk is a bad ship. I bought it ages ago when i started playing the game, and its still my favorite. As for the Texas, i havent played it but it seems like a good BB. Since you want to spend around 30 euros, getting the Murmansk and the Texas will only cost around 5 euros more than that. You might want to go for both. I wouldnt suggest buying anything over T5, until you play a thousand games at least.
  12. Damn, if you check his stats, you can clearly tell that this guy doesn't even bother trying to play the game.
  13. Panzerkommander

    What to do with the players who deliberately lose

    There are some people that prefer to deliberately lose if they dont do well in a battle, so they can save their x3 for a better one