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  1. bug

    Have anyone noticed?

    I think tier 10 was full of bad players very early. As long as you can pay your way up tiers, skill is not necessary. I fear bad players think better and higher tier ships may help them win more.
  2. bug

    Poll for "X spot on Map mod"

    Make it available in vanilla, and let all campers in smoke be killed unless they learn to move inside smoke, or change directions in storms. I always thought the hysterical campaign against this mod was exagerated, I rather shoot at where torps come from or where shots come from when players hide in smoke or go in storms. I have used the "X", but its only good against bad players.
  3. bug

    When can we lay our Hands on the T-61 ????

    Make it a free XP DD, and I am a happy player
  4. bug

    Pensacola is still crap

    My most played cruiser is Pensacola. I have 386 games in it, most from before it was buffed. I sold it because I wanted to use the captain on a higher tier ship, but I missed it and rebought it. I have decent winrate in it, even in BB heavy tier 9 games it can do well. But yes, even tier 5 can rip her apart if you are unlucky. Another ship that plays a bit like her, and I really love, is tier 5 Emile. It is easier to play and also carry torps. Its rather OP in tier 5.
  5. bug

    Where are all the cruisers at?

    not to forget that from tier 5 and up you face higher tier BB than yourself in most games
  6. bug

    US Cruisers

    I will miss the Pensacola. New Orleans need to be replaced, and so do Cleveland, so I welcome the changes. There are no planned changes to the tier 5 Omaha that any of you know?
  7. bug

    Poll for "X spot on Map mod"

    Just let all players enjoy it. Enable it in the minimap as standard. I cant understand why it isn't already.
  8. bug

    Poll for "X spot on Map mod"

    I use the mod. But I just cant find it to be so effective as you or the videos want it to be. For each video that show the "aim assistant" being so effective, there could be many more that would show how uneffective it is. If a captain would change his course or move when inside the smoke/storm whatever, they easy avoid getting hit. This is no aim hack, even if that is easy to believe when reading this thread. Im glad you dedicate yourselfe to this game, but I think there are many other things that are far worse than this mod.
  9. bug

    General Feedback

    Normally in missions its about getting 5 stars, 4 stars is seen as a loss, now a win with one star would be fantastic.
  10. You are right. Tier by tier the torp range and secondarys match pretty much even. I am a little surprised actually. I take it for granted that the chart is right, but it does not feel that way. I dont have any tier 10 DD, but from tier 8 and up you they have to fight tier 10 ships, I guess thats why it feels bad. Also when most BB camp, you need to take detection range into consideration, and then we have other DD and CV making matters worse. I have had fairly good luck playing in DD, but it is much more demanding to do well in a DD than in a BB. I am not even mentioning Missoury with its radar. I get your point, and I may exagerate mine. Still, I think BB is the class where skilled players can make wonders, but also where bad players can perform decent if they dont YOLO - they just need to aim and shoot and follow lemmings, having armor, team and secondarys helping against planes and dd... I guess BB being so strong as it is, and cruisers and DD being more redundant each patch there is maybe good for wargaming, but I find it bad for me, as I think BB is boring to play. We need to get more players in cruisers if I get the game the way I like.
  11. Most ships today still are from the 80s or 90s. I guess they dont have to use them in first line, but still, if USA didnt start the war on a small middle east desert country, but a bigger country it would be different.
  12. Give tier 9 to 10 cruisers missiles now - working like deep water torps, only hurting BB, and game suddenly improves, lol
  13. yea, and Belfast isnt OP, it can be killed. BB in mid to higher tiers tend to have greater secondary range than dd have torp range. Add radar and buff torps and you get todays situation.
  14. I guess that commander totally missed what that old rocket exocet did during the falklands war in 82, or What Irak did to to USS Stark in 87 - only 3 years before desert storm.
  15. Make that ships of tier 11, so tier 10 dont need to fight tier 8... lol With all the new players that have to grind, and so many have tier 10 already, it is just smart to expand to next tier. Now MM is broken from tier 5 and up.