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  1. morgoroth

    Comparison RTS vs reworked CVs

    And don't forget they will be .... LEGENDARY!!! :)
  2. morgoroth

    Better rewards for DD

    No, seen 2 many imbecils, in rankedm going for cap and doing crap, avoid enemy, and still ending in 1st place
  3. morgoroth


    Why there is a cap for reports? I see more idiots then players.... read above No we shouldn't, I respect only people and only the one that deserve it ... respect is earned not given... your argument sucks The bolded part applies only to 15-20% of the player base Neither, it is about WG earning money, it has nothing to do with feeling bad / good (go buy sometinhg for yourself you will fell good, btw in WG you only lease so don't be suprised) unless you workf for WG. I demand 1 :10 compliments vs reports sadly I can't argument that becuse it will get me banned.