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  1. rajkob

    Ranked Battles: the Fifteenth Season

    You can use steel to get coal ships conversion is 10 x 1
  2. rajkob

    Looking for clan (english speaking)

    I would like to thank you all for the invites. I have chosen BOA2Y. I wish you fair winds and following sea.
  3. rajkob

    Looking for clan (english speaking)

    That is great I am up for CB only question is how do you coordinate battles without TS or Discord?
  4. I am looking for English speaking active clan. Currently I am in clan but most of the players are inactive.
  5. rajkob

    Serbian Warriors [SRW]

    Zainteresovan sam ako ima jos mesta ?
  6. I am English speaking Serbian player with average stats. I have been playing WOWS since CBT with some breaks. lately, have decided to spend more time playing WOWS so I am looking for a clan to join. I can play almost every day from 20:00 CEST.
  7. rajkob

    So, what are you bringing to ranked?

    I really hate that there is still no team based battles random teams in ranked battles are too frustrating for me.
  8. rajkob

    Indianapolis low credit earnings

    So you have this ship and you had great results with it?
  9. rajkob

    Indianapolis low credit earnings

    I mean this is high risk ship so he is missing high reward as do Pensacola.
  10. rajkob

    Indianapolis low credit earnings

    This is exactly my point. That is why i think Indianapolis is bad as a premium ship.
  11. rajkob

    Indianapolis low credit earnings

    I use mainly AP and i do head on approach but HE spammers can melt my ship no meter the angle and other ships with decent AP can easily pen my frontal citadel so unless i face totally blind enemy you will have hard time dishing to much damage. As for amount of cannons in RNG game numbers rule there fore i do much more damage in Pensacola then in Indianapolis.
  12. USS Indianapolis looks like decent CA on paper but in practice is completely different thing. What i like about this ship is much better cammo then in Pensacola and radar, but that is it in other aspects he is even lacking in comparison to Pensacola (and Pensacola is shitty ship). Low amount of damage you can dish out of main battery make this ship low credit earner and him being premium ship earning credits is what he should be good at. Only 9 cannons in 3 batteries 2 on bow one on stern with low traverse speed and long reload of 15S make this ship bad as DD hunter and HE spammer. AP shells are decent but still engaging targets with AP you have to expose your self to enemy and at tiers 6-8 all other ships will have no problem dealing with you since it can still be easily citadel-ed from stern and bow and melted down with rapid HE fire as well. On other hand if you play it safe you will make low damage and there fore low amount of credits. USS Indianapolis can bee great ship but it needs reload buff desperately or at list better guns.
  13. rajkob

    Visibility System Feedback

    This is a great new feature. But one more thing needs to be added. Armored Warfare has right idea rewarding spotting enemy and concealing friendly with smoke. It wold be great if that mechanics is implemented in WOWS so that DD gets rewarded for such action. Great example for this can be found in new Jingles video
  14. rajkob


    Print Screen button and then there is screen shots folder in world of warships main folder.