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  1. erazorx2

    Constant Chatbans because I am playing CV?

    This is the way to go. When you play CV you better dont write at all in chat. On the other hand if your really good you will gets lots of other people to ban for real chat abuse...
  2. erazorx2

    Where is my legendary upgrade?

    Thanks for the explaination. Maybe they should just show the module ingame with a red x or so so on it. Just not showing it is really weird..
  3. I just finished my legendary mission for the Hakuryo. I got the message that i got the upgrade as reward but theres nothing i can fit? What went wrong? Or am i missing something?
  4. erazorx2

    Nur Coop Battle möglich

    Habe genau das gleich Problem, es wurden mit mal dutzende Schiffe hinzugefügt und ich kann nur Coop fahren. Zugangsstufe ist aber 15. Das Spiel ist 100% vanilla. Edit: Had to reinstall the client to make it work.