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  1. Thanks for doing this again - I would like to participate, please.
  2. ppraet

    Marathon with Gifts: Submarines

    I did indeed not read the whole article, just went by their infographic - my bad, I found a mission chain in my combat missions, which however doesn't fit what's announced in the article and infographic. I did get the above prizes immediately after unlocking the code, so I didn't check for missions added. Unfortunately, there is no notification on that either. However, I was confused and still am whether the credits and signals are an undocumented and intended bonus prize.
  3. ppraet

    Marathon with Gifts: Submarines

    So, all I got from B1RTHDAYCAKE was 50k credits, 3 combat signals, 3 eco signals and 3 special signals - according to the article, it was supposed to be 250k credits, 1 Epochs container (plus 2500 coal and another Epochs container with goal met). Weird?
  4. ppraet

    WGC: Log in to Experience It All

    When force-converted from legacy launcher to WGC in May, will it be a complete uninstall, then re-download process? If so, are the game settings, key bindings etc. retained or do we have to make sure to save them/back up the preferences.xml etc.?
  5. ppraet

    Safe Passage Through Stormy Seas

    Appreciated, thanks!
  6. ppraet

    Safe Passage Through Stormy Seas

    Thank you for the gesture! Stupid question - since the time window given in the news article is also 14 days (from today 11 CET until April 3rd 11 CET), does this mean you always get your full 14 days of premium whenever you sign up during this time, or do you only get the remaining time until April 3rd if you sign up later?
  7. ppraet

    Looks like the news article was pulled from the portal. The link is 404 now.
  8. I want to join the lottery. Thanks a lot for organizing this again!
  9. ppraet

    Interface Changes & Other Improvements 

    By the way, anyone else notice that the window controls (like minimize, close) don't have an active area around the respective icon anymore and you have to click pixel-precisely on the lines of the _ or x to activate?
  10. ppraet

    Halloween - Previous Events

    There seems to be something fishy about ramming damage vs. Gorgon in Sunray in the Darkness Hard. Sometimes you basically insta-kill him when ramming with a battleship, sometimes he just doesn't take damage, regardless of angle or speed of the ram.
  11. ppraet

    Interface Changes & Other Improvements 

    As a workaround until this is fixed, clearing the News notification also clears the Create Division notification.
  12. Alternative 2 is just a blatant copy of Battle Royale (PUBG, Fortnite), Alternative 3 is push da cart from TF2 and Overwatch. Neither I consider suitable for WoWS.
  13. ppraet

    Other changes (UI, ships, maps)

    Jack Dunkirk is missing the [+] icon for his improved Smoke Screen Expert skill (+30% instead of +20% smoke screen area)
  14. Rentals used to reset captain skills when a captain was placed on them while they were being removed from the port, at least the last batch before this one did (I reset my Akizuki cap that way). This batch should have done the same.
  15. ppraet

    Some interesting info around the world

    A free USS Texas tier V US battleship is available on Twitch Prime, along with a personal mission that includes a permanent Twitch premium camo for the Texas. https://blog.twitch.tv/twitch-prime-members-get-even-more-loot-for-your-fleet-in-world-of-warships-c07f14b8bce1