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  1. joov


    Lets face the music guys...the Peniscola at TIRE 7 is useless...Stock is a Total disaster, no armor, bad range, only 8 guns....""8"" at tire 7....rotate speed of guns is like a BB's and reload as well...grinding the upgrades is a terrible pain as you get 2 out of 3 matches as tire 9-10. Fully upgraded it's a little better but not enough to upset all the drawbacks, and to make matters worse guns do not do consistent dmg...1 ex : 5 HE hits on a Furutaka with a total of 0 dmg......for [edited]sake 0....second ex: 7 HE hits on a DD with a total of 2,4k dmg ( THATS 342 DMG PER SHOT) WTF. 1 Advise: Stay way clear of this ship.
  2. joov

    How do you think this ended?

    So how do you guys think this game I printscreened ended?.... And pls. WG...fix this MM...1 cv for all sides or non or 2 vs 2....1-2-3-4 bb per SEDE same TIRE...1-2-3 DD same tire or max 1tire diff...then mix the cruisers up.. IT is EASY.....
  3. joov

    Huge ping while Firing

    2 games back I had some lag spikes like 25.000 + ping...o.O...
  4. joov

    o.O where is my exp?

    So just finished a game (domination) in my Clemson...3 kills game got to 1000 points and then...Nothing...was teleported to Port and nothing...like the game didn't happen....wtf is this?...and ofc it's not the fist time it happened. I want to know what's the problem..or where is the problem? my rig, net connection or game client/ server?
  5. Also the difference of plane power from one lvl to the other is out of proportion...example : me in my independence and an ally in ryujo with 2 fighters squadrons so 10 planes whent against 8 enemy planes frome a tire 7 ijn CV ...battle was over in 15 second and we lost all 10 planes with the enemy loosing 2....(upgraded planes with upgraded modules on Cv)...another example one of my fighters squadrons attached a enemy torpedo squad so (6 fighters vs 4 torps) shot down 3 and finished the ammo on fighters after a half a map chase....O.o Seriously?? Some serious Balancing needed there.
  6. joov


    Full Hp North Carolina got hit by 1...fracking 1 torp, from a torp Bomber and puff,,,dead,,,,, but like you I had a streak of 3 magazines in 3 games...2 o tire 6 destroy, 1 on ijn tire 7 ca....So yeait happens....but to Happen on full hp BB when a plne tor dose 4,,5,,6 maybe 8k dmg is really strange.
  7. joov

    Battles will not start

    Yea..had same proble....tried a couple of times...then just restarted game...but something happened because even after game rr I had lag spikes game was strange , non responsive. Ended up rr the system. Don't think the new update is completely stable.
  8. So after my the game updated to the new patch i have been experiencing constant disconnections from the game both at battle start and at battle's end and when trying to exit battle after death...And no its not a problem with my connection or my pc. i checked. Plus i'm sure some other players have the same thing as i see at leas 2,,,3 ships per game or at least at game start that just stay in start position.
  9. The skill tree frome my perspective it is designed to force you to choose the right skills for the right ship class and your play stile and not to take all the skills. It forces you to THINK about what is best for your BB or CV or the others and to make some hard choices. So if you take 2 lvl 2 skils ofc you will have a harder time reaching the nice lvl 4 skil that you want, but if you take just 1 lvl 2 skil then it will be easyer to get the lvl 4 one. So I think the skill tree is ok like this (for now)
  10. joov

    plane dropped torpedo's are a little op

    P_W_T.... man I see you only have 1 game in a CV...why don't you play them? to week, hard to learn? boring?, they [edited]up your win rate? So I don't understand why don't you whant them to be god?...if you like something more than another ting that's fine with me...but if I like the thing you don't like, why do you have to oppose me? If I want the CV's to be stronger in some way's because I fell like they need a boost and many other ppl fell the same way , why do you have to try so hard to argue against my or our opinion? (You DONT PLAY THEM) The game right now it's not fair or balanced, for many reasons, one of witch being that CV are weak (and you know it is true), I feel like you are just trying to hold down something that can threaten your stile of gameplay and don't want to see the facts or hear reason....
  11. joov

    New Orleans and Baltimore Cruisers

    So you are saying that the Mogami with it's 15 guns and torps it is no match for the New Orleans? (in my opp. it outclasses the NO) so that is tire 7 Jap better than tire 7 US...tire 8 Jap better than tire 8 US,,,will get back with tire 9 and 10 when i get them...but for me torps on a cruiser (hell yea)
  12. joov

    plane dropped torpedo's are a little op

    No i'm actually saying that CV's are [edited] most of the time, cut frome that the luck and you are left with only a little bit of players with real skils...I actually whant CV's to be stronger, with better planes, easyer to drive and perform drops, better aa, secondaries ....
  13. joov

    plane dropped torpedo's are a little op

    So in my BB's i get MAYBEE 1 in 10 games where i'm sunk by a CV....and that's MAYBEE. For that to happen i need to be top tire BB with 2 CV on enemy team focused on Torp bombers and with no suport...(not happening often). I do get hit occasionally by 1..2 torps that's 10k dmg (more or less) i can just freacking repair it. So you can see that i don't consider CV a threat. And manual torp drops are hard to pull off if you don't get it right the first time, you usually don't have any planes left to try a second time...So i'm ascking dose this make Torp bombers OP or CV op?
  14. joov

    plane dropped torpedo's are a little op

    Saying that CV need to be nerfed just to cut of the wings of the 5% ish of god CV drivers and just [edited]the gameplay on CV fore everyone else some more it's not helping the GAME to grow. Cv are crap right now for most players and you want to make them shiter? An you think that by cutting of 25% of the ships in game you will like the game more or other will? I understand that BB players in general don't want CV to be strong because they are the main opponents, and by nerfing CV or some planes your gameplay is even stronger but that doesn't make the game nicer or more interesting for the others..and the others are 75% of the players (more or less)
  15. joov

    plane dropped torpedo's are a little op

    You only need 2 Skills on a BB : Aiming and map awareness. If you aim is god you kill [edited]..if your awareness is good you avoid being killed by [edited]...If you miss one of those skills you are a mediocre player, if you miss both your are a terrible player ...on a BB..you can be good on something else.... What I want to say is that most off the time you can easily avoid torp bombers ,,, dive bombers are just crap and frome tire 6 upwards you can decimate planes in most ships. So NO torp Bombers are not OP, heck I think they are UP with CV being the same. If you have problems with planes learn to maneuver and counter them, stay close to a team mate, play some games in some CV and see hove they operate, look at some vids off CV gameplay so you see another perspective or just play DD, if you are hit by a torp bomber on a DD.....mannnn