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  1. Zanov

    General feedback - 0.8.9

    Greetings. You are doing things worst each patch, on this 0.8.9, you maintain old bugs, and new ones, now you can't exit game at end of session. I had a fresh new installation, because i had the damn "you can't enter clan tab" bug in previous patch, and now with the new patch, new bugs. -I can't exit the game at end of session, game freezes in the "Do you like to exit the game" "yes no". -I see one ship captain, camuflages, but i am in another ship in the port, i can't put a captain in a ship without captain in port. And the solution is a new fresh installation, why to predownload the patches if then you have to made another installation after it? Best regards.
  2. Zanov

    Clan Brawl

    So... the Clan Brawl was prepared to test the CVs in Clan battles environment, and CVs were kept out maybe because they aren't finished, then, why CVs were finished on 0.8.3 patch when Premium CVs were sold in premium shop? After 0.8.3 patch we had 3-4 nerfs to CVs , the old path about CVs and integrating them into all game types are lost, i think we need a serious and sincere answer about them. I remember about "the year of CV", it was lost, then last year arrived the CV revamp that was decided before 2018 Gamescom because we adviced the new british CVs missing the odd ones, 4 months ago the revamp was launched, we were adviced that some adjust could be needed... we had 7-8 adjust on this 4 months, but.. Are we close to end the balance of CVs ? i am not sure about it. So, What are the plans with CVs in the next months? Scrap them? continue adjust? forget about them? the objectives were missed, no more players use them, and they aren't allowed in each game type. What to expect about them? , actually i am so close to think you are going to delete them from game . Best regards.
  3. Zanov

    July Combat Missions: Ride the Rogue Wave!

    This is going into absurd, the requirements to get USS HILL are so high, this is doing damage to the community, is not a right way to repeat PRINZE EITIL FRIEDRICH and EXETER type missions, it is going to exhaust your community. Meanwhile the USS BENDHAM take the "COSSACK" way, because you can't miss a day to get her in the next 25 days, so it could be in the end that you need some premium Savage containers with some doubloons. I think that USS HILL and USS BENDHAM events are just to deplete us from signals and camos, but it will deplete our interest in the game if we end burned. Meanwhile the CV affair where you entered a Beta status after 0.8.0 patch on them, but it is going only into the worst, old CV players are angry, non-CV players are angry, and the players that played the new CVs are bailing out because we had 7 nerfs in 5 months? with some news about 1-2 nerfs that were cancelled, just to end in the same step that previous 0.8.0: The CVs are played by few people, non-CV players hate them when they are in game, tier VIII CVs are mainly crippled because MM and tier X in good hands dominate battles. I dislike about World of Warships path for long time, is sad. Best regards.