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  1. morgoroth

    New CVs

    OK, ty. So explain me why playing CV you need to put a lot of effort to do something while playing a BB you can use one hand and the other ... whatever you want to do. The effort should be proportional to the reward now it isn't.
  2. morgoroth

    Ranked battles rework - Stars retirement

    Why? It is your personal opinion just like with ... butts everyone has one ;) CW and CB are very similar, except player numbers. Repeating and agreeing are two different things. The CW experience tells me CB will be boring for me (and CW burned me, remember there was no break in CW). And ffs CB aren't even close to sea battles. PS. And now I am going to take my pill and some work :P
  3. morgoroth

    Ranked battles rework - Stars retirement

    Played WoT CW for over a year and CB look the same. I would even say CB are tanks in ships skin. But, hey, this is my opinion. And it looks like I can't even partly agree with someone ... maybe it is time for your pill?
  4. morgoroth

    Ranked battles rework - Stars retirement

    Nothing will work with player-base so retarded as WG customers. Idiotic reward system, no team play rewards .. any kind of competitive play in this game is doomed ... first example - why on clan battles there are equal rewards?? As for clan battles most retarded and boring crap ever, I admit never played one just watch flamuu .. and he is right boring ... and if you ask me it has nothing to do with warships...
  5. morgoroth

    New CVs

    Why do you even call them CV??? And when will BBs get the similar "rework"? Never read about CV lunching just 9 planes to strike a ship, never read about a ship that can alone survive a CV strike. So I expect next rework will allow BB to shoot each battery after 30s @MrConway when there will be free xp sell for CVs? I guess soviets think US Admirals are idiots....
  6. morgoroth

    Game is currently a mess. What about premium time ?

    Luckily I had pile of doubloons and premium was the best choice :) This is impossible! You must be playing some really old release
  7. morgoroth

    impact bad CV player versus good CV player changed?

    I guess "Working as intended"
  8. morgoroth

    Please nerf CV's WG. So OP now. OMG. REEE

    Basically everything is reduced to something we had before rework... yep we need more rework
  9. No worries, I am waiting for history rework by russian / soviets ... not the first time in history. BTW @MrConway will battleships get the same rework as CVs? you know manual aiming (including waves effecting ccuracy, wind etc? and shooting just from one battery at a time - just like launching squadron of planes)
  10. morgoroth

    Farewell ranked

    nothing unusual The question is why so many fail to get at least half XP of the top scorer...
  11. morgoroth

    WG what have you done to AA flak burst values?

    That's why we need another icon to post reaction "sad"
  12. morgoroth

    CVs are crap now.WG normaly you would owe me 38k dbs

    Because ... "people"
  13. morgoroth

    On how to balance and refund OP premium ships - an inquiry

    Luckily for me I got proper lesson from WoT team and lost all the trust in the process The only thing that gave me hope was they (WG) will realize this after the "great" success of WoP. That's why I gave them chance in WoWs and I was really happy for the first year... then ... you all know the story ... retarded lines, balancing to the lowest denominator, BS about CVs - so they can make WoP as a CV rework, few (repeated) events shitstorms ... So yeah all trust is gone.
  14. morgoroth

    On how to balance and refund OP premium ships - an inquiry

    Of course he is, I am still waiting for the promised "solution for cruisers survivability" ... I guess it will arrive when I'll be done with WoWs
  15. morgoroth

    0.8.1 Radar Render Delay

    @Spithas Thank you! Great post! You are right the problem is WG don't want to listen and they have proven it so many times (all the recent changes feels like deja vu .. in WoT). I hope I am wrong and they will listen!