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  1. Coldini

    Warspite saved!

    eh, its not like the buff will radically change it either, make a few more shots easier without turning the ship to turn the guns. Admittedly, I rarely play the warspite after 860 battles in her, once a month usually. She gets superstructure pens and fires upto the eyeballs with IFHE nowadays but yeah she does fine majority of the time in comparison to the other tier 6s, though I would say bayern and fuso beat her overall.
  2. Coldini

    HMS Hood available on the 19th May

    as a guide, this was the three scharnhorst bundles when first released Standalone package: £30 Ultimate package: £43 Contains Scharnnhorst (£30), 5k Doubloons (About £16), 50 XP and Credit flags (About £3 using the value of the "Full speed ahead" bundle). Total worth about £49-50 Supreme package: £70 Contains Scharnnhorst (£30), 10k Doubloons (£30), 30 days premium (£8.50) and about 5 million credits worth of mods and upgrades (about another £10 worth of doubloons if you converted them), and the flag too (Sentimental value?). Total worth about £80 + Flag I would expect the first Supreme hood package to be around £80 given the captain and their usage of exclusivity to purple rope the early adopters per se. I have done some math on the bismarck campaign and it can quite reasonably be done without the hood missions if you repeat some of the easier missions (so less rewarding but it gets you the bismarck and hood skins) if you can wait for the 9th june ship only package
  3. Coldini

    Update 0.6.1 - New Upgrades feedback

    I found one case where a special upgrade might be of some value, the smoke mod in slot 2 on a perth purely due to the fact puff lifetime is of less importance than smoke generator active time for the perth since she is moving and spitting out rapid puffs, but that is the only one so far that makes me think it MIGHT be of some value. The rest I would never take and its not a hard decision currently.
  4. Coldini

    Update 0.6.1 - New Upgrades feedback

    Hello, These upgrades are universally not worth it. I cannot see any reason why I would use them over whatelse can fit in the slot. eg: radar special competes with concealment AA duration competes with AA range Please reconsider the special upgrades, no one will use them as they are. Depending on how rare and special they are, perhaps consider making them more epic instead of competing for really good upgrades.
  5. Coldini

    Update 0.6.1 - UI changes feedback

    Hello, I have noticed that the tab menu when in battle seems to be defaulting to divisions tab, it should instead default to team tab IMO
  6. Coldini

    Update 0.6.1 - Inventory feedback

    Hello, Please amend the popups for items, especially the upgrades. They lack the restrictions line of text that is found in the modules> upgrades menu Compare with
  7. Coldini

    Lag Spikes since latest patch

    my last match an hour ago seems fine, i didnt budge much from 30ms and stuttering seems to have largely gone.
  8. Coldini

    Lag Spikes since latest patch

    yarr chiming in to say also BT infinity, also stuttering since last weekend. I tried the VPN proxy, but it made the lag worse for me alas
  9. Coldini

    Wrong display of ship positions

    this was my freeze - occurs at 16secs - you see all ships stop moving even though im at full speed (can see the speed gauge) - aircraft are still moving ok and you see the torpedoes firing at end just outside camera to where i actually am. Not found a cure yet
  10. Coldini

    Wrong display of ship positions

    ah ok, if its replay specific no problemo, - i was surprised the replays recorded the desync for me tbh but it does indeed show all ships stop moving, sounds still processing OK and aircraft movement etc but im frozen for half a minute or more constantly.
  11. Coldini

    Wrong display of ship positions

    i notice your ping drops to -35, it does an identical thing for me
  12. Coldini

    ships Freeze

    I have this issue all this week, every match my ship will freeze, I can still hear the sounds coming through and if I press fire, i hear my turrets going but no ship position updates in main camera. Only solution so far has been repeated client restarts but that is too much, six times or more per battle.