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  1. Fluesmaekkeren

    Dockyard shipbuilding

    Thanks for the answers :-) ...
  2. Fluesmaekkeren

    Dockyard shipbuilding

    So this shipbuilding thingy with the Graf Spee and the Odin boats for reward .. What happens if I do already own the Graf Spee ?!?
  3. Fluesmaekkeren

    EU server

    Is something going on with EU server today ? I keep getting disconnections, both ingame and in port ? Server issues or some micro patching going on ?
  4. Fluesmaekkeren

    British DD's

    Thx Wardy ... figured that out .. Just havn't had time to watch the update video
  5. Fluesmaekkeren

    British DD's

    Maybe I missed something somewhere ?!? But how do I get hands on the British DD's ?! Shows as only avail in Premium Shop ?
  6. Fluesmaekkeren

    Z-23 "From The Bottom Of The Ocean" Camouflage

    But no tokens are available sadly, so the camo seems out of reach ( A stream of words and gestures in a fast sequence, and not for children! ) Also I missed the Tarnanstrich camo for Tirpitz during Santa's Christmas Convoys :-( All because of winter duty at work, and that camo also seems out of reach ... Many people, like me, seems to be left out of getting special items, all because we have families to attend to also, and the time frame of events is often very short, and you have to do crazy amounts of stuff to get some of these items, in which will require hours and hours and hours of playing ... And most likely every player with kids, jobs, wife etc etc cannot dedicate to play ... It's like ... "Here is a special item for you all, but not for you over there because you cannot play 10 hours a day, too bad for you" A solution could be to produce a campaign for a given ship, any ships, and captain on that ship. Thus the goal would be to train that captain on that specific ship to max lvl, and receive a reward when goal is reached, which could be special camo for the ship, or perhaps two with the option to choose one of them. See how it is with the special upgrades for T10 ships, and the missions you have to complete in order to get them :-S ... I personally have 4 T10 ships, so i will most likely never be able to get any of the special upgrades for any other T10 ship once i get to them ... That really sucks, and only shows sad thoughtfulness for those who can't play for hours every single day. (That with the thought of how many money I've already sent Wargamings way)
  7. Fluesmaekkeren

    Z-23 "From The Bottom Of The Ocean" Camouflage

    I did buy the 5 containers for 5000 coal, but no tokens :-/ And containers are gone from shop
  8. Fluesmaekkeren

    Z-23 "From The Bottom Of The Ocean" Camouflage

    They are gone sadly, and no tokens comes with 2017 festive collection containers. And obviously i need 144 tokens to obtain the camo :-(
  9. So i was aiming for the camouflages for both the Edinburgh "Arctic" and the Z-23 "From the bottom of the ocean" ... It took me quite a while to even recieve enough Anniversary tokens to get the camo for the Edinburgh, leaving me with the race to obtain the camo for the Z-23 as well ... Not all people have the ability to play each and every day due to job, family etc etc ... But left with 56 anniversary tokens, and no longer being able to obtain any further tokens this is really disappointing, as i really would like to get the camo for my ship, and furthermore it seems the anniversary thingy is being removed ... So how do i obtain this camo for the Z-23?!?!? Will Wg put this camo up in shop, or make it available in some other way, let's say special missions for given ships or other means ?
  10. Fluesmaekkeren

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer #05 (08-08-2020)

    Hey Aslain :D First .. Thx for modpacks ;-D Latest update i cannot install ?!?! Aslains_WoWs_Modpack_Installer_v.7.8.0_08.exe prompts an error (Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item) ?!?! Ever other executable file existing or put in the same folder works ?!?! All 3 download locations results in the same error
  11. Fluesmaekkeren

    Ranked Season X

    Well .. I'm not a big fan of Tier X battles, let alone in ranked ... preferring mid tier ships and battles. I would like to see a Tier III ranked season in near future :D take all the fuss away, and back to basics with more aggressive figthing ... Tier X ships still fun though :D ... But i only have 2 :-))
  12. Fluesmaekkeren

    Operation Narai

    Nice one :-D I have yet to gain 5 stars .. 3 a couple of times is tops so far, teams seem very differerent from those playing on PT server ... At least it's possible to grind the Algerie for the C.Martel, and other ships :D
  13. Fluesmaekkeren

    Operation Narai

    Narai is indeed available to play without the need to be in a division as it was with Raptor Rescue :-) I was just airing a thought, that one could be able to play any scenario without the need to rally a division, but team up randomly as with Co-Op ... JapLance's point also makes good sense ... And thx to all of you for your replies :-D I played Narai many times over on PT server with random select teams, and made 4 or even 5 stars several times ;-D The scenario is fairly straight forward, IF the team can restrain itself from going solo hunting, and not overextend, and for example NOT go sil into bay area too soon ... Also BB's should stay inside repair circle and also act torpedo shield! ... Know where and when the carrier King arrives and taking it down quick ...
  14. Fluesmaekkeren

    Operation Narai

    Thx for reply :-) I'm fully aware that you can play any operation if played with clan members ... But looking for a division to join, can more than often prove to be a longsigthed task :-/ Or even get a full squad, when people joins the division, but many skips the division due to wait time ... Making it hard to get to play. People with limited time to play, is left out .. the majority of the time, and chooses CO-OP or Random play ... Because of "start/ #playandhavefunwhilefigthingHard/ most likely die :-D On PT server testing the current version, we switched back and forward between two operations. Narai and Raptor rescue, and was able to be played in the same manner as if you would have chosen CO-OP in order to fight Pve ... That eludes my logic, as i would think the playerbase would be fairly big ?! I do not know how structure, or the hierarchy is setup for the different game modes ... That also eludes me I just press play, have fun, and mostly likely die laughing :D But that also proves my point! why some, if not many, chooses other game modes instead .. though wishing to enjoy the various operations PT server had it working fine, and player numbers are far lower than they are on the live server. And it can be VERY hard for a division to agree witch operation is to be played. Personally ... I haven't played operation Hermes yet, and other operations only a few times :-/ **EDIT** Or play the operation Raptor Rescue ... But this is not necessarily the operation i do wish to be challenged by ;-)
  15. Fluesmaekkeren

    Operation Narai

    Hey Wargamig I played Narai on the test server during current version test on PT server, before release to live server ... really enjoyed it ;-) On PT i was able to join a random team for the operation Narai, and not forced to be in a division, like I am on the live server I am unsure whatever the reason must be, though It may be somwhere here in forum ?!!? I myself like to play these operations, and i would very much like the other, and possibly future, operations in the same way as Operation Raptor Rescue. So would this even be something to consider ? ... allowing PVE players to play operations without being forced into a division, and thus maybe enable players who doesn't play often, have a go at these operations??