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  1. ΤΗΧ StratosGR !!!!! Great Job !!!!!!
  2. _TitanasGR_

    [ALL] Greek fonts for EU client

    Thank you Bro !!!!!
  3. _TitanasGR_

    Failed to connect to the server

    im in !!!! i login..all ok..
  4. _TitanasGR_

    Failed to connect to the server

    Same problem and from me, any news ??
  5. _TitanasGR_

    LUNAR Missions

    thx bro..now i see it..thx very much !!!!!!!
  6. _TitanasGR_

    LUNAR Missions

    Hi guys, i finish all LUNAR Missions...i take only the flag, and i cant find in my port the Dragon ship and the Dragons Commader...any alse same problem ??
  7. _TitanasGR_

    server connecting problems

    Same problem and for me....
  8. Hello guys..can someone tell me the missions stuck ???? all bars in my missions stuck and not go front...only i have the problem or and someone alse ??? thx..
  9. _TitanasGR_

    Public Test General Feedback

    Same problem....what we do rong ???? Anybody alse with same masage ????