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    one thing that REALLLY annoys me about CV's is the fact they / you can drop torps on top of the boats almost no arm time required .. and dont say they dropped out of sight rng i was actually avoiding these planes and the torps 'splashed down just off the side of me ... and then boom .. oh and us torps so 6 of them to try and avoid from point blank .. yeah not even a DD with rudder upgrade to dodge that ...
  2. so far myself i am hating the japan CV line after T6 so MUCH dam AA its freaking impossible to do anything other than try to keep other bombers away and if i am against a US CV LOL might aswell not launch 50% more fighters is not a fun match - so i rerolled us CV's yes less dps BUT more fun blowing the crap outa other fighters / bombers etc other boats its hit and miss sure i want to up tier and i never got past T8 in beta but i am wary of the downsides ...
  3. as the title says i cant DL without been able to get on the site 2 days its down now any eta? or have i just been blind?
  4. tried that have to play in windowed mode to use the map its weird
  5. duffmek

    Bug or just stupid? My Mouse cursor is missing.

    just installed again still the same .. gonna try killing the preferences xml file and seeing then .. install didnt fix killing the xml did .. but in 1680-1050 FS the cursor goes again so i have to play out of FS .. which is poop tbh .... so untill a real fix is done playing CV's is a no go for me .. it was awesome though with a cursor but still could not change the direction of attack /puzzled ...
  6. duffmek

    Known Bugs/ Issues

    just installed yesterday loving it BUT playing as a CV i am finding no mouse cursor on the map when trying to aim planes .. just reinstalling now to see if that makes any difference otherwise arrrghhhhh makes CV's dam hard to play lol
  7. duffmek

    [Guide] Basic CV gameplay

    is the carrier view bugged atmo? i do not have a cursor to click on any enemy ... i get an attack cone but its a hit and miss if i can rather frustrating and not the way its meant to be i assume lol
  8. as title says when i use a carrier i do not have a cursor to target enemy ships with i got to be 'very' careful and hope the green torp corridor pops up to use my planes is there something i am doing wrong or is this a known bug for now?