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  1. Hi I've been playing ever since Close beta i have all tech ship from T5 to 10. In my old clan we did a fusion so we get more player to Clan wars but afther the fusion the quality in the clan and gameplay didt live up to my expectations and only one good field commander in the clan didnt make it beter. Im are good at numbers in the games but im are not that good that i can lead ppl in the field on Clan Wars but afther this clan wars flop i did make up my mind so now im looking afther a active clan that like to play Clan wars and have the spirit, skills and tactical think to makit to typhoon and higher. And try to play some tournament in WoWs. I know that my stats are not 100% good but im trying to improve them but now days that is pretty hard xD Im are pretty allround player in the game i can play all typ of line ships, DD, CL/CA, BB and CV. Im are pretty adaptable in the game. In the latest CW i did play Nevsky, Petro, Moskva, Bourgogne, Ohio, Småland and Midway. English are my second language and im prefer to use it so it get it beter, Im are 29year old, im are used to use TS and Discord. Im streaming time to time on Twitch. If your clan does not provide things like above, don't bother inviting. I want to advance and improve my tactical think on maps and skills. If you have any questio fell free to ask.
  2. __Hercules_

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    And here we have the problem where in my comment did i say i give up the game????? I only named that i use the MM-monitor for rankt so i know if i can play for the win (play more offensiv) or save the star (more deffensiv) but not thunder deffensiv. But like you and other in this thread that cant read the number correctly or use them for depress other players.........
  3. __Hercules_

    General Submarines related discussions

    Fix the SEABED CLOE TO THE ISLANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont know how many times i got stuck in my BB/CA close to the island becus the water is dark a far bit out from the Island and still you get STUCK and trying to rewers get away from that takes AGES or noting happens......................... So now i need to learn the maps and remeber which island i cant go close to..............
  4. __Hercules_

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    AND i call that [edited] delux. my winrate are going upp......
  5. __Hercules_

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    And i think the game would be much better if the ppl that dont know how to think tactically would stop play in random/rankt and stay in Co-op. I love WoWs monitor thx to that i start to play much better for now i can see if the player i have with me will support me in the battle and not running away so fast he see a enemy ship. Thx too WoWs monitor i get beter over sight in rankt and i can decide: play for victory or play too keep the star. The only bad with WoWs monitor are my blacklist got so big now so when i need to add new ppl to it the game freez for 10-20sec becus the game need to load in the blacklist to the game befor it can add ppl to it. So now i understand the blacklist lagg/bugg. But that becus the blacklist are not loaded at the same time when you start the game. So WG need see over it so the friend/blacklist loading at the same time you start the game and not separately.
  6. __Hercules_

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    I did have fun in this MM T8 CV vs T5 ship and i can say they did all ther might to find the enter to two brother insted.
  7. __Hercules_

    Holiday Lottery 2020 - Try your luck !

    @lup3s my secret santa has delivered my present and thanks for arranging this and all the involved.
  8. __Hercules_

    Holiday Lottery 2020 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the raffle.
  9. The first pictur are Montana and the other are Vermont. Lock att Montana side the are space between the hull and the Scaffold but in the Vermont you can see how the scaffold cuts in Vermont hull. So WG didn´t thing this througe when the intoduced the big fat ship to the game.
  10. __Hercules_

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    In Loewenhard i have no problem in T8 matcher but im are fairly good in CV too so i know which ship i can attack and not attack in the start. looking on your stats and i did see you dont have any reguler CV so now you are a P2D. So go play normal low tier and learn from sratch how to play CV. But yee the are difficult when the are too many T8 but you get good credits in that matcher too. I still want a skill based MM now in Corona time agin the Matcher are horrible 24/7 now and not only weeken
  11. __Hercules_

    ARP Yamato breaks the premium shop!

    1: WG did say they will NEVER introduce submarines and now the working HARD to get them in the game so everything WG saying are lies they are lying so hard about everything. The did say they will never sell T10 for money. But now we have the prof that was a only big fu*k lies agin. So you have right Gold(Premium) ammo are incoming. I would get them becus i have the other ARP ship but for FREE so this is a big FU*KING JOKE that WG want you to pay for a FU*KING RIPOFF SHIP IN THE TRUE SPIRIT!!!!!
  12. __Hercules_

    How to get ARP Yamato ^^

    I did want them becus i have the other ARP ship but i did get them for FREE and i WILL NOT PAY THAT MUCH FOR 3 SHIPS. SCREW YOU WG!!!!! *EDIT*
  13. __Hercules_

    Kansas, worse than tier 7 BB

    I have ALL T10 in game this is the last line i have left to do.
  14. __Hercules_

    Kansas, worse than tier 7 BB

    then that mean we need to paly Minnesota for 350k xp for Vermont OMG im going to use some of my free xp only to get Vermont then im only going to play them under snowflake events. This is the worst ship line ever that WG have release so far.........
  15. __Hercules_

    Kansas, worse than tier 7 BB

    Do any know how much xp you need from Kansan to Minnesota?