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  1. WarDax

    WoWS like an open world game?

    I was actually going to post about this topic, WOWS as Open World MMO. While I see some posts raising valid objections or issues to consider I still think the idea is tantalizing. In particular if it boils down to PvP with fixed bases and ... PIRACY. So how would my game session look like? I bord my vessel, check engineering for upgrades, do those I can afford, and get out on the sea. At sea I can do any of several different things. - If I feel confident I can look for armed prey and risk taking a beating for good loot . - I can attack merchant bot ships for standard loot (different levels available) - I can go for a small base alone, or join a mate for a larger base with better loot - I could take my mates to attack other teams for greater loot etc... you get the idea... What may be important is to delimit the world, as we see in many other games, in zones, oceans, suitable for lower and higher levels and all that mechanic that would have to go in to the game.... I am an MMO player myself, but mostly only played one MMO since a few years back, but I have tested and spent a bit of time in maybe 4-5 additional ones, so what is required is mostly readily available in terms of setup and player interaction and loot systems, trade and all that, but I would hate it to be overly complex, you attack and ravage bases and ships and if defetaed back to base with a penalty, if win you get loot for improvements... If you wanna just sail the oceans in peace maybe there could be a setting for that to turn on but I rather be exposed to attack and having to explore and research to defend myself... anyway, lots to be said about it, but as a concept it really deserves some credit.
  2. WarDax

    General CV related discussions.

    Na, thats fine... I'll do it, but at the risk at getting yelled at, someone will eventually always yell at someone for some reason every few battles.... I case they want to complain and beat me up my address is 10 Downing Street, London.
  3. WarDax

    General CV related discussions.

    Great. The problem is of course wandering of by yourself not helping out the team as much as possible otherwise... that could cause some bad blood, even worse than BB camping/sniping.
  4. WarDax

    General CV related discussions.

    So we need to sink more CV's. Check. On it. Been at it for weeks and maybe months.
  5. WarDax

    General CV related discussions.

    Given the opportunity I will try to sink you.
  6. WarDax

    General CV related discussions.

    So did I mention that I hate CV's and that every time i take huge damage from bombers or torp planes I just feel like quitting the session because it ruins so much of the gameplay...? I guess I did, with hundreds of others...
  7. WarDax

    Arsonist - tips on how to accomplish?

    Well, I try to play every battle with some immersion, I am not a robot, does that make me a yolo, maybe, but perhaps a more decent one. I am not anywhere close to considering it easy, I am learning to spot the obvious errors, like rushing, but aggressive noobs tend to provoke me in to doing things wrong. Well, I am a newb too, but I am not a very aggressive personality. Xcept when it comes to CV's.
  8. WarDax

    Arsonist - tips on how to accomplish?

    Jeez, I dont have many but i have like 5 times that in Random and my rate is zero. Seems you like to play with fire...
  9. WarDax

    Arsonist - tips on how to accomplish?

    64 games? Today? In one day? Ever heard of metal fatigue? No seriously, I am fortunate if I have time for 5-10 daily games.
  10. WarDax

    Arsonist - tips on how to accomplish?

    I know... got yelled at for being to far away with my Kurfurst but I was pounding with every shot and not running into a crossfire, three minutes later the rest of the team, including the whiner, was gone. 30 seconds after that I was gone. I actually have been both reading up and watcing youtubes... but broadside, my guns are there, I wanna fire with all of them Not sure, I only had it for a short while running up for Hindenburg... I am considering buying a Premium ship from another tree, but I have thus far completed all but DD in the German Tree and I would like to stick to that. Spending 20-60 bucks ( $ € ) to complete an achievement is of course a bit steep, but could also be an investment. Anyhow failed again... I need more silver... need to do a few König / Eitel Friedrich / Scharnhorst / Bismarck runs to get some cash... reliable sturdy killers...
  11. WarDax

    Arsonist - tips on how to accomplish?

    I would agree if my win rate in Random was above 30%. Since it is not, I tend to focus on what I can do regardless of win. While still trying to have a constructive and destructive impact on the team. Magic nine? Care to elaborate on that? I currently have Ägir in 9. Sold off all (well those I had) 9 cruisers to get Hindenburg which turned out to be a bit of a fragile choice... I guess I could get Roon back... or get Pommern.
  12. WarDax

    Arsonist - tips on how to accomplish?

    Ok, so I am relieved my question actually seems to have been reasonably motivated and that you guys don't bash me for missing something obvious and noobish... I am reluctant to use Hindenburg (I have it) and stick to mid tiers like Nürnberg seems like a better choice, it is just cheaper overall. Could try with Grose Kürfust but seems like a bad idea...
  13. So I have to complete the achievement Arsonist. I never have thus far, not even by accident, I read some tips in the US forum, but I wonder if you may share any additional insight? https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/167699-arsonist-achievment/ Also With Cleveland from 2015... So from my German ships I was kinda thinking loading up a T5 or T6 to do this, even getting München since it claims to be fast firing... I could do Mainz but it is kinda fragile... Nünberg has a reload time of 6.0 secs... I think reload time is important to achieve this. Open for opinions...
  14. WarDax

    General CV related discussions.

    I see this RTS being mentioned, anyone care to enlighten me? I know carriers have been through a few development stages, but I am not versed in those... That video posted is awful to see, from my perspective... see the pleas of mercy from opposing side is makeing my almost wanna cry...
  15. Arsonist... been trying for weeks...