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  1. zen_monk_

    Emerald ~ How am I supposed to play it?

    I've made 12.000 xp on Emerald in great pains, on the verge of ragequit. 800 gold for XP conversion to Leander solved the problem. I do not wish to hear of that ship ever again.
  2. zen_monk_

    The best cruiser at Tier 7 ?

    First I would like to purchase Belfast :-) Thank you all!
  3. zen_monk_

    Public Test Rewards

    Thank you!
  4. zen_monk_

    The best cruiser at Tier 7 ?

    As per title... what do you think is the best all-around cruiser at tier 7? (and how to distribute 12 skills for her)
  5. zen_monk_

    Public Test Rewards

    Indeed, I have finished those 5 wins right now. Are we going to have them on the main account, when and how?
  6. Haven't played for a while, just opened the game and in here I have these two new Tier 5 destroyers, Anthoy and Cycone. What's going on? Limited time ownership, some campaign tools, what?
  7. zen_monk_

    New consumer rights for the UK

    Not arguing with you, just pointing out an interesting legal point: In accepting EULA, you've accepted to be treated that way. You were not promised anything, and you've accepted that. Hence, you were not tricked. So no national law was infringed.
  8. zen_monk_

    New consumer rights for the UK

    OK, but how does it collide with EULA? For example, I bought a Premium tank/ship/plane when it was good. Then WG decide to "balance", and nerf it into oblivion. As a customer, I am tricked - the product I purchased is no more performing as when (and why) I bought it. I can claim money back. But in EULA, I've agreed that vehicles can be changed.
  9. zen_monk_

    What's up with Wargaming

    Excellent point. Sorry man, I think you're wrong there. The seals will go away.
  10. zen_monk_

    I miss-clicked ...

    +1, OP too bad this had to be found in an almost detective way
  11. zen_monk_

    paysafe from Greece

    OP, you need to contact Mister_Greek. He explained here something about all payments from Greece to abroad being blocked, and maybe knows of a way to bypass that. Good luck!
  12. zen_monk_

    New Aim Mod (No, realy, this one is new)

    This never ever happened. "I cheated, yeeeaaah! They are all fools"!
  13. zen_monk_

    New Aim Mod (No, realy, this one is new)

    This thing is out, big way. Been browsing "fan sites" of WG games. All filled to the brim with questions on how to install, how to calibrate this and that ship (one even asked how to use mod in Erie). Now the doubt is there and the fun is lost, irreversibly, until WG change the codding. edit: and my PM is full of inquires on "where to download mod? I'm a CV player, won't use it against you, I promise. Just for studying purposes."
  14. The aim assist scare. EDIT Uuups, the wrong thread. Sorry, OP.
  15. We can joke as much as we want here, but this damned thing is ruining fun in a big way now. Too bad. Great game.