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  1. cobruh

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.5

    wg just terrible at their own game, nothing groundshaking or new. but sad
  2. cobruh

    16 matches - 15 defeats

    a gitgud comment, how original and rare -play something else and come back another day -yolo with friends -play some pve -try out new things that you normally wouldn't. youre losing anyway, right? :)
  3. I dont disagree with that. Theres a lot more to a battle than on paper slugfests, but since you tried to nail me to my comment about dmg output i kept the disagreement exactly about that. on a sidenote, vauq has still 1k dpm more (on paper) even without reload booster. it just has reload booster ontop. smoke is very inconsistent imo. it cancels your spotting, can be overtaken by enemies, you can get dropped, torped, hydrod, radard, potshot and it rarely saves my skin tbh. i rather take the option for huge burst dmg, instead of blap inside my smoke - but thats just me
  4. yeah only that youre dead in 15s and the dpm over 20 minutes doesnt help you if you dont get to shoot. blyska has 4 vauq has 5 edit: youre right blyska 7, i stand corrected.
  5. cobruh

    Staying at low tiers?

    I mainly play IV-VIII T4 has a good few fun ships and maps, also battles are mostly very frantic T5-T7 is the sweetspot for me, most ships are viable and already start to feel specialized. T8 is where the powercreep and bad balancing starts to shine until it becomes worst at T10 However I still often venture to T8 for the higher tech goodies, and also because thats the entrance level for many events/missions, just hope youre not bottom tier. when i play T9 or 10 its just to complete it and then i rarely touch it tbh.
  6. -comes close at least -no, its just very mediocre and one of the many power-creep victims
  7. Vauquelin? 15s Reload booster for 60.000 potential HE dmg in 15 seconds. Compared to your 29k. Just saying Not even taking battle conditions into account like less hp, less guns (so more dps loss per missed shell) etc.
  8. Had to pay for her back in the day... Same suffering as with the old german DDs: sluggish, easy to hit, and only half the firepower of the new equivalents. Power creep and terrible balancing is the name of the game for WG. They are just greedy and completely out of touch... They intentionally create bad balance because they know theres always enough people who will gobble up anything for any price, just so they can win and feel good about it. Never understood how people can be proud of winning a rigged game, but it seems most people are like that.
  9. cobruh

    RESULTS - Battle of Heligoland Bight

    thanks, and yeah i agree
  10. cobruh

    RESULTS - Battle of Heligoland Bight

    the question is, can i use my graf spee to earn points? maybe i missed something but i couldnt see any interface feedback on if i got points for my last few matches so i started wondering
  11. cobruh

    potato patch

    yeah, youre probably Right... even though ist Pretty sad to deactivate Chat in a Team game really…. edit: also why does Windows 10 "correct" my text all the time -_-
  12. cobruh

    potato patch

    now that you said it ^^
  13. cobruh

    potato patch

    they can edit as much as they want, but i dont see why i should get shamed and they not. dont care really atleast i put my steam out there edit: ist not like anybody would log in now to put them to Blacklist or even remember them tomorrow. this is the Internet after all...
  14. cobruh

    potato patch

    Wow, just wow. Ever since last patch Players have become complete potatos. I mean I consider myself to be pretty bad at wows, but WTF is going on? I just played a game as Fubuki. havent done much greatness in it yet, bad captain, bad stats. It's this Tier+2 matchmaking where everyone and their grandma has Radar, Cruisers spam the crap out of you and stuff insta-gibs you. So I go up to the middle cap (B), cause that's where I spawned. I get radar'd instantly, so I fall back and spot while torping the place. Sadly none of the torps hit, but I have good vision of the place. We lose cap ofc, cause I can't contest it. After a few minutes of skirmishing around this Tirpitz starts to ping me, cap B and starts to flame me that I should spot. I look in the upper right corner and see 53k spotting damage… thats like 8 times what I get on average, cause normally nobody shoots what I spot. I tell him "dude… I cant contest cap cause radars and all I do IS spotting. so the battle at cap B clears up and I look at the lower Right Corner - aka map. I see that nobody in my Team even tried to take any other caps, and neither did the enemy Team. B is cleared out, and the path to C is clear. So i venture forth, to spot more enemies and take the caps for my Team. after i took B and was halfway through capturing C this tirpitz Flames me again. something About a useless fubuki that cant spot. I tell him that i have 53k spotting Damage and captured the only two flags we have ALONE. and you know what he tells me? YOU SHOULDNT PLAY FOR SCORE, BUT FOR THE TEAM XDDDDDDD i mean what can you even do more for the Team? as t6 in t8 match being radar'd out and hitting Nothing cause my torping skills suck? so i head back to A cause the enemy approaches from the direction of A, and while im sailing into the enemy fire suddenly two more People start to flame me for not spotting, terrible Teamplay, bein useless and being a whiny [edited] because i defended myself. OFC None of them had any Argument, but i still got Pretty fIN enraged by the sheer amount of stupid... so what is your experience since patch? This post has been edited by the moderation team due to: 2. No naming and Shaming
  15. still not fixed. message appears on random topics. cant post in: http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/107264-fujin-too-op/