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  1. No it is not, according to WG support it is another random battle :P
  2. morgoroth

    To take IFHE or Not to take IFHE? That is the question

    OP, you should really start by finishing at least 1 light cruisers line, worcester's preferably. You could learn a lot about how to play them and not just hop in to a TX cruiser with very high skill ceiling. And yes IFHE is rather mandatory
  3. morgoroth

    the "carry harder!" thread

    And now WG I understand all your development directions! Vast majority of your player base are just idiots! PS. I have proofs if you try to elaborate
  4. morgoroth

    the "carry harder!" thread

    XAXAXA -1 carma (ty WG it is only -1) WG may be it is high time to you really do something for human beings? And ffs it is with 6pts captain ... fme WG you are one happy family with such customers... milk them while you can!
  5. morgoroth

    Comparison RTS vs reworked CVs

    And don't forget they will be .... LEGENDARY!!! :)
  6. morgoroth

    Better rewards for DD

    No, seen 2 many imbecils, in rankedm going for cap and doing crap, avoid enemy, and still ending in 1st place
  7. morgoroth


    Why there is a cap for reports? I see more idiots then players.... read above No we shouldn't, I respect only people and only the one that deserve it ... respect is earned not given... your argument sucks The bolded part applies only to 15-20% of the player base Neither, it is about WG earning money, it has nothing to do with feeling bad / good (go buy sometinhg for yourself you will fell good, btw in WG you only lease so don't be suprised) unless you workf for WG. I demand 1 :10 compliments vs reports sadly I can't argument that becuse it will get me banned.
  8. morgoroth

    The mind-set of the 40-percenter

    No you are not crazy, you just see things clearly :)
  9. morgoroth


    You mean like this one? :) How the is this even possible? human being a man, woman, or child of the species Homo sapiens, distinguished from other animals by superior mental development, power of articulate speech, and upright stance. No way it is an account owned by human being.,, At least it knows how to use credit card...
  10. morgoroth

    Message to WG regarding premium time.

    I'm sorry man, looks like a standard copy-paste answer from WG :P
  11. morgoroth


    WG is spending more money on vodka and w4ores then on technical infrastrucutre
  12. Yep The Division + season pass :P
  13. morgoroth

    Questions for the WG stream.. (already concluded)

    Answer by: Femennenly With World of Warships being rated a Teen Gam This explains a lot ...
  14. morgoroth

    CV Rework Discussion

    Maybe because this not a CV game-play anymore just [edited] ... I am sorry Warplanes?? PS. I am grinding the implacable ... and for it is bla bla bla dmg makes as much xp to get tx, no fun at all, fk some dds, get recked by TX AA ... seriously if someone thinks this whole balance stupidity is fine then "can I have my money back?" and yes I play dd's (the only line I have without TXs) Yeah the tattooed guy in the latest vid staid the CVs are balanced ... of course they are balanced! They don't counter themself's any more so they are balanced! No even a [edited] can rock in a CV ... perfect balance I guess.... Edited by moderation team. Reason: insults Boris_MNE
  15. morgoroth

    CV Rework Discussion

    Still waiting for someone to do the math and find out that it is better just to press wwwwwwww and battle, wwwwww and battle in WoT it was much more profitable then playing whole battle ... because you know WG and reasons (which makes me perma banned ::)