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  1. syfteland


    wait, so all WG has done is make some maps with additional caps? no space battles, jacuzzi battles or even adding HMS TOG II? I remember a time when WG was funny, even the April Fools update notes was enough to laugh at. WG seems to be doing the same mistake Apple has done: let the sales department have most of the say. I also find the mission for Clan Battle to be a slap in the face of those who either don't have T10, a clan to play with or both, let alone those of us who enjoy the Operations more than PvP. Speaking of, when is Narai coming back? and will we get more ops to do like Final Frontier and Cherry Blossom?
  2. syfteland

    Return of the Fleet of Fog: Last Chance!

    While I apreciate that WG has to earn money somehow, did it ever strike you that maybe, just maybe, giving players some heads up about when stuff will be available, how it will be availabe, and how much we might have to pay for it? I was hyped for PR, untill the ridiculousness of the grind became apparent, and I was hyped for the new Takao camo untill I realized I HAVE to buy the whole ship in order to get a. single. camouflage. Why not offer the camouflage separatly, like you did with all the Halloween ones? I'm pretty sure people will still buy the ship bundle, while those who already have the ship will be more likely to not buy it at all.
  3. syfteland

    Return of the Fleet of Fog: Last Chance!

    Btw, what is up with the blue spots on the rangefinders on the red Takao camo, clearly visible on the screenshots? Will those be there in game, will they be fixed or is it just a visual bug? Imagine paying for a ship, in most cases just to get the new camo, only that camo is incomplete. the only examples I've seen that are more dissapointing are some of the Halloween skins like Varg for Bismarck, where most of the ships armour remains pristine, unlike Rasputin, Octopus and Leviathan that have more rust than iron. I mean, they did add a new camo, those are expensive.... XD
  4. syfteland

    Return of the Fleet of Fog: Last Chance!

    Gotta love the fact that you HAVE to buy ARP Takao to get access to the new camo, with no other options like buying it separatly or earning it through a mission. Thx wargaming, another thing I was hyped for ruined by your sales department being greedy. I would have been perfectly fine throwing out money for the camouflage alone, with no other stuff, but when I have to buy a ship I already have, one that I went to hell and back in order to get, it kinda seems like you're pissing on the effort all of us made back during that event.
  5. I played at least a couple of games on thursday 12.12.2019, even experienced the issues and had to stop because of them, yet the page where you can claim the compensation (or bonus as the page calls it) sais there are no available bonuses at the moment. Go figure.
  6. So for the last year I've been spending coal on the Dunkirk Containers found in the Armory hoping to get the T6 premium destroyer Gallant. The Premium version of these containers in the premium shop does not mention the possibility of getting a destroyer at all. So my question is: does the normal dunkirk containers found in the armory have a misleading description of possible content, or is it the premium version found in the prem shop that are missing this information?
  7. syfteland

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.9

    not a fan of the new Halloween skins, particularly the Yamato one. was looking forward to something in the style of the previous Halloween events, not this Waterworld/eldritch fusion. The old system of Steampunk VS Horrors of the Deep was better in my opinion.
  8. syfteland

    Stuck on login

    So I updated the client this morning, but ever since when I try to play the game I get stuck on login. I don't even get an error mesage or something, just the client trying to log me in indefinetly. I think the last thing I tried to do with the client was to watch a relay of mine (from a couple of patches back) a few days ago, where I got prompted to login only to get stuck in the same way. Has anyone else got this problem?
  9. syfteland

    Arpeggio Compensation and More

    It's January 17th, I have all ARP ships, even got some twice, yet still no Gunzou, Iona or Teddy Kirishima.... WG clearly knows how to keep their promises...